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Fabulous Thunderbirds Compile: Tonight Show 86, Letterman 86, Austin City Limits 87 1986 -87 45 mins Ex/Ex- D1760
Fabulous Thunderbirds Austin City Limits 1984 30 min Ex #13,D27, D11,495
Fabulous Thunderbirds Capitol Theatre, Passiac, NJ 1987 54 mins Ex D7990
Fabulous Thunderbirds Houston Solution for Hurricane Relief (Available on Blu Ray) 2008 53 mins Ex D7314
Fabulous Thunderbirds Kosketuksessa, Akun Tehdas Ylöjärvi, Tampere, Finland (Finnish TV) 2008 53 mins Ex D8504
Fabulous Thunderbirds Nashville Now 1992 15 min Ex #125,D27
Fabulous Thunderbirds On Canvas: JFK Plaza On the Boardwalk, Atalntic City, N.J. (PBS) 2012 29 mins Ex D6739
Fabulous Thunderbirds Rockpalast 1980 70 mins Ex D262
Fabulous Thunderbirds Rockpalast (Upgrade) 1980 66 mins Ex D6456
Fabulous Thunderbirds Saloon Studios, West Jefferson, NC (Available on Blu Ray) 2019 70 mins Ex D10,581
Fabulous Thunderbirds Zeleste Club, Barcelona, Spain 1991 42 mins Ex- D3414
Fabulous Thunderbirds, Delbert McClinton, Lou Ann Barton, W.C Clark Texas Connection (Stereo Upgrade) 1993 45 mins Ex D1333
Fabulous Thunderbirds, Jimmie Vaughan Compile; Farm Aid II 86, Tonight Show 86, Letterman 86, Farm Aid III 87, David Brenner Show 87, Rock & Roll Christmas 88, Nashville Now 92, Much Music 94, Later with Jools 94, Conan O'Brien 94 1986 -94 87 mins Ex/Ex- D1782
Faces Compile; Marquee Club 1970, Top of Pops 1971, Disco 2 1971, Top of the Pops 72-73, Pop 2 1971 1970 - 73 70 mins Ex/ Ex- D6171
Faces Fuji Rock Festival 2011 22 mins Ex D6436
Faces Ooh La La: Live at the Edmonton Sundown, London 1973 60 min Ex D104
Faces Sounds For Saturday 1971 45 mins Ex D624
Faces Swing In: Live at the Marquee club (Digital Rebroadcast, Available on Blu Ray) 1970 29 mins Ex D7681
Faces The Final Concert (W. Keith Richards, Japan Laserdisc, superior print to Brazilian DVD, see also Midnight Special Comp #1 for 20 min Ex portion) 1975 65 mins Ex- D3561
Faces TW Classic: Werchter, Belgium (AUD Cam, Mick Hucknall, Ronnie Wood, Kenny Jones, Glen Matlock, Ian McLagan, Jesse Wood 2011 56 mins Ex D5549
Faces Video Biography 1969 - 74 60 Mins Ex L.D.,D2178
Fahey, John Laura Webber's Guitar Guitar 1969 28 mins Vg+ D4228
Fahey, John Rockpalast 1978 68 mins Ex D202
Fahey, John / Elizabeth Cotten Rare Interviews & Performances from 1969: Guitar Guitar with Laura Weber (Vestapol VHS) 1968 60 min Ex P.R., D6849
Fairfield Four Hardly strictly Bluegrass Festival 2015 47 mins Ex D9196
Fairport Convention 45th Anniversary Concert; Union Chapel, London 2012 59 mins Ex D6757
Fairport Convention Bottom Line 1991 54 mins Ex D1424
Fairport Convention Bouton Rouge (Mint Upgrade) 1968 18 mins Ex D3810
Fairport Convention Brasenose Arms, Cropredy (Available on Blu Ray) 2021 125 mins Ex D11,540
Fairport Convention Broughton Castle (Audio hum on factory master tape) 1981 110 mins Ex P.R.
