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Use this form to search the our video database containing individual artists or groups. Search these artists using partial names instead of full names. For example, to find all tapes containing Led Zeppelin, type Zeppelin in to the artist field and click "Search". You can use the same idea to search by show (i.e. for The Tonight Show just enter "Tonight" in the show field.

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Fabulous Thunderbirds Compile: Tonight Show 86, Letterman 86, Austin City Limits 87 1986 -87 45 mins Ex/Ex- D1760
Fabulous Thunderbirds Austin City Limits 1984 30 min Ex #13,D27, D11,495
Fabulous Thunderbirds Capitol Theatre, Passiac, NJ 1987 54 mins Ex D7990
Fabulous Thunderbirds Houston Solution for Hurricane Relief (Available on Blu Ray) 2008 53 mins Ex D7314
Fabulous Thunderbirds Kosketuksessa, Akun Tehdas Ylöjärvi, Tampere, Finland (Finnish TV) 2008 53 mins Ex D8504
Fabulous Thunderbirds Nashville Now 1992 15 min Ex #125,D27
Fabulous Thunderbirds On Canvas: JFK Plaza On the Boardwalk, Atalntic City, N.J. (PBS) 2012 29 mins Ex D6739
Fabulous Thunderbirds Rockpalast 1980 70 mins Ex D262
Fabulous Thunderbirds Rockpalast (Upgrade) 1980 66 mins Ex D6456
Fabulous Thunderbirds Saloon Studios, West Jefferson, NC (Available on Blu Ray) 2019 70 mins Ex D10,581
Fabulous Thunderbirds Zeleste Club, Barcelona, Spain 1991 42 mins Ex- D3414
Fabulous Thunderbirds, Delbert McClinton, Lou Ann Barton, W.C Clark Texas Connection (Stereo Upgrade) 1993 45 mins Ex D1333
Fabulous Thunderbirds, Jimmie Vaughan Compile; Farm Aid II 86, Tonight Show 86, Letterman 86, Farm Aid III 87, David Brenner Show 87, Rock & Roll Christmas 88, Nashville Now 92, Much Music 94, Later with Jools 94, Conan O'Brien 94 1986 -94 87 mins Ex/Ex- D1782
Faces Compile; Marquee Club 1970, Top of Pops 1971, Disco 2 1971, Top of the Pops 72-73, Pop 2 1971 1970 - 73 70 mins Ex/ Ex- D6171
Faces Fuji Rock Festival 2011 22 mins Ex D6436
Faces Ooh La La: Live at the Edmonton Sundown, London 1973 60 min Ex D104
Faces Sounds For Saturday 1971 45 mins Ex D624
Faces Swing In: Live at the Marquee club (Digital Rebroadcast, Available on Blu Ray) 1970 29 mins Ex D7681
Faces The Final Concert (W. Keith Richards, Japan Laserdisc, superior print to Brazilian DVD, see also Midnight Special Comp #1 for 20 min Ex portion) 1975 65 mins Ex- D3561
Faces TW Classic: Werchter, Belgium (AUD Cam, Mick Hucknall, Ronnie Wood, Kenny Jones, Glen Matlock, Ian McLagan, Jesse Wood 2011 56 mins Ex D5549
Faces Video Biography 1969 - 74 60 Mins Ex L.D.,D2178
Fahey, John Laura Webber's Guitar Guitar 1969 28 mins Vg+ D4228
Fahey, John Rockpalast 1978 68 mins Ex D202
Fahey, John / Elizabeth Cotten Rare Interviews & Performances from 1969: Guitar Guitar with Laura Weber (Vestapol VHS) 1968 60 min Ex P.R., D6849
Fairfield Four Hardly strictly Bluegrass Festival 2015 47 mins Ex D9196
Fairport Convention 45th Anniversary Concert; Union Chapel, London 2012 59 mins Ex D6757
Fairport Convention Bottom Line 1991 54 mins Ex D1424
Fairport Convention Bouton Rouge (Mint Upgrade) 1968 18 mins Ex D3810
Fairport Convention Brasenose Arms, Cropredy (Available on Blu Ray) 2021 125 mins Ex D11,540
Fairport Convention Broughton Castle (Audio hum on factory master tape) 1981 110 mins Ex P.R.
