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Fairport Convention The Crypt Studios, London 2015 23 mins Ex D8552
Fairport Convention The Man They Could Not Hang; Babbacombe Lee (2nd House BBC Tv, Documentary with live performances, mint upgrade 1975 77 mins Ex D4624
Fairport Convention The Mill, Banbury (AUD Cam, Cropredy Warm-up gigs) 1992 125 mins 2 discs Ex- D7717
Fairport Convention Who Knows Where the Time Goes (BBC 4 Documentary) 2012 59 mins Ex D6756
Fairport Convention & Family Compile: Fairport - Bouton Rouge 1968, Fairport - London Rock 1970, Fotheringay - Beat Club 1970, Fairport - Pop 2 1970, Sandy Denny - BBC In Concert 1971, Fairport - Glastonbury 1971, Fairport - Out Front 1972, Fairport - Old Grey Whistle Test 1973, Richard & Linda Thompson - Old Grey Whistle Test 1975, Fairport - Babbacombe Lee; The Man They Couldn't Hang (live excerpts from BBC 2nd House Doc) 1975 1968 - 75 133 mins Ex/Vg+ D6805
Fairport Convention & Martin Carthy 6.25 (BBC Tv ) 1982 30 mins Ex- D3425
Fairport Convention (With guests Dave Swarbrick, Anna Ryder, P.J. wright) SwarbAid: A Benefit for Dave Swarbrick, Live at Birmingham Symphony Hall (AUD Cam) 1999 164 mins Vg+ D4710
Fairport Convention with Richard Thompson & Jerry Donahue Vienna Folk festival 1985 78 Ex- D11,926
Fairweather Low, Andy & the Low Riders Metropolis Studios: Vintage Tv Live 2015 24 mins Ex D8790
Faith No More Bizzare Festival, Cologne , Germany (Digital rebroadcast) 1997 50 mins Ex D3489
Faith No More Exit Festival, Novi Sad, Serbia 2010 93 mins Ex D5112
Faithful, Marianne Life in Song: South Bank Show 2007 45 mins Ex D11,798
Faithful, Marianne Story (Arte France Tv Documentary) 2018 60 mins Ex D11,783
Faithfull, Marianne AVO Sessions 2005 68 mins Ex D2399
Faithfull, Marianne BBC Four Sessions: LSO St Lukes (Available on Blu Ray) 2009 60 mins Ex D3223
Faithfull, Marianne Blazing Away: Live at St Anne's Church, Brooklyn, N.Y. 1990 90 mins Ex P.R., D3451
Faithfull, Marianne Montreux Jazz Festival 1995 29 mins Ex D6408
Faithfull, Marianne Stuttgart, Germany 2009 74 mins Ex D3507
Fall From the Basement 2008 18 mins Ex D3360
Fall Out Boy & The Band Perry CMT Crossroads (Available on Blu Ray) 2013 39 mins Ex D8006
Fame, Georgie BBC Four sessions 2005 60 mins Ex D337
Fame, Georgie Doing His Thing (Granada TV) 1970 24 mins Ex- D12,190
Fame, Georgie Live on Czechoslovakian Tv (Digital rebroadcast) 1967 36 mins Ex D2122
Fame, Georgie New Morning (Available on Blu Ray) 1995 76 mins Ex D11,845
Fame, Georgie Ohne Filter 1991 60 mins Ex- D959
Fame, Georgie Subway: Kóln, Germany 1998 58 mins Ex- D5476
Fame, Georgie & Alan Price Price of Fame 1969 30 mins Ex D747
Family At The BBC 1970-72 42 mins Ex D10,824
Family At The BBC: Doing Their Thing, Top of the Pops, Old Grey Whistle Test 1970- 72 45 mins Ex/Ex- D11, 945
Fanny Beat Club 1971 35 mins Ex D10,054
Fanny The Right To Rock (Documentary, available on Blu Ray) 2021 96 mins Ex D11,643
Farlowe, Chris & The Thunderbirds Ohne Filter Extra 1985 45 mins Vg+ D5724
Farner, Mark Lawrenceburg, Pennsylvania (AUD Cam) 2009 64 mins Ex D3667
Farner, Mark Nashville Now 1991 15 mins Ex- D2288
Faron Live at Much Music 1990 15 min Ex #28
Farrar, Jay NON-COMMvention ,WXPN Free at Noon, NPR Music Stage, World Cafe Live, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Available on Blu Ray) 2019 25 mins Ex D10.351
Fastball Letterman 1998 5 min Ex #391
Feelies Compile: CBGB 78, Int/ Brief AUD Clip, MTV 120 mins, Int on MTV Mouth to Mouth, 40 Watt club Athens Ga 88 (W. Peter Buck, AUD Cam, poor Quality), A & E Revue 91, Bottom Line 90, Letterman 1978 - 91 39 mins Ex- D5722
Feist Compile: Colbert Report 4/28/08, Late Night with Conan O'Brien 4/30/08, Sunrise 2/22/08, Grammy Awards 2/10/08, The Know 6/1/08, Later with Jools 2/1/08, London Live, Late Show with David Letterman 7/14/09, London Live 4/5/08, Colbert Xmas 11/23/09 2008 - 09 52 mins Ex D6661
Feist Beautiful Noise; Berkeley Church, Toronto 2007 45 mins Ex D2467
Feist From the Basement 2013 48 mins Ex D7173
Feist Live at the Rehearsal hall 2005 47 mins Ex D437
Feist Majestic Theatre, Dallas, Texas (AUD Cam) 2011 101 mins 2 discs Ex D6444
Feist Reeperbahn Festival: Operettenhaus, Hamburg, Germany (Available on Blu Ray) 2019 40 mins Ex D10,492
Feist SWR3 New Pop Festival 2007 60 mins Ex D2057
Feist Trabendo, Paris, France 2006 60 mins Ex D9490
Feist Vicki Gabereau 2005 15 mins Ex D949
Feliciano, Jose A Legend In Concert (Lehman Center for the Performing Arts, PBS) 1999 57 mins Ex D2868
Feliciano, Jose Ohne Filter 1988 58 mins Ex- D5084
Felix, Julie & Steve Haydon Koln, Germany 1975 31 mins Ex D1032
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