Fairport Convention Celebration; A Fairport Reunion (Mint Upgrade, Granada Tv special w Full House Line up & Linda Thompson) 1981 33 mins Ex D5168
Fairport Convention Cropredy 1980 (w Richard Thompson) 1980 52 mins Vg D4621
Fairport Convention Cropredy 1982: A Peculiar Old Weekend (Aug 14 set, w. guests & John Benns, Maddy Prior Band, Home Service, Jerry Donahue, Linda Thompson, note: the group of musicians performing "down where the drunkards roll " in the crowd is Jayne Marsden & Mick Doyle of Derby based band No Right Turn ) (Upgrade) 1982 117 mins Ex- P.R. D4622
Fairport Convention Cropredy 1982: Forever Young (track 1 & 2 Aug 13, track 3 -24 Aug 14 set w. guests Trevor Lucas, Jerry Donahue, Dave Mattacks, Richard & Linda Thompson) 1982 135 mins Ex- D713
Fairport Convention Cropredy 1983; A Weekend In the Country (W. guests Cathy LeSurf, Dave Mattacks, Ashley Hutchings, Richard Thompson, Alastair Anderson, Andy (of the Marksmen), Dave Whetstone) 1983 60 mins Vg D4623
Fairport Convention Cropredy 1985 (AUD Cam) 1985 90 mins Vg D5186
Fairport Convention Cropredy 1986 (With guests Ian Matthews, Jerry Donahue, Cathy Lesurf, Richard Thompson, Robert Plant) 1986 102 mins Vg+ D4712
Fairport Convention Cropredy 1987: In Real Time, A 20th Anniversary Celebration (With guests Richard Thompson, June Tabor) 1987 56 mins Ex P.R., D7739
Fairport Convention Cropredy 1990 (Robert Plant guest portion only) 1990 7 min Ex- #323
Fairport Convention Cropredy 2011, Oxfordshire 2011 (Sky Arts broadcast, Available in PAL HD) 2011 77 mins Ex D5719
Fairport Convention Cropredy 2017 (Available on Blu Ray) 2017 58 mins Ex D12,123
Fairport Convention Durham Castle (AUD CAM) 1994 115 mins Vg+ D4707
Fairport Convention Fairport's Cropredy Capers 2019 (Available on Blu Ray) 2019 158 mins Ex D10,748
Fairport Convention In Concert (SCTV; Scottish Tv) 1978 26 mins Ex D2642
Fairport Convention In One End (Documentary about Adnas Brewery in Southwold, Suffolk with Fairport performing with guest Ursula Smith on fiddle) 1977 27 mins Ex D10,429
Fairport Convention It All Comes Round Again (Documentary, Laserdisc sourced) 1968-90 90 min Ex D604
Fairport Convention Live at Birmingham University (B & W 16mm w.Sandy Denny) 1974 40 mins Vg+ D1048
Fairport Convention Reunion Show: The Mill Theatre Spiceball, Banbury, Oxforshire ( Croprdey Warm-up show with Richard Thompson, Simon Nicol, Dave Swarbick, Iian Matthews, Judy Dyble, Gerry Conway, Ashley Hutchings, Vikki Clayton, Jerry Donahue, Anna Ryder, Ralph McTell, Dave Pegg, Chris Leslie, Martin Alcock, Ric Saunders, AUD Tripod Camera, DAT audio recording ) 2002 153 mins (2 discs Ex- D3130
Fairport Convention Rockpalast 1976 20 mins Ex D171
Fairport Convention Rockpalast (Full length unedited version) 1976 52 mins Ex D5073
Fairport Convention The Crypt Studios, London 2015 23 mins Ex D8552
Fairport Convention The Man They Could Not Hang; Babbacombe Lee (2nd House BBC Tv, Documentary with live performances, mint upgrade 1975 77 mins Ex D4624
Fairport Convention The Mill, Banbury (AUD Cam, Cropredy Warm-up gigs) 1992 125 mins 2 discs Ex- D7717
Fairport Convention Who Knows Where the Time Goes (BBC 4 Documentary) 2012 59 mins Ex D6756
Fairport Convention & Family Compile: Fairport - Bouton Rouge 1968, Fairport - London Rock 1970, Fotheringay - Beat Club 1970, Fairport - Pop 2 1970, Sandy Denny - BBC In Concert 1971, Fairport - Glastonbury 1971, Fairport - Out Front 1972, Fairport - Old Grey Whistle Test 1973, Richard & Linda Thompson - Old Grey Whistle Test 1975, Fairport - Babbacombe Lee; The Man They Couldn't Hang (live excerpts from BBC 2nd House Doc) 1975 1968 - 75 133 mins Ex/Vg+ D6805
Fairport Convention & Martin Carthy 6.25 (BBC Tv ) 1982 30 mins Ex- D3425
Fairport Convention (With guests Dave Swarbrick, Anna Ryder, P.J. wright) SwarbAid: A Benefit for Dave Swarbrick, Live at Birmingham Symphony Hall (AUD Cam) 1999 164 mins Vg+ D4710
Fairport Convention with Richard Thompson & Jerry Donahue Vienna Folk festival 1985 78 Ex- D11,926
Fairweather Low, Andy & the Low Riders Metropolis Studios: Vintage Tv Live 2015 24 mins Ex D8790
Faith No More Bizzare Festival, Cologne , Germany (Digital rebroadcast) 1997 50 mins Ex D3489
