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This page outlines the videos (or clips) which we have recently added to our collection.

Date Added Show Artist Year Length Quality Disc Add to Cart
2019-02-20 Old Grey Whistel Test (75-7-19 ep 4.41) Be Bop Deluxe, Van Morrison (film), Kevin Coyne, Steve Miller Band 1975 24 mins Ex- D10,108
2019-02-20 Old Grey Whistle Test (75-7-26 ep 4.42) Yes (Yessongs film at the Rainbow, excerpt) 1975 42 mins Ex- D10,108
2019-02-20 Old Grey Whistle Test (75-9-30 ep 5.1) John Lennon 1975 30 mins Ex- D10,109
2019-02-20 Old Grey Whistle Test (75-10-7 ep 5.2) Druid, Sadistic Mika Band, Carly simon (film) 1975 39 mins Ex- D10,109
2019-02-19 Old Grey Whistle Test (75-2-7 ep 4.18) Baker Gurvitz Army, Alex Harvey, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Nico, Isotope (film) 1975 45 mins Ex- D10,100
2019-02-19 Old Grey Whistle Test (75-2-17 ep 4.19) John Entwhistle, Chris de Burgh, Billy Swan (Int), Claire Hamill, Marvin Gaye (film), Billy Preston (film) 1975 49 mins Ex D10,100
2019-02-19 Old Grey Whistle test (75-2-21 ep 4.20 timing code top of screen) Ronnie Lane, Keith Christmas, Jim Dandy, Elvin Bishop (film), Average White Band (film) 1975 46 mins Vg+ D10,101
2019-02-19 Old Grey Whistle Test (75-3-7 ep 4.22) Richard & Linda Thompson, Chick Corea, Graham Central Station (film), Alvin Lee (film), The Raspberries (film) 1975 49 mins Ex- D10,101
2019-02-19 Old Grey Whistle Test (75-4-11 ep 4.27) Justin Hayward & John Lodge (Moody Blues), Mick Ronson, Maria Muldaur, Lynyrd Skynyrd (film), Smokie, Dan Fogelburg 1975 43 mins Ex- D10,102
2019-02-19 Old Grey Whistle Test (75-4-18 ep 4.28) John Lennon, A Band Called "O" 1975 48 mins Ex- D10,102
2019-02-19 Old Grey Whistle Test (75-4-25 ep 4.29) Raymond Froggatt, Judas Priest, James Brown(film), Electric Light Orchestra (film), Roy Wood (int) 1975 40 mins Ex- D10,103
2019-02-19 Old Grey Whistle Test (75-5-9 ep 4.31) Seals & Crofts, David Gates, Bonnie Raitt (int), Janis Joplin (film), Kokomo (film) 1975 49 mins Ex- D10,104
2019-02-19 Old Grey Whistle Test (75-5-16 ep 4.32) Upp, Billy Joel, Keith Moon, Kool & The Gang (film), Bo Diddley (film) 1975 49 mins Ex- D10,104
2019-02-19 Old Grey Whistle Test (75-5-23 ep 4.33) PFM, Alan Hull, Sister Sledge (film), Linda Ronstadt (nt) 1975 48 mins Ex- D10,105
2019-02-19 Old Grey Whistle Test (75-6-14 ep 4.36) Link Wray, Catherine Howe, Jack Bruce Band, Argent (film) 1975 29 mins Ex- D10,105
2019-02-19 Old Grey Whistle Test (75-6-25 ep 4.37) Camel, Graham Central Station (film), Ian Hunter & Mick Ronson (film), The Temptations (film) 1975 26 mins Ex- D10,106
2019-02-19 Old Grey Whistle Test (75-6-28 ep 4.38) Budgie, Sassafras, Man (film) 1975 30 mins Ex- D10,106
2019-02-19 Old Grey Whistle Test (75-7-5 ep 4.39) Atlantic Soul collection, all on film) Sister Sledge, Jimmy Castor Bunch, Ben E. King, Detroit Spinners, Joni Sledge 1975 31 mins Ex- D10,107
2019-02-19 Old Grey Whistle Test (75-7-12 ep 4.40) Moonrider, John Dawson Band, the Beach Boys (film), Tim Buckley (film), Rick Wakeman 1975 30 mins Ex D10,107
2019-02-18 Old Grey Whistle Test (73-7-17 ep 2.43) Edgar Winter Group, Sonny Terry & Brownie McGee 1973 43 mins Vg+ D10,090
2019-02-18 Old Grey Whistle Test (73-7-31 ep 2.45) Freddie King, Dr John, Doobie Brothers, Blue (promo) 1973 45 mins Ex- D10.092
2019-02-18 Old Grey Whistle Test (74-2-3 Ep 3.19) Doobie Brothers, Neil Sedaka, Stevie Wonder 1974 45 mins Vg+ D10.092
