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Artist Show Year Quality Artwork Add to Cart
View Babe Ruth BBC Archives 1973 A+
View Bachman Turner MTS Center, Winnipeg 2011 A
View Bachman Turner Overdrive Harpo's, Detroit 1984 A
View Bachman Turner Overdrive Misty Moon Cabret, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada 1984 A
View Badfinger Cowtown Ballroom, Kansas City, Missouri 1972 A
View Baez, Joan Gothenburg, Sweden; Konserthuset 2018 A
View Baez, Joan & The Malaco Band Montreux Jazz Festival 1989 A
View Baker Gurvitz Army Live at The BBC Paris Theatre, London 1975 A
View Ball, Marcia Jam On the River, Penn's Landing 2001 A
View Ball, Marcia Tramps, New York 1997 A
View Ballard, Hank & The Midnighters Black Oak Ranch 1997 A
View Band Palladium, New York 1976 A
View Band Roosevelt Stadium, Jersey City 1973 A
View Band, The Woodstock 1969 A
View Barber, Jill Rebecca Cohn Auditorium 2008 A
View Barber, Jill with Rose Cousins & Meagan Smith Rebecca Cohn Auditorium 2007 A
View Barenaked Ladies Ep Collection Vol. 1: Buck Naked, Barenaked Lunch (The Pink Tape) 1989 A
View Barenaked Ladies Ep Collection Vol. 2: Barenaked Recess, The Yellow TApe, VAriety Performances 1990 A
View Beach Boys Closing of the Fillmore West 1971 A
View Beach Boys Smile 1967 A
View Beatles Convention Hall, Philadelphia 1964 A
View Beatles NME Poll Winners + Shindig 1964 A
View Beatles Star Club 1962 A-
View Beatles Stars of 63 1963 A
View Beatles The Complete BBC Sessions 1963 A/A-
View Beatles Ultra Rare Trax Vol. 1 + 2 1962 A
View Beatles Ultra Rare Trax Vol. 3 + 4 1962 A
View Beatles Ultra Rare Trax Vol. 5 + 6 1962- A
View Beatles White Out 1968 A\A-
View Beatles, The Rubber Soul Sessions 1965 A
View Beck, Bogert, & Appice Live iat the Rainbow, London 1974 A
View Beck, Jeff Fillmore Masters 1968 A
View Beck, Jeff Retrun of the Axe Murderer 1967 A/A-
View Beck, Jeff Riverside Theatre, Milwaukee 1975 A
View Beck, Jeff, Group Beck's Beeplero: BBC Sessions 1967 A/A-
View Beck,Jeff Final BBC on air 1972 A
View Beck,Jeff Raw Orc; Live in Paris 1972 A
View Bee Gees Festival Hall, Melbourne, Australia 1971 A
View Beer, Phil House Concert, Wombwell, Barnsley, England 2014 A
View Beer, Phil & Paul Downes Nettlebed Folk Song Club, Oxfordshire England 1996 A
View Bell, William New Orleans Jazz Festival 2017 A
View Benatar, Pat Austin, Texas 1981 A
View Betts, Dickey & Great Southern Capitol Theater, Passiac, NJ 1978 A
View Big Brother & The Holding Company Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, California 1968 A
View Big Star Tramps, New York 1996 A
View Bishop, Elvin, Group Closing of the Fillmore West 1971 A
View Bishop, Elvin, Group Record Plant 1973 A
View Black Sabbath Convention Center, Asbury Park, New Jersey 1975 A
View Black Sabbath Montreux 1970 A
View Black Sabbath (with Glenn Hughes vocals) Cleveland Public Hall, cleveland, Ohio 1986 A-
View Black Sabbath (with Ray Gillen vocals) Hemis Fair Arena San Antonio, Texas 1986 A
View Black Sabbath (with Tony Martin vocals) Manchester Apollo, England 1989 A
View Black Sabbath (w. Ian Gillan Vocals) The Centrum, Worchester, MA 1983 A
View Black Uhuru Jamaica World Music Festival, Montego Bay, Jamaica 1982 A
View Black, Mary Town Hall, New York 2001 A
View Blackfoot Fox Theatre, Atlanta, Georgia 1981 A
View Blackfoot Rainbow Music Hall, Denver 1979 A
View Blackwell, Otis Club Lorelei, New York 1979 A-
View Bland, Bobby Blue & B.B. King Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center, New York 1974 A
