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Use this form to search the our video database containing individual artists or groups. Search these artists using partial names instead of full names. For example, to find all tapes containing Led Zeppelin, type Zeppelin in to the artist field and click "Search". You can use the same idea to search by show (i.e. for The Tonight Show just enter "Tonight" in the show field.

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View Rainbow Rises Over Chicago 1979 A
View Raitt, Bonnie I Ain't Lonsome: Syracuse University, New York 1971 A-
View Raitt, Bonnie New Orleans Jazz Festival 1977 A
View Raitt, Bonnie Orpheum Theatre, Minneaoplis, Minnesota 1979 A
View Raitt, Bonnie Palace Theatre, Providence, RI 1974 A
View Raitt, Bonnie Record Plant, Sausalito, California 1973 A
View Raitt, Bonnie WMNR presents 1972 A
View Raitt, Bonnie, Lowell George, & John Hammond Ultrasonic Studios: Hempstead, Long Island 1972 A-
View Raspberries Palace Theatre, New York 1973 A
View Ratdog (Bob Weir) Alpine Valey Music Theatre,East Troy, WI 1996 A
View Rea, Chris Exhibition & Confrence Centre, abderdeen, Scotlnd 1993 A
View Redbone, Leon Black Swamp Arts Festival, Bowling Green, Ohio 2007 A
View Reed, Lou Birmigham Odeon 1973 A
View Reed, Lou Felt Forum, New York + Palace Theatre, Dayton 1974 A
View Reed, Lou Park Wset, Chicago 1978 A
View Reed, Lou Ride Paris Ride: Olympia Music Hall, Paris 1974 A
View Reed, Lou Roxy Theatre, Los Angeles 1976 A
View Renaissance BBC Paris Theatre 1973 A
View Renaissance Capitol Theatre, NJ 1978 A
View Renaissance Capitol Theatre, Passiac, New Jersey 1976 A
View Renaissance De Lane Lea Studios, London 1973 A
View Renaissance Seasons Chnaging; King Buscuit Flower Hour: Asbury Park 1979 A-
View Renaissance Westchester County Center, White Palins, New York 1976 A
View Renbourn, John Night Ride, Stalybridge Folk Festival, Folk On Two 1971 A
View Renbourn, John RSL Club,Balmain Hotel, Sydney, Australia 1987 A
View Renbourn, John & Bert Jansch Iron Horse Coffee House, Northampton, MA 1990 A
View Renbourn, John & Jaqui McShee CBC Radio; Saturday Night Blues 2005 A
View Renbourn, John & Stefan Grossman McCabes Guitar Shop, Santa Monica 1978 A
View Renbourn, John, Group Bremen, Germany 1978 A
View Renbourn, John, Ship of Fools Iron Horse Coffehouse, Northampton, MA 1987 A
View Renbourn, John, The Group WBAI FM, New York 1980 A
View Richard, Zachary New Orleans Jazz Festival 2009 A
View Richards, Keith A Rolling Stone Real Alone 1977 A
View Rising Sons (Taj Mahal & Ry Cooder) Ash Grove, Los Angeles 1965 A
View Rivers, Johnny Tramps, New York 1995 A
View Rivers, Johnny & Rita Coolidge Giley's, Pasadena, Texas 1982 A
View Robillard, Duke 46. Internationale Jazzwoche Wackerhalle Burghausen, Germany 2015 A
View Robillard, Duke Moments, Bremen, Germany 2008 A
View Roches KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic 1995 A
View Roches Old Pol Farm, Schwenksville, Pennsylvainia 1981 A
View Rockpile A Mess Of Blues 1977 A
View Rockpile Heatwave Festival, Toronto 1980 A
View Rockpile King Biscuit Flower Hour 1981 A
View Rockpile Live in U.S.A. 1978 A
View Rockpile Liverpool University, England 1980 A
View Rockpile Louisville Gardens, Louisville, Kentucky 1979 A
View Rockpile Palladium, New York 1979 A
View Rolling Stones "Happy Birthday Nicky" Western Australia Cricket Ground, Perth Australia 1973 A
View Rolling Stones Complete BBC Recordings 1963 A/A-
View Rolling Stones Du Fond Du Coeur 1965 A
View Rolling Stones Halifax Commons 2006 A-
View Rolling Stones More Stoned Then You;ll Ever Be 1963 A/A-
View Rolling Stones Olympia: Live In The Sixties 1965 A
View Rolling Stones Outtakes 1968 A/A-
View Rolling Stones Stripped Companion 1993 A
View Rolling Stones Voodo Screws: Voodoo Lounge Sessions 1993 - 94 A
View Ronstadt, LInda Greek Theatre, Berkley, CA 1975 A
View Ronstadt, Linda Live at Budokan 1979 A
View Ronstadt, Linda My Father's Place, Roslyn, NY 1974 A
View Ronstadt, Linda Record Plant 1973 A-
View Ronstadt, Linda The Interpeter: Rockpalast 1976 A
View Ronstadt, Linda Universal Amphitheatre, Los Angeles 1976 A
View Roomful Of Blues Montreux Jazz Festival 1987 A
View Roomful of Blues Palace Theatre, Providence, Rhode Island 1974 A
View Roomful Of Blues Schauburg Bremen,Germany 1986 A
View Roses, Cesar (Los Lobos) SXSW , Austin, Texas 1999 A
View Rossington Collins Band Municapal Audtiorium, Nashville 1980 A
View Roth, Uli Jon, & Electric Sun "Summerfest," Henry Maier Festival Park Milwaukee, WI 1985 A
View Rowan Brothers Closing of the Fillmore West 1971 A
View Roxy Music BBC Sessions 1972- A
View Roxy Music City Hall, Newcastle, England 1974 A
View Roxy Music First Kiss 1972 A
View Roxy Music Orpheum Theatre, Boston 1976 A
View Roxy Music Radio City Music Hall, New York 1979 A
View Roxy Music Radio City Music Hall, New York 1983 A-
View Runaways Agora Ballroom, Cleveland, Ohio 1976 A
View Rusby, Kate BBC 2016 A
View Rusby, Kate BBC Radio 2 2016 A
View Rusby, Kate BBC Radio 2 In Hyde Park, London, England 2015 A
View Rusby, Kate Music Planet BBC radio 2: Yorkshire Christmas; Leeds Town Hall 2019 A
View Rusby, Kate Winnipeg Folk Festival 2001 A
View Rusby, Kate Winnipig Folk festival 1999 A
View Rush A Dessert Passage: Tuscon Convention Center, Arizona 1978 A
View Rush Agora Ballroom 1974 A
View Rush Halifax Metro Center 2013 A
View Rush Kiel Auditorium St Louis, MO 1980 A
View Rush, Otis Joe's Place, Boston 1983 A
View Rush, Otis Tramps, New York 1993 A
View Rush, Tom Schaefer Music Festival, Central Park, New York 1972 A
View Russell, Leon Fillmore East 1970 A
View Russell, Leon North Country Fair: Stockholm, Sweden 1971 A
View Russell, Tom Fruitgen, Switzerland 1992 A
View Russell, Tom High Point Country Club,Montague, New Jersey 2004 A
View Russell, Tom Newport Music Hall, Colombus, Ohio 2004 A
View Russell, Tom & Dave Alvin & Peter Case KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic, Sanat Monica 1995 A
View Russell. Leon Castle Groneveld, Boorn, Nethrlands 1971 A