2019-02-18 Old Grey Whistle Test (73-1-30 ep 2.21) The Who, Claire Hammill, Shawn Phillips, Status Quo (Marquee film) 1973 30 mins Ex- D10,093
2019-02-18 Old Grey Whistle Test (73-2-13 ep 2.23 Rory Gallagher, Duncan Browne, Bette Midler, Loggins & Messina (promo) 1973 34 mins Ex- D10.093
2019-02-18 Old Grey Whistle Test (75-1-24 ep 4.16) Robin Trower, Bryn Haworth, Bruce Johnston, Captain Beefheart (film) 1975 49 mins Ex D10,094
2019-02-18 Old Grey Whistle Test (75-1-31 ep 4.17) Lynsey De Paul, The Strawbs, Doobie Brothers (film), Rush (film), Lieber & Stoller (Int) 1975 52 mins Ex- D10,094
2019-02-18 Old Grey Whistle Test (75-3-14 ep 4.23) Dr Feelgood, Trace, Roger Daltry (Int), Elton John (int) 1975 30 mins Ex- D10,095
2019-02-18 Old Grey Whistle Test (75-3-28 ep 4.25) Billy Cobham (at the Rainbow) 1975 34 mins Ex- D10,096
2019-02-18 Old Grey Whistle Test (74-4-17 ep 3.29) Robin Trower, Jessie Colin Young 1974 30 mins Ex- D10,097
2019-02-18 Old Grey Whistle Test (74-5-21 ep 3.34) Montrose, Tim Buckley, James Gang, Black Oak Arkansas 1974 35 mins Ex- D10,097
2019-02-18 Old Grey Whistle Test (74-10-15 ep 4.4) Climax Blues Band, Manfred Mann, Barclay James Harvest, Smokey Robinson (film), Linsifarne (film0 1974 41 mins Ex- D10.098
2019-02-18 Old Grey Whistle Test (74-11-12 ep 4.8) Golden Earring, Snafu (film), Roger Dean (film), Staus Quo (film) 1974 38 mins Ex- D10.098
2019-02-18 Old Grey Whistle Test (75-1-1 ep 4.13) Ace, Tim Buckley (film), Jessie Colin Young (film), Leo Sayer, Doobie Brothers (film), Chick Corea, Steve Miller Band (cartoon), Dory Previn (cuts off) 1975 78 mins Ex- D10,099
2019-02-18 Old Grey Whistle Test (75-1-10 ep 4.14 Man, Fumble, Tower Of Power, Jack Bruce & Mick Taylor 1975 49 mins Ex- D10,099
2019-02-17 Old Grey Whistle Test (72-7-11 ep 1.43)) The Rolling Stones (Ready Steady Go 66, Charlie Is My Darling stage footage 65, Hyde Park 69, Madison Square Garden 69, Montreux Rehearsals 72) 1972 42 mins Ex D10,091
2019-02-17 Old Grey Whistle Test (72-12-16 ep 2.16, Boxing Day special) Alice Cooper, Curtis Mayfield, Beach Boys, David Bowie, Dion (film clip), Richard Williams, Steve Miller Band (film clip), Vinegar Joe, Poco, Merry Clayton & Carole King (film clip), Mick Jagger Int.,Jerry Lee Lewis, Roxy Music, Beatles (Cavern Club), Stevie Wonder, Janis Ian, Kris Kristoferson & Rita Coolidge, 1972 58 mins Ex- D10,091
2019-02-16 Old Grey Whistle Test (73-6-12 Ep 2:40) John Entwhistle, Kevin Ayers, Grace Slick & Paul Kantner 1973 31 mins Ex- D10.090
2019-02-11 Tiny Desk Concerts Vol. 4 (Available on Blu Ray) Rodney Crowell, John Prine, The Cranberries, Graham Nash, Sharon Jones, Randy Newman, The Secret Sisters, Cat Stevens, I'm With Her, Jackson Browne, Sarah Jarosz 2014 - 18 163 mins Ex D10,089
2019-02-09 An American In Paris: The Musical (Available on Blu Ray) Robert Fairchild, Leanne Cope, Haydn Oakley, Zoe Rainey, David Seadon-Young, Jan Asher 2017 134 mins Ex D10,069
2019-02-08 Pop Gear Billy J. Kramer & The Dakotas, Susan Maughan, The Four Pennies, The Animals, The Fourmost, the Rockin' Berries, The Honeycombs, Sounds Incorporated, Peter & Gordon, herman's Hermits, Tommy Quickly & The Remo Four, Billie Davis, Spencer Davis Group, The Nashville Teens, Matt Munro, The Beatles 1965 67 mins Ex DVD
2019-01-26 ACL Hall Of Fame New Years Special (Available on Blu Ray) Inductees: Los Lobos, Ray Charles, Marcia Ball Performances by: Boz Scaggs, Gary Clark Norah Jones 2018 60 mins Ex D10,050