Faith No More Exit Festival, Novi Sad, Serbia 2010 93 mins Ex D5112
Faithful, Marianne Life in Song: South Bank Show 2007 45 mins Ex D11,798
Faithful, Marianne Story (Arte France Tv Documentary) 2018 60 mins Ex D11,783
Faithfull, Marianne AVO Sessions 2005 68 mins Ex D2399
Faithfull, Marianne BBC Four Sessions: LSO St Lukes (Available on Blu Ray) 2009 60 mins Ex D3223
Faithfull, Marianne Blazing Away: Live at St Anne's Church, Brooklyn, N.Y. 1990 90 mins Ex P.R., D3451
Faithfull, Marianne Montreux Jazz Festival 1995 29 mins Ex D6408
Faithfull, Marianne Stuttgart, Germany 2009 74 mins Ex D3507
Fall From the Basement 2008 18 mins Ex D3360
Fall Out Boy & The Band Perry CMT Crossroads (Available on Blu Ray) 2013 39 mins Ex D8006
Fame, Georgie BBC Four sessions 2005 60 mins Ex D337
Fame, Georgie Doing His Thing (Granada TV) 1970 24 mins Ex- D12,190
Fame, Georgie Live on Czechoslovakian Tv (Digital rebroadcast) 1967 36 mins Ex D2122
Fame, Georgie New Morning (Available on Blu Ray) 1995 76 mins Ex D11,845
Fame, Georgie Ohne Filter 1991 60 mins Ex- D959
Fame, Georgie Subway: Kóln, Germany 1998 58 mins Ex- D5476
Fame, Georgie & Alan Price Price of Fame 1969 30 mins Ex D747
Family At The BBC 1970-72 42 mins Ex D10,824
Family At The BBC: Doing Their Thing, Top of the Pops, Old Grey Whistle Test 1970- 72 45 mins Ex/Ex- D11, 945
Fanny Beat Club 1971 35 mins Ex D10,054
Fanny The Right To Rock (Documentary, available on Blu Ray) 2021 96 mins Ex D11,643
Fanny The Session: WSIU PBS, Carbondale, Illinois 1972 30 mins Ex- D12,275
Farlowe, Chris & The Thunderbirds Ohne Filter Extra 1985 45 mins Vg+ D5724
Farner, Mark Lawrenceburg, Pennsylvania (AUD Cam) 2009 64 mins Ex D3667
Farner, Mark Nashville Now 1991 15 mins Ex- D2288
Faron Live at Much Music 1990 15 min Ex #28
Farrar, Jay NON-COMMvention ,WXPN Free at Noon, NPR Music Stage, World Cafe Live, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Available on Blu Ray) 2019 25 mins Ex D10.351
Fastball Letterman 1998 5 min Ex #391
Feelies Compile: CBGB 78, Int/ Brief AUD Clip, MTV 120 mins, Int on MTV Mouth to Mouth, 40 Watt club Athens Ga 88 (W. Peter Buck, AUD Cam, poor Quality), A & E Revue 91, Bottom Line 90, Letterman 1978 - 91 39 mins Ex- D5722
Feist Compile: Colbert Report 4/28/08, Late Night with Conan O'Brien 4/30/08, Sunrise 2/22/08, Grammy Awards 2/10/08, The Know 6/1/08, Later with Jools 2/1/08, London Live, Late Show with David Letterman 7/14/09, London Live 4/5/08, Colbert Xmas 11/23/09 2008 - 09 52 mins Ex D6661
Feist Beautiful Noise; Berkeley Church, Toronto 2007 45 mins Ex D2467
Feist From the Basement 2013 48 mins Ex D7173
Feist Live at the Rehearsal hall 2005 47 mins Ex D437
Feist Majestic Theatre, Dallas, Texas (AUD Cam) 2011 101 mins 2 discs Ex D6444
Feist Reeperbahn Festival: Operettenhaus, Hamburg, Germany (Available on Blu Ray) 2019 40 mins Ex D10,492
Feist SWR3 New Pop Festival 2007 60 mins Ex D2057
Feist Trabendo, Paris, France 2006 60 mins Ex D9490
Feist Vicki Gabereau 2005 15 mins Ex D949
Feliciano, Jose A Legend In Concert (Lehman Center for the Performing Arts, PBS) 1999 57 mins Ex D2868
Feliciano, Jose Ohne Filter 1988 58 mins Ex- D5084
Felix, Julie & Steve Haydon Koln, Germany 1975 31 mins Ex D1032
Ferguson, Maynard Montreal Jazz Festival 1982 59 mins Ex D4954
Ferguson, Maynard The Forum Presents (with Herbie Mann & Sarah Vaughan) 1980 34 mins Ex- D5200
Ferguson, Maynard The Mark of Jazz (Philadelphia Tv) 1975 56 mins Vg+ D4955
Ferry, Bryan AVO Session 2003 57 mins Ex D3492
Ferry, Bryan Øyafestivalen, Tøyenparken, Oslo, Norway NRK TV, Available on Blu Ray 2014 61 mins Ex D8422
Ferry, Bryan BBC One Sessions: LSO St Lukes, London + This Morning (ITV 1 London) + The Dylan Sessions (Channel 4 Broadcast version) + The Culture Show (BBC 2 London) 2007 127 mins Ex D4214
Ferry, Bryan Coachella Festival (Available on Blu Ray) 2014 59 mins Ex D8164
Ferry, Bryan Glastonbury 2014 (Available on Blu Ray) 2014 88 mins Ex D8237
Ferry, Bryan NHK 101 Studio, Tokyo, Japan 1977 45 mins Ex D3741
Ferry, Bryan with Robin Trower Estadio Obras Sanitarias, Buenos Aires, Argentina 1995 57 mins Vg- D6016