View Blasters Live in London 1982 A
View Blasters Radio Bremen: Schauburg, Bremen, Germany 1987 A
View Blasters Tramps, New York 1995 A
View Blasters, The Chicago & Cleveland 1982 A-
View Blind Boys Of Alabama Rebecca Cohen Auditorium, Halifax, Nova Scotia 2008 A
View Blind Boys of Alabama Rebecca Cohn Auditorium 2008 A+
View Blind Faith Gothenberg, Sweden 1969 A
View Blodwyn Pig Fillmore West 1970 A
View Blodwyn Pig Unreleased BBC Studio Collection 1969 A-
View Bloomfield, Mike Record Plant, Sausalito, California 1974 A
View Bloomfield, Mike & Al Kooper Bottom Line, New York 1974 A
View Bloomfield, Mike & Nick Gravenites Fillmore West 1969 A
View Bolin, Tommy La Paloma Theater Encinitas, California 1976 A-
View Bonds, Gary U.S. Trax, New York 1980 A
View Bonoff, Karla The Bottom Line, New York 1979 A
View Booker T. & The Mg's The Matrix, San Fransico, California 1968 A
View Booker T. & The MG's Winterland 1968 A
View Boston Long Beach Arena 1977 A
View Bragg, Billy Acoustic cafe 1998 A
View Bragg, Billy BBC6 Wogan House 2019 A
View Bragg, Billy Mermaid Avenue Tour 1998 A
View Bragg, Billy No Pop, No Style, strictly Roots 1993 A
View Bragg, Billy Theatre of Living Arts 2000 A
View Brewer & Shipley A& R Studios, New York 1971 A
View Brickell, Edie & Steve Martin City Winery 2013 A
View Brickell, Edie & The New Bohemians Tower Theatre, Houston 1989 A
View Briggs, Anne BBC Radio 2 1990 - 91 A
View Brinsley Schwarz Unknown Numbers: BBC Recordings 1972 A
View Bromberg, David Colderone Concert Hall, Hempsted, Long Island, New York 1975 A
View Bromberg, David Saddle Rack, San Jose, CA 1982 A
View Bromberg, David TFF Festival Rudolstadt, Germany 2014 A
View Brooks, Lonnie Tut's Club, Chicago 1983 A
View Broonzy, Big Bill Studs Terkel Show 1953 A
View Brown, Charles Kuumbwa Jazz center, Santa Cruz 1991 A
View Brown, Clarence Gatemouth New Orleans Jazz Festival 2002 A
View Brown, Clarence Gatemouth Radio Bremen: Schauburg, Germany 1983 A
View Brown, Junior Strawberry Music Festival 1992 A
View Browne, Jackson Live at the Main Point : Bryn Mawr 1972 A
View Browne, Jackson Tulane University 1975 A
View Bryant, Tyler Haliax Metro Centre 2011 A
View Buchanan, Roy Agora Ballroom, Cleveland, Ohio 1975 A-
View Buchanan, Roy Armadillo World Headquarters, Texas 1979 A
View Buchanan, Roy Central Park, NY + Avery Fisher Hall, NY 1973 A
View Buchanan, Roy Ebbet's Field, Denver 1974 A
View Buchanan, Roy My Father's Place, Rosylyn, New York 1978 A
View Buckwheat Zydeco Tramps, New York 1996 A
View Bunyan, Vashti BBC Radio 2: Stuart Maconie show 2007 A
View Bunyan, Vashti Electric Proms, Roundhouse, London 2006 A
View Burdon, Eric Springfield, Illinois 1971 A
View Burke, Solomon Miles Davi Hall, Montreux, Switzerland 2004 A
View Burke, Solomon Montreux Jazz festival 2004 A
View Burnett, T-Bone Penns Landing, Philadelphia 1992 A
View Butterfield Blues Band Paradiso, Amsterdamn 1969 A
View Butterfield, Paul, Blues Band East-West in the West: Fillmore 1966 A-
View Butterfield, Paul, Blues Band Fillmore Auditorium 1966 A-
View Butterfield, Paul, Blues Band Winterland 1966 A
View Butterfiled, Paul Cincertgebouw, Amsterdam 1969 A
View Byrds Amsterdamn 1970 A
View Byrds Concertgebouw, Amsterdamn 1970 A
View Byrds Fillmore West 1970 A
View Byrds The first International European Pop Festival; Piper Club Rome, Italy 1968 A
View Byrds & the Flying Burrito Brothers Whisky-A-Go-Go 1970 A-
View Byrds, The Boston Tea Party 1968 A