2019-01-13 Pinkpop Festival, Galeen, Holland Garland Jeffreys, J.Geils Band 1980 57 mins Ex- D10.043
2019-01-04 Oh You Pretty Things - The Story of Music and Fashion:Part 1 The Tribes (BBC4 Documentary) Small Faces, Cilla Black, The Beatles, The Rolling stones, Roxy Music 2018 58 mins Ex D10,030
2019-01-04 Oh You Pretty Things - The Story of Music and Fashion: Pt 2 Idols Suzi Quatro, Rick Wakeman, Queen, Sex Pistols 2018 58 mins Ex D10,030
2019-01-04 Oh You Pretty Things - The Story of Music and Fashion: Pt 3 Image Dexy's Midnight Runners, Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark, London's Blitz, Duran Duran, Jazzie B, Soul 2 Soul 2018 58 mins Ex D10,030
2019-01-01 Shindig! #74 12/02/65 (Timing code top corner) Gloria Jones, Hollies, Searchers, We Five, Melody Patterson 1965 25 mins Vg+ D10.020
2019-01-01 Shindig! #55 9/28/65 Mary Wells, Little Anthony & The Imperials, Dick & Dee, Bobby Sherman, Georgie Fame, Jimmie Rodgers 1965 24 mins Vg D10,019, D10,020, D1
2019-01-01 Shindig! #19 1/13/65 Johnny Cash, Paul Peterson, Herman's Hermites, The Righteous Brothers 1965 25 mins Vg D10,019, D10,020, D1
2019-01-01 Shindig! #70 11/18/65 The Wild Weird World of Dr. Goldfoot (Cast of show Vincent Price, Harvey Lembeck, Susan Hart) 1965 29 mins Vg+ D10,020
2019-01-01 Shindig! #73 11/27/65 George Maharis, The Young Americans 1965 25 mins Vg+ D10,020
2019-01-01 Grammy Salute To Music Legends Neil Diamond, Emmylou Harris, Hal Blaine, Louis Jordan, Tina Turner, John Williams, Technical Ecellence, The Meters, Seylour stein, Bill Graham, Queen 2018 117 mins Ex D10.022
2019-01-01 Jools' 26th Annual Hootenanny (Available on Blu Ray) George Ezra, The Record Company, Michael Bublé & Jess Glynne, The Pipes and Drums of the 1st Battalion Scots Guards with Louise Marshall, Nile Rodgers & Chic, Junior Giscombe, Marc Almond 2018 117 mins Ex D10,023
2018-12-28 CBC From the Vaults Ep. 1: Land Of Opportunities (Documentary on CBC TV archives, available on Blu Ray) Sammy Davis Jr, Joan Baez, Jackie Mitto, Blues Special (Muddy Waters, Otis Span1966) 2018 43 mins Ex D10,011
2018-12-28 CBC From The Vaults Ep. 2: Turning Points (Documentary On CBC TV archives, available on Blu Ray) Sarah McLachlan, K.D.Lang, Oscar Peterson, Craig Russell, Johnny Cash. 2018 43 mins Ex D10,011
2018-12-28 CBC From The Vaults Ep 3: The Kids Are Alright (Documentary On CBC TV archives, Available on Blu Ray) The Who, the Crew Cuts, Carole Pope, James Taylor, Lorne Michaels, Jefferson Airplane 2018 43 mins Ex D10,011
2018-12-28 CBC From The Vaults Ep. 4: From the Sidelines (Documentary on CBC TV archives, available on Blu Ray) Buffy Sainte Marie, Jeff Healey, Maestro Fresh Wes, Harry Belafonte, Duke Ellington. 2018 43 mins Ex D10,012
2018-12-28 CBC From The Vaults Ep. 5: Star Machine (Documentary on CBC TV Archives, Available on Blu Ray Gordon Lightfoot, Randy Bachman, Celine Dion, Crowbar, Pat Benatar. 2018 43 mins Ex D10,013
2018-12-28 CBC From The Vaults Ep. 6: Waiting in the Wings (Documentary On CBC TV Archives, available on Blu Ray) Bryan Adams, Shania Twain, Anne Murray, Leonard Cohen, Paul Anka 2018 43 mins Ex D10,013
2018-12-28 Folk Legends: Isn't This a Time! (Available on Blu Ray) Peter, Paul & Mary, Arlo Guthrie, Pete Seeger, The Weavers 2003 53 mins Ex D10,016
