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Use this form to search the our video database containing individual artists or groups. Search these artists using partial names instead of full names. For example, to find all tapes containing Led Zeppelin, type Zeppelin in to the artist field and click "Search". You can use the same idea to search by show (i.e. for The Tonight Show just enter "Tonight" in the show field.

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View Gallagher, Rory BBC In Concert 1971 A
View Gallagher, Rory BBC In Concert: Paris Theatre 1971 A
View Gallagher, Rory Calling Hard 1977 A-
View Gallagher, Rory Cologne 1990 A
View Gallagher, Rory Live at the Venue, London 1979 A-
View Gallagher, Rory Live in Japan 1974 A-
View Gallagher, Rory Rocklife, Cologne, Germany 1990 A
View Gallagher, Rory Swiss Radio Session: Pavillion Des Sports, Lusanne, Zurich, Switzerland 1972 A
View Gallagher, Rory The Cuckoo 1972 A
View Gallagher,Rory Devil Made Me Do It 82-94 A-
View Garcia, Jerry KFAT Fat Fry: Saddlerack, San Jose, California 1982 A
View Garfunkel, Art Estival Jazz, Lugano 1999 A
View Gatton, Danny, & The Washington Fat Boys Childe Harold, Washington D.C. 1974 A
View Gaughan, Dick BBC Presents: Folk '79 1979 A
View Gaughan, Dick Whelan's Pub, Dublin 2010 A
View Gaughan, Dick & Alan Taylor Two Rivers Folk Festival, Chepstow CastleMonmouthshire, Wales 2007 A
View Gaughan, Dick & friends Queens Hall 2011 A
View Gauthier, Mary AT The BBC 2014 A
View Gauthier, Mary CP Roepaen, Ottersum, Netherlands 2010 A
View Gauthier, Mary Haarlem, Netherlands 2012 A
View Gauthier, Mary In the Woods: Lage Vuursche, Netherlands 2006 A
View Gauthier, Mary KPFK Folkscene 2008 A
View Gauthier, Mary Live 20?? A
View Gauthier, Mary & Diana Jones Radio Bremen, Germany 2008 A
View Genesis BBC Broadcast Dat 1972 A
View Genesis BBC Sessions 1972 A
View Genesis Empire Pool, Wembley 1975 A
View Genesis Forwards, Backwards: BBC Sessions 1972 A
View George, Lowell Hard Rock Cafe, New York City 1979 A
View Giddens, Rhiannon New Orleans Jazz Festival 2017 A
View Gill, Vince Wayne Henderson Music Festival Grayson Highlands State Park Mouth Of Wilson, Virginia 2014 A
View Gilmore, Jimmie Dale Live in Austin 1991 A
View Gilmour, David Reel To Dave Master: Stabler Arena Bethlehem, Pennsylvania USA 1984 A
View Goodman, Steve The Bayou, Washington 1979 A
View Gorka, John Ephatra Main Theatre, Ephatra, PA 2013 A
View Gorka, John Levin Performance Studio, Chicago 2016 A
View Gorka, John On Air: World Cafe, Philadelphia + Mountain Stage, Charleston, West Virginia 1996 A
View Gorka, John Radio Bremen 1994 A
View GP's (Richard Thompson, Ralph McTell, Dave Pegg, Dave Mattacks) Capitol Theatre, Horsham, England 1981 A-
View Graham, Davy UK Tv & Radio Compile 1978 A/A-
View Grapes Of Wrath Brave New Waves 1988 A
View Grass Roots Fillmore Audtiorium, San Francisco, California 1967 A
View Grateful Dead Fillmore East, New York 1970 A
View Gravenites, Nick & John Cipollina with Jim Murray Unplugged Rehearsals, Mill Valley, California 1970 A
View Gregson, Clive & Christine Collister Cricketer's Pub, Oval, London 1986 A
View Gregson, Clive & Christine Collister Woodman Folk Club,Kingswinfoird, West Midlaaaands 1989 A
View Griffin, Patty KCRW radio Session 2007 A
View Griffin, Patty Willie Nelson's 4th of July Picnic, Two River Canyon, Spicewood, Texas 2003 A
View Griffin, Patty Women In (E)Motion Festivval, Schlosburg, Bremen Germany 1992 A
View Griffith, Nanci Acoustic Cáfe 1998 A
View Griffith, Nanci Anderson Fair, Houston 1980 A
View Griffith, Nanci Babican Centre, London 1998 A
View Griffith, Nanci Cambridge Folk Festival 1992 A
View Griffith, Nanci Club Pasims, Cambridge, Masachusettes 1985 A
View Griffith, Nanci KPFK Folkscene, Los Angeles 1983 A
View Griffith, Nanci KUT-FM, Austin, Texas 1985 A
View Griffith, Nanci Live & Rarities 1978 A
View Griffith, Nanci Live at WETS FM 1983 A-
View Griffith, Nanci Paramount Theatre, Austin, Texas 1993 A
View Griffith, Nanci Royal Abert Hall, London 1994 A
View Griffith, Nanci Sound of Lonliness 1994 A
View Griffith, Nanci St David's Hall, Cardiff, Wales 2001 A
View Griffith, Nanci Telluride Festival 1987 A
View Griffith, Nanci The Ark, Ann Arbour, Maine 1985 A
View Griffith, Nanci Victoria Palace, London 1988 A
View Griffith, Nanci & the BBC Orchestra Friday Night is Music Night; Mermaid Theater 2007 A
View Griffith, Nanci & the Half Moon Orchestra St David's Hall, Cardiff, Wales 2001 A
View Griffith, Nanci with Jerry Jeff Walker Symphony Hall, Boston 1992 A
View Grin Live at Shady Grove 1973 A
View Grin University of Maryland, College Park 1971 A
View Grootna Fillmore West Closing 1971 A
View Guess Who Reunion Rehearsals, Vancouver 1983 A
View Guess Who White House, Washington, D.C, 1970 A-
View Guthrie, Arlo Calderone Concert Hall, Hampstead, Long Island, New York 1979 A
View Guthrie, Arlo Trinity Church Great Barrington, MA 1997 A
View Guthrie, Arlo & Joni Mitchell Mississippi River Festival Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, Illinois 1969 A
View Guthrie, Arlo with the Boston Pops Orchestra Tanglewood, Lennox, Massachuettes 2010 A
View Guy, Buddy Philadelphia Folk festival 1968 A
View Guy, Buddy & Junior Wells Chicago Blues Festival 1985 A
View Guy, Buddy & Junior Wells Hotel Meridien, Paris 1988 A