Finley, Robert CBS Sunday (5-1-2021) + Trans Musicales de Rennes + ETown webisode (available on Blu Ray) 2018 - 20 82 mins Ex D11,342
Finley, Robert Crescent City Blues & BBQ Festival 2017 + WZOZ FM 2019 (Available on Blu Ray) 2017 - 19 85 mins Ex D11,341
First Aid Kit Glastonbury (Available on Blu Ray) 2022 55 mins Ex D11,859
First Aid Kit Glastonbury (Available on Blu Ray) 2017 60 mins Ex D9892
First Aid Kit OpenAir St. Gallen, Tent Stage, Sittertobel, St. Gallen, Switzerland + Rock Werchter, The Barn, Festival Park, Werchter, Belgium (Available on Blu Ray) 2018 120 mins Ex D9891
First Edition Smothers Brothers 1968 5 min Ex #454
Fish, Samantha Crescent City Blues & BBQ Festival 2018 101 mins Ex D10,147
Fish, Samantha Crescent City Blues & BBQ Festival (Woz FM Webcast, available on Blu Ray) 2017 74 mins Ex D10,853
Fish, Samantha Daryl's House Club 2017 101 mins Ex D9888
Fish, Samantha Paste Studios Compile (4-11-2017 + 12-18-2017 + 12-11-2019, available on Blu Ray) 2017 - 19 71 mins Ex D10,852
Fish, Samantha World Cafe (AUD Cam, steady, close good sound, Available on Blu Ray) 2019 115 mins Ex D10,845
Fisher, Archie A Little Night Music (Granada TV, timing code top corner) 1978 27 mins Ex D10,377
Fitzgerald, Ella Brussels 1957 40 mins Ex D10,443
Fitzgerald, Ella Konzerthaus, Wien, Austria (ORTF TV) 1982 43 mins Ex D4904
Fitzgerald, Ella Kulttuuritalo, Helsinki, Finland (Digital rebroadcast) 1965 33 mins Ex D4298
Fitzgerald, Ella The First Lady of Jazz (ZDF Tv, Live in Studio, Koln, Germany, Digital Rebroadcast) 1974 48 mins Ex D3968
Fitzgerald, Ella and Friends featuring Count Basie and his Orchestra Joe Pass, Zoot Sims, Roy Eldridge, Paul Smith, Keter Betts and Mickey Roker Soundstage 1979 85 mins Vg+ D6729
Fitzgerald, Ella with Roy Eldridge & Tommy Flanagan Anitbes Jazz Festival 1964 33 mins Ex D5921
Fixx Rainbow Music Hall, Denver (MTV Concert) 1983 60 mins Ex- D3563
Fixx St Petersburg, Fl 1984 54 mins Ex D5552
Flack, Roberta Compile #1: Artbound (KCET PBS), With the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, Martha Stewart Show 1973 - 97 97 mins Ex/Ex- D9832
Flack, Roberta Compile #2: Newport Jazz festival, Old Grey Whistle test (also incls Mark Absolum, Buck Ram), Movie Awards w the Fugees 1975 - 92 114 mins Ex/Ex- D9833
Flack, Roberta American Masters (Available on Blu Ray) 2023 83 mins Ex D12,012
Flack, Roberta Montreux Jazz Festival 1971 37 mins Ex- D11,076
Flamin' Groovies Katu Kale: Live at The End (Spain Public Tv, Digital Rebroadcast) 1987 26 mins Ex D2921
Flaming Lips South By Southwest Festival, Austin, TX (Available on Blu Ray) 2013 59 mins Ex D7887
Flatlanders Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival (Available on Blu Ray) 2018 65 mins Ex D9956
Flatlanders Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival (Available on Blu Ray) 2019 49 mins Ex D10,499
Flatlanders Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival (Webcast, Available on Blu Ray) 2013 86 mins Ex D7772
Flatlanders Muddy Rivers festival; St Boniface Docks, Winnipeg, Manitoba 2001 80 mins Ex- D1317
Flatlanders Woodsongs (Webcast, Blocky) 2013 69 mins Ex- D7632
Flatlanders (30 mins) + Butch Hancock (14 mins), Jim Lauderdale (14 mins), Jimmie Dale Gilmore (15 mins), Kevin Welch (15 mins), Joe Ely (15 mins)6 Montreux Jazz Festival 1992 108 mins Ex D11,961
Flatlanders (Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Butch Hancock, Joe Ely) Hardy Strictly Bluegrass Festival 2014 (Available on Blu Ray) 2014 57 mins Ex D8379
Flatlanders (Joe Ely, Butch Hancock, Jimmie Dale Gilmore) Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival (Available on Blu Ray) 2017 52 mins Ex D9641
Flatt & Scruggs Grand Ole Opry (4 shows, Timing code on screen) 1962 106 mins Ex- D3609
Fleck, Bela Austin City Limits 1992 27 mins Ex D3958
Fleck, Bela Austin City Limits 2000 30 min Ex #459, D4569
Fleck, Bela Austin City Limits 2000 29 mins Ex- D2327
Fleck, Bela Live at Much Music 1991 15 min Ex #92
Fleck, Bela Montreal Jazz festival 1998 47 mins Ex D3611
Fleck, Bela My Bluegrass Heart (Available on Blu Ray) 2022 59 mins Ex D11,943
Fleck, Bela Sierra Center Stage 2006 56 mins Ex D3574
Fleck, Bela & Abagail Washington Bonnaroo (available in HD) 2015 57 mins Ex D8654