2018-12-25 CBS Saturday & Sunday Sessions (Available on Blu Ray) Lindsey Buckingham & Christine McVie, Lindsey Buckingham (solo), Neko Case, The Mavericks, John Prine, Milk Carton Kids, I'm With Her, Alejandro Escovedo, Elvis Costello 2018 117 mins Ex D10,007
2018-12-24 American Music Shop Carlene Carter & Albert Lee, Larry Carlton, Vince Gill & Lacy J. Dalton, Waylon Jennings & Tony Joe White, Ricky skaggs & Albert Lee 1990 - 91 85 mins Ex- D9997
2018-12-24 Intimate & Interactive at Much Music Healey, Jeff 1992 44 mins Ex- D9998
2018-12-24 A Whole Scene Going On The Pretty Things, Sandie Shaw 1966 30 mins Vg+ D10,005
2018-12-02 CBS Sunday Morning Compile Gregg Allman 5-28-2017, Roger Waters 6-4-2017, Summer Of Love 6-18-2017, John Mellencamp 7-2-2017, Willie Nelson 7-17-2017, Isley Brothers 7-30-2017, Blondie 9-3-2017, Petula Clark 12- 24-2017, Jane Birken 1-21-2018, Elton John & Neil Diamond 1-28-2018, The O'Jays 2-11-2018, Jimmy Buffet 2-18-2018, SGT Pepper 2-25-2018, Joan Baez 3-11-2018, Bernie Taupin 4-8-2018 2017 - 2018 120 mins Ex D9981
2018-10-08 My Music: The Big Band Era (Available on Blu Ray) Glenn Miller Orchestra, Tex Beneke & The Modernaires with Marion Hutton, The Andrews Sisters, Larry Clinton & His Orchestra with Bea Wain, Harry James & His Orchestra, Charlie Barnett & His Orchestra, Bob Eberly & Helen O'Connell, Frank Sinatra with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra & the Pied Pipers, The Pied Pipers, Cab Calloway & His Orchestra, Benny Goodman Orchestra, Guy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians, Sammy Kaye & His Orchestra, Lawrence Welk Orchestra 2009 69 mins Ex D9936
2018-10-08 Farm Aid 2018 Vol. 1 (Available on Blu Ray) Jamey Johnson, Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats, Kasey Muskgraves, 2018 103 mins Ex D9942
2018-10-08 Farm Aid 2018 Vol. 2 (Available on Blu Ray) Sturgil Simpson, Chris Stapleton 2018 77 mins Ex D9943
2018-10-08 Farm Aid 2018 Vol. 3 (Available on Bu Ray) Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds, John Mellencamp 2018 93 mins Ex D9944
2018-10-08 Farm Aid 2018 Vol. 4 (Available on Blu Ray) Neil Young & Promise of the Real, Willie Nelson & Family 2018 98 mins Ex D9945
2018-09-19 Black Music Honors (Available on Blu Ray) Peaches & Herb (hosts), Bebe & Cece Winans, Bobby Brown, Dallas Austin, Faith Evans, Stephanie Mills, Whodini, Luthe Vandross, Ruben Studdard, Aretha Franklin Tribute 2018 91 mins Ex D9928
2018-08-22 My Music: Rhythm, Love & Soul (Available on Blu Ray) Aretha Franklin, Lou Rawls, Dennis Edwards Temptations, Edwin Starr, Barbara Mason, Carl Carlton, Peaches & Herb, Freda Payne, Blue Magic, The Three Degrees, Billy Paul, Hues Corporation, Thelma Houston, The Manhattans, Gloria Gaynor, Mary Wilson 2003 72 mins Ex D9895
2018-08-12 British Invasion of the 60's Dave Clark Five, Manfred Mann, The Kinks, The Small Faces, Them, The Troggs, Spencer Davis Group, The Honeycombs, The Searchers, Freddie & the Dreamers, Chris Farlowe, Donovan, Herman's Hermits, Peter & Gordon, Billy J. Kramer, The Tremelous, The Animals, Procol Harum, The Moody Blues, The Hollies, Gerry & the Pacemakers, The Yardbirds, The Zombies 1964 - 69 80 mins Ex/Ex- D9889
2018-07-30 Old Grey Whistle Test (72-9-19 ep 2.2) Jerry Stevens, The Everly Brothers, American Spring 1972 31 mins Ex- D9872
2018-07-30 Old Grey Whistle Test (78-10-24) Whitesnake, Average White Band (film from Compass Studios), Mick Jagger (interview from Bahamas) 1978 39 mins Ex- D9873