Fairport Convention Celebration; A Fairport Reunion (Mint Upgrade, Granada Tv special w Full House Line up & Linda Thompson) 1981 33 mins Ex D5168
Fairport Convention Cropredy 1980 (w Richard Thompson) 1980 52 mins Vg D4621
Fairport Convention Cropredy 1982: A Peculiar Old Weekend (Aug 14 set, w. guests & John Benns, Maddy Prior Band, Home Service, Jerry Donahue, Linda Thompson, note: the group of musicians performing "down where the drunkards roll " in the crowd is Jayne Marsden & Mick Doyle of Derby based band No Right Turn ) (Upgrade) 1982 117 mins Ex- P.R. D4622
Fairport Convention Cropredy 1982: Forever Young (track 1 & 2 Aug 13, track 3 -24 Aug 14 set w. guests Trevor Lucas, Jerry Donahue, Dave Mattacks, Richard & Linda Thompson) 1982 135 mins Ex- D713
Fairport Convention Cropredy 1983; A Weekend In the Country (W. guests Cathy LeSurf, Dave Mattacks, Ashley Hutchings, Richard Thompson, Alastair Anderson, Andy (of the Marksmen), Dave Whetstone) 1983 60 mins Vg D4623
Fairport Convention Cropredy 1985 (AUD Cam) 1985 90 mins Vg D5186
Fairport Convention Cropredy 1986 (With guests Ian Matthews, Jerry Donahue, Cathy Lesurf, Richard Thompson, Robert Plant) 1986 102 mins Vg+ D4712
Fairport Convention Cropredy 1987: In Real Time, A 20th Anniversary Celebration (With guests Richard Thompson, June Tabor) 1987 56 mins Ex P.R., D7739
Fairport Convention Cropredy 1990 (Robert Plant guest portion only) 1990 7 min Ex- #323
Fairport Convention Cropredy 2011, Oxfordshire 2011 (Sky Arts broadcast, Available in PAL HD) 2011 77 mins Ex D5719
Fairport Convention Cropredy 2017 (Available on Blu Ray) 2017 58 mins Ex D12,123
Fairport Convention Durham Castle (AUD CAM) 1994 115 mins Vg+ D4707
Fairport Convention Fairport's Cropredy Capers 2019 (Available on Blu Ray) 2019 158 mins Ex D10,748
Fairport Convention In Concert (SCTV; Scottish Tv) 1978 26 mins Ex D2642
Fairport Convention In One End (Documentary about Adnas Brewery in Southwold, Suffolk with Fairport performing with guest Ursula Smith on fiddle) 1977 27 mins Ex D10,429
Fairport Convention It All Comes Round Again (Documentary, Laserdisc sourced) 1968-90 90 min Ex D604
Fairport Convention Live at Birmingham University (B & W 16mm w.Sandy Denny) 1974 40 mins Vg+ D1048
Fairport Convention Reunion Show: The Mill Theatre Spiceball, Banbury, Oxforshire ( Croprdey Warm-up show with Richard Thompson, Simon Nicol, Dave Swarbick, Iian Matthews, Judy Dyble, Gerry Conway, Ashley Hutchings, Vikki Clayton, Jerry Donahue, Anna Ryder, Ralph McTell, Dave Pegg, Chris Leslie, Martin Alcock, Ric Saunders, AUD Tripod Camera, DAT audio recording ) 2002 153 mins (2 discs Ex- D3130
Fairport Convention Rockpalast 1976 20 mins Ex D171
Fairport Convention Rockpalast (Full length unedited version) 1976 52 mins Ex D5073
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