Fleck, Bela & Friends Warren Haynes 23rd Annual Christmas Jam; Asheville Civic Center (AUD Cam, Tripod, Available on Blu Ray) 2012 52 mins Ex D6966
Fleck, Bela *& The Flecktones Jacksonville Jazz Festival XII 1992 10 min Ex #127, D11,414
Fleet Foxes Austin City Limits (Available on Blu Ray) 2011 26 mins Ex D6135
Fleet Foxes Glastonbury 2009 30 mins Ex D3567
Fleet Foxes Rockpalast 2008 48 mins Ex D2970
Fleetowod, Mick Brian Johnson's Life On The Road 2019 44 mins Ex D10,684
Fleetwood Mac Blues Compile: Droitwich Blues Festival, French Tv, Fillmore West, Music Mash, Essen, Norway Oslo Njardhallen, Playboy After Dark 1968 - 70 42 mins Ex/Vg+ D10,205
Fleetwood Mac A & E Biography 2008 43 mins Ex D3364
Fleetwood Mac A Musical History (BBC4 profile documentary) 2018 58 mins Ex D9993
Fleetwood Mac Capitol Center (Words "For Screening only" on screen through show) 1975 60 mins Ex- D2528
Fleetwood Mac Capitol Theatre, Passaic, NJ (In-House 16mm Cam, B & W) 1975 42 mins Ex- D8002
Fleetwood Mac Documentary & live concert 1980 60 mins Ex D82
Fleetwood Mac Don't Stop (BBC Documentary) 2009 60 mins Ex D3746
Fleetwood Mac Hilton, Las Vegas (Bekka Bramlett,/ Dave Mason/ Billy Burnette lineup) 1995 90 mins Ex- D11,969
Fleetwood Mac Madison Square Garden (AUD Cam, Tripod) 2013 144 mins Ex D7400
Fleetwood Mac Midnight Special Compile (3 appearances, Nov 6, 1973, Feb 27, 1976, Apr 29,1977, mint upgrade, available in HD) 1973 - 77 36 mins Ex D12,041
Fleetwood Mac Norway Tv 1968 25 mins Ex- D9333
Fleetwood Mac Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac Live 1968 - 70 (alt footage then Early Year DVD) 1968 - 70 42 mins Ex D12,030
Fleetwood Mac Rosebud film;live 1976 30 mins Ex D125
Fleetwood Mac Story of 1998 50 mins Vg+ D620
Fleetwood Mac The Blues years 1968-70 60 min Ex DVD
Fleetwood Mac Today Show (Available on Blu Ray) 2914 29 mins Ex D8456
Fleetwood Mac Vinyl; The Fleetwood Mac Story (German Narration, English interview) 2009 28 mins Ex D3043
Fleetwood Mac Young Music Show: Japan (Upgrade,Compiled from 3 sources,portion has words "For Screening only" over it) 1977 72 mins Ex-/Vg/Vg- D2507
Fleetwood Mac (Dave Mason, Bekka Bramlett, Billy Bramlett, Mick Fleetwood, John Mcvie, Steve Thoma) Another Link in the Chain (Supervision, France) 1995 61 mins Ex- D4456
Fleetwood, Mick Blues Band Rockpalast: Kulturfabrik, Krefeld, Germany 2008 89 mins Ex D2857
Flo & Eddie Bottom Line 1990 59 mins Ex- D6170
Flo & Eddie My Father's Place 1979 62 mins Vg- D6102
Flogging Molly Austin City Limits (Available on Blu Ray) 2012 28 mins Ex D6927
Florence & The Machine Compile: Saturday Night Live 11/20/10, Saturday Night Live 11/19/11, Saturday Night Live 11/10/11, CBS Sunday Morning 11/10/11 2010 - 1 30 mins Ex D6173
Florence & The Machine Austin City Limits (Available on Blu Ray) 2012 24 mins Ex D7331
Florence & The Machine Coachella Festival (Available on Blu Ray) 2012 54 mins Ex D6359
Florence & the Machine Hurricane Festival (Available in PAL HD) 2012 56 mins Ex D6519
Florence & The Machine Radio 1's Big Weekend: Live at Bangor, Wales 2010 48 mins Ex D5464
Florence & the Machine Rock In Rio (Available on Blu Ray) 2013 74 mins Ex D7684
Florence & the Machine Rock In Rio (Available on Blu Ray) 2013 74 mins Ex D7698
Flores, Rosie Palomino Club, North Hollywood 1989 20 mins Ex D11,507
Flores, Rosie Tales from the Tavern, Santa Ynez, California (Venue 2 Cam recording, available on Blu Ray) 2006 68 mins Ex D11,502
Flying Burrito Brothers Christine's Tune, Older Guys (Promo films) 1969-70 10 min Ex- #147, D1819
Flying Burrito Brothers & Gram Parsons Compile: Hy-Lit Show 69 (Christine's Tune, Hot Burrito #1, Wheels, Promos), Something Else 70 (Older Guys promo), Festival Express 71, Live Tv 71, Liberty Hall 73 (Gram Parsons & Emmylou Harris), France Tv 75, Don Kirshners Rock Concert 76 (ID markers on screen), Live 85, Music City Tonight 94 1969 - 94 81 mins Ex/Ex- D8760
Focus Hocus Pocus;live Tokyo 1974 5 min Ex- #314, D175
Focus Moving Waves: Classic Albums (Dutch Tv series, Dutch\English audio) 1997 47 mins Ex- D6729
Focus Nederpopzien (Dutch Tv concert) 1974 48 mins Ex D7737
Focus Rainbow Theater 1973 33 mins Ex- D1737