2018-07-30 Old Grey Whistle Test (78-2-14 w. timer code) XTC, Radio Stars, Meatloaf (promos), Rita Coolidge & Kris Kristoferson 1978 41 mins Ex- D9874
2018-07-30 Old Grey Whistle Test (79-5-15) Ted Nugent, Aviator, Steve Hackett (film), Rickie Lee Jones (promos) 1979 41 mins Ex- d9875
2018-07-06 Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame 2018 (Avialbale on Blu Ray) Inductees) Nina Simone, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Bon Jovi, Dire Straits, The Cars,The Moody Blues Performers: Andra Day, Lauryn Hill, Brittney Howard (Alabama Shakes), Killers (Tom Petty Tribute), Ann Wilson & Jerry Cantrell (Chris Cornell Tribute) 2018 156 mins Ex D9859
2018-07-04 Old Grey Whistle Test (75-4-11) Justin Haywar & John Lodge, Mick Ronson, Smokie, Dan Fogleberg, Maria Muldar, Lynyrd Skynyrd 1975 55 mins Ex D9855
2018-06-18 Iron Maiden & the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal; Night Flight Profile (Available on Blu Ray) Commentary by members of Iron Maiden, Tygers of Pantang, Girlschool, Saxon, Samson, Praying Mantis 2008 145 mins Ex D9841
2018-06-18 Rock Am Ring Night Ranger, Reo Speedwagon, Foreigner, Rick Springfield 1986 65 mins Ex- D9842
2018-05-20 Elton John: I'm Still Standing; A Grammy Salute, Madison Square Garden (Available on Blu Ray) Miley Cyrus, Ed Sheeran, Sam smith, Aleesia Cara, Lady Gaga, Little Big Town, Christopher Jackson & Valerie Simpson, SZA & Shawn Mendes, Marin Morris, Chris Martin, Martina McBride, Kesha, Neil Patrick Harris, John Legend, Elton John 2018 86 mins Ex D9819
2018-05-20 BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards 2018 Paul Brady, Eliza Carthy, Donal Lunny, Cara Dillon, Lankum, Donal Lunny 2018 60 mins Ex D9827
2018-05-20 My Music: 60's Rock, Pop, & Soul (Available on Blu Ray) Davy Jones (Monkees), Paul Revere & the Raiders, The Vogues, Jefferson Starship, Roger McGuinn, The Kingsmen, Percy Sledge, Chad & Jeremy, Mitch Ryder, The Ventures, The Miracles, Eddie Floyd, Hermans Hermits, Gary Lewis & the Palyboys, Eddie Holman, ? & the Mysterians, Gary DeCarlo (Steam), Mason Williams 2011 64 mins Ex D9829
2018-05-12 Grand Ole Opry Live: Opry Encore Vol. 14 (3 episodes, originally aired circa 1990's) Lee Ann Womack, Diamond Rio, Stu Phillips, Johnny Russell, BR549, Martina McBride, Ricky Skaggs, Allison Krauss & Union Station, Jack Greene, Ronnie Milsap 2018 75 mins Ex D9792
2018-05-12 Grand Ole Opry Live: Opry Encore Vol. 15 (3 episodes, originally aired circa 1990's) Michael Peterson, Charley Pride, Steve Wariner, Vince Gill, John Conlee, Osborne Brothers, Holly Dunn, Martina McBride, Jean Shepard, Jeanie Pruit 2018 75 mins Ex D9793
2018-04-21 Elton John "I'm Still Standing" A Grammy Salute, Madison Square Garden (Available on Blu Ray) Miley Cyrus, Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, Alessia Cara, Lady GaGa, Little Big Town, Christopher Jackson & Valerie Simpson, SZA & Shawn Mendes, Maren Morris, Chris Martin, Miranda Lambert, Kesha, Neil Patrick Harris, John Legend, Elton John 2018 86 mins Ex D9778
2018-04-08 New Wave: Dare To Be Different (Doc on WLIR Radio 1982 format shift, Available on Blu Ray) Commentary from: WLIR DJ's & producers, Record Industry personal, producers, critics, East India trading company owners, Billy Idol, Debbie Harry & Chris Stein, Joan Jett, Fred Schneider (B52's), Dave Wakeling (English Beat), Mike Score (A Flock of Seagulls), Tom Bailey (Thompson Twins) 2018 98 mins Ex D9766