Focus Teatro Rival BR; Rio De Janeiro, Brazil 2012 110 mins Ex D6347
Fogelberg, Dan Capitol Theatre, Passiac, N.J. (In House 16mm Cam, B & W) 1976 109 mins Vg D8857
Fogelberg, Dan Soundstage 2003 55 mins Ex D2233
Fogerty's Family You Tube live Compile (CCR Covers, Available on Blu Ray) 2020 59 mins Ex D11,118
Fogerty, john Compile #2: Earthquake Relief Benefit, Stockholm Lollipop Festival, Today Show 1989 - 98 78 mins Vg+ D3775
Fogerty, John Compile: Letterman 6/5/97, Letterman 6/6/97, Letterman 6/6/97, Good Morning America 6/9/97, Conan 7/18/97, Leno 8/11/97, Letterman 11/12/97, Letterman 2/23/98, Leno 6/3/98, Leno 6/8/98, Roseanne 9/16/98, Leno 1/18/99, Leno 9/1/04, Good Morning America 9/24/04, Leno 11/4/95, Good Morning America 9/24/04, Leno 11/4/05, Leno 6/7/06, Letterman 10/2/07 1997 - 07 100 mins Ex/ Ex- D2936
Fogerty, John A & E Live by Request 2004 90 mins Ex D91
Fogerty, John Austin City Limits 2004 55 mins Ex D95
Fogerty, John Glastonbury 2007 + Late Show with David Letterman 10/7/03, 50th Grammy Awards 2/10/08, Tonight Show with Jay Leno 2/21/08 - 11/4/05 - 9/24/04 2007 90 mins Ex D2074
Fogerty, John Hard Rock Live 1997 50 min Ex #370, D1043
Fogerty, John Legends;VH1 Documentry 1999 50 min Ex #304
Fogerty, John Live at Sturgis, Buffalo Chip (AXS-Tv, Available on Blu Ray) 2012 73 mins Ex D6332
Fogerty, John Lockin' Festival (Available on Blu Ray) 2017 100 mins Ex D9610
Fogerty, John PBS Live By Request (Also available in HD) 2009 120 mins Ex D3767
Fogerty, John Soundstage ((Available on Blu Ray) 2008 108 mins Ex D2258
Fogerty, John Stagecoach Festival (Available on Blu Ray) 2016 86 mins Ex D9138
Fogerty, John Storytellers 1997 45 mins Ex D472
Fogerty, John The Big Interview with Dan Rather (Available on Blu Ray) 2016 53 mins Ex D10,284
Fogerty, John Vietnam Veterans Concert, Washington, D.C. 1987 31 mins Vg+ D4413
Fogerty, John Wrote a Song For Everyone: Live From the El Rey Theatre (Available on Blu Ray 2013 117 mins Ex D7438
Fogerty, John & Brad Paisley Jimmy Kimmel Live, ,Battleship Iowa Museum Los Angeles, California (Full webcast, Available on Blu Ray) 2017 54 mins Ex D9658
Fogerty, John & Keith Urban CMT Crossroads 2005 43 mins Ex D5094
Fogerty, John All Stars Showtime Special: Chaplin Stage, A&M Soundstage, Los Angeles, CA (Blue Ridge Rangers style special with guests Booker T., Duck Dunn, Terry Evans, Bobby King, Albert lee, Rockin' Sydney) 1985 54 mins Ex- D8977
Fogerty, John with, Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir, Clarence Clemmons (encore only) In Concert Against Aids; Oakland Coliseum Stadium 1989 45 mins Ex- D7266
Foghat Don Kirshner's Rock Concert 1974 30 mins Vg- D2595
Foghat Don Kirshner's Rock Concert (02/02/74 + 30/11/74, Timing Code on screen) 1974 57 mins Vg+/Vg D6067
Foghat Live in Hollywood, Florida 1981 63 mins Vg+ D2820
Foghat Saloon Studios; West Jefferson, North Carolina (Webcast, Available on Blu Ray) 2018 88 mins Ex D9862
Foghat Two Centuries Of Boogie (Available on Blu Ray) 1998 83 mins Ex D11,509
Foghat with Special Guests Muddy Waters, Johnny Winter, and John Lee Hooker New York Library Benefit Concert, The Palladium, New York, NY 1977 51 mins Ex D1458
Folds, Ben Live from Daryl's House 2015 42 mins Ex D8679
Foley, Sue Ohne Filter Extra 1994 60 mins Vg D4231
Foley, Sue Rockpalast 2005 35 mins Ex D3944
Foo Fighters Amazon Holiday Plays, The Theatre at Ace Hotel, Los Angeles, California (available on Blu Ray) 2020 31 mins Ex D10,986
Foo Fighters Austin City Limits (Also available in HD) 2008 54 mins Ex D4638
Foo Fighters Austin City Limits (Available on Blu Ray) 2015 54 mins Ex D8513
Foo Fighters Global Citizen Festival: Great Lawn, Central Park (Available on Blu Ray) 2012 63 mins Ex D6823
Foo Fighters Goat Island, Sydney, Australia 2011 88 mins Ex D6011
Foo Fighters iHeartRadio Theatre, Honda Stage, Burbank, CA (Available on Blu Ray) 2015 83 mins Ex D8546
Foo Fighters Live Letterman Special 2011 99 mins Ex D5420
Foo Fighters Lollapalooza Chile: Parque Bicentenario de Cerrillos, Santiago, Chile (Available on Blu Ray) 2022 134 mins Ex D11,209
Foo Fighters Lollapalooza, The Jockey Club, São Paulo, Brazil (Available on Blu Ray) 2012 156 mins Ex D6351
Foo Fighters Madison Square Garden (Fuse channel, 60 mins) + Countdown (Fuse, 13 mins) + Steven's Untitled Rock Show (Fuse 22 mins) 2008 93 mins Ex D6424
Foo Fighters Radio 1's One Big Weekend Carlisle Airport, Carlisle, Cumbria, England (Available In PAL HD) 2011 81 mins Ex D5628
Foo Fighters Rock En Seine Festival, Parc de Saint-Cloud, Paris 2005 62 mins Ex D1972
Foo Fighters Super Saturday Night, Atlantic Station, Atlanta, Georgia (Available on Blu Ray) 2019 127 mins Ex D10,072
Foo Fighters T in the Park (Available in PAL HD, 2 DL discs) 2011 120 mins Ex D5629
Foo Fighters Vh1 Storytellers (Spanish Subtitles on screen) 2009 44 mins Ex D3829
Forbert, Steve Compile: Letterman 8/5/88, Much Music 1992, Austin City Limits 1993, Conan o'brien 6/22/95, Romeo's tune/it Sure was Better Back Then (Videos) 1988 - 93 57 mins Ex/Ex- D3546
Forbert, Steve Capitol Theatre, Passaic, N.J. 1979 64 mins Ex D8541
Forbert, Steve Letterman 1988 5 min Ex #127
Forbert, Steve Live at Much Music 1992 10 min Ex #124
Forbert, Steve Live at the Hall (Live/Int, Available on Blu Ray) 2021 47 mins Ex D11,640
Forbert, Steve Live On Stage 1989 49 mins Ex D3612
Forbert, Steve Meeting House 2008 28 mins Ex D5357
Forbert, Steve Meridian, Mississippi 2007 + Water Witch, Highlands, New Jersey 2020 (Available on Blu Ray) 2007 - 2020 124 mins Ex D12,016
Forbert, Steve On Stage at World Cafe 2007 58 mins Ex D8635
Forbert, Steve Paste Studios: Manhattan Center, New York 10-7-2019 + Paste Studios On The Road: Ilegal Mezcal HQ - Brooklyn, NY 5-13-2022 + St. John's Island: Asbury Park 9-24-2020 (Available on Blu Ray) 2019 - 2020 111 mins Ex D11,057
Forbert, Steve Rockpalast 1980 75 mins Ex- D2330
Ford, Robben Blues Cazorla Festival, Spain 2009 60 mins Ex D4566
Ford, Robben Folkest 2004 15 mins Ex- D905
Ford, Robben Infinity Hall Live (Available on Blu Ray) 2015 55 mins Ex D8750
Ford, Robben Live at Much Music 1993 15 min Ex #11
Ford, Robben Live in Paris 2010 110 mins Ex D10,856
Ford, Robben Montreux Jazz Festival ((Lower frame rate broadcast, video has slight studder when panning)Available on Blu Ray) 2016 107 mins Ex D9271
Ford, Robben New Morning, Paris 2004 53 mins Ex D4578
Ford, Robben Paste Studios + 6º Festival de Blues e Jazz (Available on Blu Ray 2021 90 mins Ex D11,800
Ford, Robben & The Blue Line 29 International Jazzwoche, Berghausen 1998 43 mins Ex D3708
Foreigner Baloise Session (Available on Blu Ray) 2014 74 mins Ex D11,854
Foreigner Hellfest; Clisson, France (Available on Blu Ray) 2016 52 mins Ex D9183
Foreigner Live at Much Music 1992 20 min Ex #140,D29
Foreigner Private Sessions 2008 44 mins Ex D11,750
Foreigner Rockpop in Concert, Dortmund, Westfahlenhalle 1981 54 mins Ex D1600
Foreigner Super rock in Japan 1985 60 mins Ex D391
Foreigner Taratata 1997 5 min Ex #281
Foreigner The Big Interview with Dan Rather (Available on Blu Ray) 2019 50 mins Ex D10,290
Foreigner Today Show 2006 10 mins Ex D1092
Foreigner Unplugged in Der HR 1 - Live Lounge 2010 42 mins Ex D5248
Foster, Ruthie Austin City Limits 2003 27 mins Ex D3957
Foster, Ruthie North Sea Jazz Festival 2015 73 mins Ex D8709
Fowlis, Julie Gaelic Concert in Glascow 2008 39 mins Ex D7059
Foxx, John La Edad De Oro (Master Tape, TVE Spain) 1983 35 mins Ex D3565
Frampton, Peter Compile #2: Anaheim, Miami, Unknown Tv Show, New York, Midnight Special, news Report 1975 -77 80 mins Vg D5039
Frampton, Peter Compile: Midnight Special 9/5/75, Letterman 3/29/86, Arsenio 1/17/90, Regis & Kathie Lee 1/27/94, Letterman 2/4/94, Regis & Kathie Lee 5/16/00, Craig Kilborn 6/20/00, 10! 6/25/04 1975 - 04 80 mins Ex/Ex- D3010
Frampton, Peter Capitol Theatre, Passiac, N.J. (In House 16mm Cam, B & W) 1976 89 mins Vg+ D8846
Frampton, Peter DTE Energy Music Theatre, Clarkston, Michigan (Yahoo Liva Nation Webcast, Available on Blu Ray) 2014 88 mins Ex D8707
Frampton, Peter Guitar Center Sessions (Available on Blu Ray) 2013 60 mins Ex D8056
Frampton, Peter Live at the Oakland Auditorium (In-House 16mm Cam, B & W) 1979 88 mins Ex- D5457
Frampton, Peter Ohne Filter 1995 58 mins Ex D4617
Frampton, Peter Raw: An Acoustic Show, Sunset Center, Carmel by the Sea, CA (Available on Blu Ray) 2016 60 mins Ex D9863