2018-04-07 Late Night & Morning Tv Compile #81 Jann Wenner - CBS Sunday 11/5/2017, Brad Paisely & John Fogerty - Jimmy Kimmel Live 11/7/2017, Mavis Staples - Late Show With Stephen Colbert 11/8/2017, Faith Hill & Tim McGraw - CBS Sunday 11/12/2017, Elton John - Late Show With Stephen Colbert 11/14/2017, Dead & Co. - Late Show with Stephen Colbert 11/17+ 18/2017, Elton John - Late show With Stephen Colbert 11/23/2017, Liam Gallagher - Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon 11/29/2017, Steve Earle & Lucinda Williams - Late Night With Seth Myers 12/5/2017, Michael McDonald - Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon 12/15/2017 + CBS Sunday 12/17/2017, Randy Newman - Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon 12/19/2017, Margo Price - Late Show With Stephen Colbert 1/3/2018, Elvis Costello - Jimmy Kimmel Live 1/11/2018, Jane Birkin - CBS Sunday 1/21/2018, Elton John/Neil Diamond - CBS Sunday 1/28/2018, John Mellencamp - Late Show With Stephen Colbert 2/22/2018 2017 - 18 120 mins Ex D9756
2018-04-07 Hy Lit Show Compile #3 (Has timing code top of screen, letters/numbers in center of screen) Every Mother's Son, Split Level, Blue Cheer, Flying Burrito Bros, Electric Prunes, Janis, Spanky & Our Gang 1968 - 69 60 mins Vg+ D9758
2018-04-07 It's What's Happening, Baby Hosted By Murray the K Cannibal and the headhunters, Ray Charles, Dave Clark Five , Bill Cosby, The Drifters, The Four Tops, Marvin Gaye, Fred Gwynne and the Munsters, Herman's Hermits, Chuck Jackson, Jan and Dean, Tom Jones, Gary Lewis and the Playboys, Little Anthony and the Imperials, Martha and the Vandellas, Johhny Mathis, The Miracles, Patti and the Bluebells, Righteous Brothers, Johnny Rivers, The Ronnettes , Shindig dancers, The Supremes, The Temptations, Dionne Warwick, Mary Wells 1965 89 mins Vg+ D9759
2018-03-28 Grand Ole Opry Live: Opry Encore Vol. 12 (3 episodes, originally aired circa 1990's) Eddie Rabbit, Ricky Skaggs, Rhonda Vincent, Bill Anderson, Joe Diffie, Trisha Yearwood, Billy Ray Cyrus, The Whites 2018 76 mins Ex D9754
2018-03-28 Grand Ole Opry Live: Opry Encore Vol. 13 (3 episodes, originally aired circa 1990's) Kenny Chesney, Jennie Pruett, Larry Stephenson Band, Johnny Russel, Bill Carlisle, Mel McDaniel, Porter Wagoner, Lee Greenwood, Christie Lynn, Loretta Lynn, Jimmy C. Newman 2018 76 mins Ex D9755
2018-03-27 The Sacred Triangle: Bowie, Iggy & Lou (Film chronically the interwoven careers of these 3 artists, Available on Blu-Ray) Lou Reed, David Bowie, Igy Pop 2010 106 mins Ex D9753
2018-03-25 Grand Ole Opry Live: Opry Encore Vol. 11 (3 episodes, Originally aired circa 1990's) Brooks & Dunn, Vince Gill, Roy Drusky, Jack Greene, Hal Ketchum, Jan Howard, Glen Campbell, Johnny Russell, Connie Smith 2018 76 mins Ex D9750
2018-03-23 Grand Ole Opry Live: Opry Encore Vol. 9 (3 Episodes, Originally aired circa 1990's) Ricky Scaggs, Vince Gill, Larry Stephenson Band, (Christmas Pt 1) Ricky Van Shelton, Jimmy Dickens, Jeanie Seeley, Emmylou Harris & Rodney Crowell, Vince Gill, Joe Diffie, Porter Wagoner, (Christmas Pt 2) Gary Chapman, Joe Diffie, Lorrie Morgan, Ricky Scaggs, Porter Wagoner 2016 110 mins Ex D9748
2018-03-23 Grand Ole Opry Live: Opry Encore Vol. 10 (3 episodes, Originally aired circa 1990's) (Christmas Pt 3) Joe Diffie, Osborne Brothers, Steve Wariner, Janie Seely, Porte Wagoner, Jean Shepard, Oak Ridge Boys, Jack Greene, Kathy Mattea, Holly Dunn, Alan Jackson, Jimmy C. Newman, Johnny Russell 2017 - 18 75 mins Ex D9749