Frampton, Peter Royal Albert Hall (Available on Blu Ray) 20223 81 mins Ex D12,054
Frampton, Peter Soundstage (Upgrade now Available on Blu Ray 2007 84 mins Ex D1539
Frampton, Peter The Big Interview with Dan Rather (Available on Blu Ray) 2018 48 mins Ex D10,285
Frampton, Peter The Kingdome, Seattle 1977 94 mins 2 discs Vg D6842
Francey, David You-Tube Compile 1999 - 2010 105 mins Ex D4901
Franklin, Aretha Antibes Jazz Festival 1970 50 mins Ex D5901
Franklin, Aretha Biography 2007 44 mins Ex D2563, D3572
Franklin, Aretha Duets: with Smokey Robinson, Elton John, Rod Stewart, Gloria Estefan, P.M. Dawn, Bonnie Raitt 1993 60 mins Ex- D4785
Franklin, Aretha Flip Wilson Show 1971 5 min Ex #359,D106
Franklin, Aretha Live at the Fillmore West (In-House 16mm Cam, B & W) 1971 57 mins Ex D5436
Franklin, Aretha Live in Italy 1971 40 mins Ex- D595
Franklin, Aretha Live in Sweden 1968 26 min Ex- D590
Franklin, Aretha My Music: Aretha Franklin Remembered (Archive clips most nearly complete, available on Blu Ray) 2019 55 mins Ex D10,544
Franklin, Aretha Palais Des Sports, Paris, France (Digital Rebroadcast) 1977 57 mins Ex D3739
Franklin, Aretha Respect (BBC4 documentary) 2018 29 mins Ex D9991
Franklin, Aretha Swing In (Köln, Studio L Germany, Available on Blu Ray) 1968 54 mins Ex D9990
Franklin, Aretha (with King Curtis & his band) Montreux Jazz Festival *** (Master tape upgrade) 1971 60 mins Ex D11,097
Franklin, Aretha with the Sweet Inspirations Concertgebouw, Amsterdam (ARTE Channel Digital rebroadcast) 1968 42 mins Ex D6166
Fray Live From the Artists Den (Available on Blu Ray) 2012 55 mins Ex D6857
Free Korakuen Stadium, Tokyo, Japan 1972 27 mins Vg- D8364
French & Saunders Velvet Underground Parody 1997 5 min Ex #329
Freshwater Drum Live at Much Music 1991 15 min Ex #59
Friedman, Kinky Compile: Saturday Night Live 76, Prime Time 77, Record City 78, Country Blue 83, Chabad Telethon 91, John Larroquette Show 95, The Being 83, Loose Shoes 80 1976 - 91 33 mins Ex/Ex- D3520
Friedman, Kinky The Birchmere, Alexandria , Virginia (Aud Cam, Availble in HD) 2012 107 mins Ex D6599
Friendly Fires Jo Whiley Sessions (Available in PAL HD) 2011 25 mins Ex D6029
Fripp, Robert Careful with that Axe 1999 52 mins Ex D4580
Fripp, Robert & David Sylvian Live in Japan (Nakano Sunplaza, Laserdisc source) 1993 86 mins Ex D7660
Fripp, Robert, String Quartet Live in Japan 1992 60 mins Ex D8672
Frisell, Bill Montreal Jazz festival (Available on Blu Ray) 2002 68 mins Ex D6566
Frisell, Bill Plays John Lennon: La Villete Jazz Festival, Paris (Available in PAL HD) 2011 64 mins Ex D6843
Frisell, Bill Sessions at West 54th 1997 30 min Ex #335, D4036
Frumpy Beat Club 1971 -72 25 mins Ex D1225
Full English (Martin Simpson, Seth Lakeman, Fay Heild) Shrewsbury Folk Festival (low frame rate) 2014 170 mins Ex D10,692
Fuller, Bobby Death Report 1988 5 min Ex #288
Fun Austin City Limits (Available on Blu Ray) 2013 28 mins Ex D8060
Funderburgh, Anson Blues Cazorla Festival 2013 72 mins Ex D7560
Funderburgh, Anson Festivales De Verano 2013 (TVE, Spain) 2013 72 mins Ex D9695
Funderburgh, Anson, & Sam Myers Bishopstock festival (Aud Tripod Cam) 1999 60 mins Ex D1272
Funderburgh, Anson;& Sam Myers American Blues Masters 1991 60 min Ex #148, D10
Funk Brothers with Donna Curtin, Delbert Nelson, Jacksoul, Joan Osborne, Sam Moore, Four Tops Montreal Jazz Festival 2004 99 mins Ex D1892
Funky Meters New Orleans Jazz festival (Available on Blu Ray) 2012 69 mins Ex D6389
Funky Meters World Jam Festival: Sawyer Point Park, Cincinnati 2000 80 mins Ex D5173
Further (Bob Weir & Phil Lesh) Asbury Park Convention Hall (AUD Cam, tripod, 2 sets, 3 discs, 12/12/09) 2009 170 mins Ex D4903
Further (Bob Weir & Phil Lesh) Times Union Center, Alabany, N.Y. (AUD Cam, Tripod, 2 discs) 2011 172 mins Ex D6641
Further (Bob Weir & Phil Lesh) Verizon Wireless Arena Manchester, NH (AUD Cam, Tripod, 2 discs, Available on Blu Ray) 2011 181 mins Ex D6608
Fuzztones Crossroads Festival, Harmonie, Bonn 2009 58 mins Ex D4129
Fuzztones Tivoli, Utrecht, The Netherlands (In-House Cam, Soundboard Audio) 1989 67 mins Vg+ D7442
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