2018-03-20 Night Flight presents Hit Parader Magazine's Heavy Metal Heroes (Available on Blu Ray) Accept, Vandenberg, Wasp, Raven, Van Zant, Triumph, Dave Edmunds, David Bowie & Pat Metheny, Debarge, Glen Frey, Patti LaBelle, 1985 50 mins Ex D9746
2018-03-19 Old Grey Whistle Test: Live For One Night Only (Available on Blu Ray) Kiki Dee, Peter Frampton, Wildwood Kim, Gary Numan, Albert Lee, Richard Thompson, Robert Vincent (Interviews with past hosts, Show producers, and Joan Armatrading, Chris Difford, Dave Stewart) 2018 160 mins Ex D9744
2018-03-18 Grand Ole Opry Live: Opry Encore Vol. 6 (3 Episodes, Originally Aired circa 1990's) Mike Snider, Sawyer Brown, Eddie Rabbit, Charlie Walker, Lorrie Morgan, Karen Peck, Ricky Skaggs, George Jones, Porter Wagoner 2016 76 mins Ex D9737
2018-03-18 KEXP Presents Vol. 3 (Available on Blu Ray) The Blasters, Marty Stuart & His Fabulous Superlatives, Courtney Barnett, Charles Bradley 2015-17 112 mins Ex D9738
2018-03-18 KEXP Presents Vol. 4 (Available on Blu Ray) Lucinda Williams, The Sonics, Preservation Jazz Hall Band, Frazey Ford, 2016 124 mins Ex D9740
2018-03-18 Grand Ole Opry Live: Opry Encore Vol. 7 (3 Episodes, originally aired circa 1990's) Jim Ed Brown, Faith Hill, Martina McBride, Sherri Austin, Brad Paisley, Billy Walker, The Issacs, Crossman Quartet, The Whites 2016 76 mins Ex D9741
2018-03-18 Grand Ole Opry Live: Opry Encore Vol. 8 (3 Episodes, Originally aired circa 1990's) Skeeter Davis, Jack Greene, Ricky Skaggs, Steve Wariner, Lorrie Morgan, Clark Family Experience, Diamond Rio, BR549, Kenny Chesney, John Berry, Johnny Paycheck, Johnny Russell 2016 76 mins Ex D9742
2018-03-17 Grand Ole Opry Live: Opry Encore Vol. 4 (3 Episodes, originally aired circa 1990's) Sons of the Desert, Ronnie Milsap, Riders in the Sky, Billy Ray Cyrus, Boxcar Willie, Lorrie Morgan, Marty Stuart, Travis Tritt, Ricochet 2017 76 mins Ex D9735
2018-03-17 Grand Ole Opry Live: Opry Encore Vol. 5 (3 Episodes, One episode only partial, Originally aired circa 1990's) Ray Pillow, Mike Snider, Gaither Vocal Band, Trace Adkins, Martina Mcbride, Jimmy C. Newman, Tanya Tucker, Jerry Clower 2016 54 mins Ex D9736
2018-03-11 Grand Ole Opry Live: Opry Encore Vol. 3 (3 Episodes, originally aired circa 1990's) Doug Kershaw, Jean Shepard, Johnny Russell, Mac Wiseman, Terri Clark, Ricky Van Shelton, Jimmy Dickens, Holly Dunn, Stonewall Jackson, Lee Ann Womack 2017 76 mins Ex D9729
2018-03-10 Grand Ole Opry Live: Opry Encore Vol. 1 (3 Episodes, Originally aired circa 1990's) Skeeter Davis, Loretta Lynn, Jeanne Pruett, Jeannie Seely, Ray Price, Charlie Pride, Charlie Walker, Ernie Ashworth 2016 76 mins Ex D9724
2018-03-10 Grand Ole Opry Live: Opry Encore Vol. 2 (3 Episodes, originally aired circa 1990's) Jimmy Dickens, Barbara Mandrell, Joe Diffie, Waylon Jennings, Travis Tritt, Brad Paisley, Steve Wariner, Roy Pillow 2017 76 mins Ex D9728
2018-03-06 My Music: Doo Wop Generations (Available on Blu Ray) The Virginia Gentlemen with The Del-Satins,The Alley Cats with Jay Siegel's Tokens, The Tee-Tones, The Redondos, The Duprees with Chris Ruggiero, The Whiptones, Street Corner Renaissance, JT Carter's Group with Peter Lemongello, Jr., JT Morgan and Brooklyn Bridge, The Lovettes , Justin & James, Charlie Thomas' Drifters, Jay & The Americans, Johnny Contardo, Freddy Velas & The Silvertones, The Kingpins, The Whatabouts, Shy Of A Dozen, Kid Kyle, Frank Pizarro, Fred Parris & The Five Satins, The Cat's Pajamas, The Modern Gentlemen and The Skyliners, Gwynne Alden, Kenny Vance & The Planotones with Entire Cast 2018 97 mins Ex D9727
2018-02-13 Americana Music Association Honors & Awards Nominees Show 2014 (Available on Blu Ray) Jim Lauderdale & Buddy Miller, Valerie June, Parker Milsap, Hurray For The Riff Raff, Elizabeth Cook (w Lauderdale & Milsap) 2014 42 mins Ex D9709
2018-01-30 Village Voices: Café Au Go-Go (Upgrade, direct Laserdisc transfer) Tim Buckley, Odetta, Joni Mitchell, Pihl Ochs, Dave Van Ronk, Rictchie Havens, Eric Anderson, David Blue 1968 50 mins Ex D265
2018-01-11 Austin City Limits Hall Of Fame 2017 (Available on Blu Ray) Chris Isaak, Brandi Carlile, Raul Malo, Elvis Costello, Neko Case , Rosanne Cash & John Leventhal, Ry Cooder, Trombone Shorty, Neville BrothersDr. John, (Inc 2 bonus web clips) 2017 63 mins Ex D9697
2018-01-06 Jools' 25th Annual Hootenanny (Available on Blu Ray) Jools Holland's Rhythm and Blues Orchestra, Ed Sheeran, Mavis Staples, Trombone Shorty and Orleans Avenue, Jessie Ware, Soul II Soul, Beth Ditto, The Beat starring Dave Wakeling, George McCrae, José Feliciano, Ruby Turner, The Pipes and Drums, 1st Battalion Scots Guards 2017 144 mins Ex D9691
2018-01-06 KEXP Presents Vol. 2 (Available on Blu Ray) Billy Bragg, Billy Bragg & Joe Henry, The Jayhawks, The Waterboys 2013 - 17 106 mins Ex D9692
2018-01-06 La Bussola, Marina di Pietrasanta, Italy Vol. 1 Louis Armstrong All Stars, Duke Ellington's Orchestra, Ella Fitzgerald & Lou Levy 4tet (3 shows) 1959 106 mins Ex D9694
2018-01-06 La Bussola, Marina di Pietrasanta, Italy Vol. 1 Louis Armstrong All Stars, Duke Ellington's Orchestra, Ella Fitzgerald & Lou Levy 4tet (3 shows) 1959 106 mins Ex D9694
2018-01-06 Tower Of Song: A Memorial Tribute to Leonard Cohen (Available on Blu Ray) Sting, Patrick Watson, The Lumineers, Feist, Bettye Lavette, Elvis Costello, Adam Cohen & the Webb Sisters, Celine Dion & Peter Gabriel & Chris Martin (video), K.D. Lang, Courtney Love, Damien Rice 2017 88 mins Ex D9696
2017-12-23 Cambridge Folk Festival 2016 Highlights episode 2 Afro Celt Sound System , Kate Rusby, Applewood Road, Sam Outlaw, Chris Wood, Blazin Fiddles, Christy Moore, Edward II, Belinda & Heidi, O'Hooley & Tidlow, Leyla McCalla, Eliza Carthy, Sam Kelly & The Lost Boys, John McCusker Band featuring Kris Drever, Gogol Bordello 2016 89 mins Ex D9684
2017-12-23 KEXP Presents (Available on Blu Ray) Father John Misty 5-24-2017, Alabama Shakes 1-31-2012, Gary Clark Jr 10-6-2013, MC5 10-16-2017, Dick Dale 12-24-09, Robyn Hitchcock 5-11-2017 2012 - 17 81 mins Ex D9688
2017-12-06 ACL Presents Americana Music Festival, Ryman Auditorium, Nashville 2017 (ACL edited performance highlights of full awards show, Available on Blu Ray) Old Crow Medicine Show, John Prine & Iris Dement, Rhiannan Giddens, Marty Stuart & the Faulous superlatives, Amanda Shires, The Lumineers, Drive-By Truckers, Graham Nash & the Milk Carton Kids, Margo Price and The McCrary Sisters, Jason Isbell and Amanda Shires, Van Morrison with Shana Morrison, Robert Cray and Hi Rhythm Section, Emmylou Harris & Ensemble, Billy Bragg & Joe Henry 2017 56 mins Ex D9674
2017-12-06 Later With Jools (S51 E01, 09/26/2017, Available on Blu Ray) Liam Gallagher, Benjamin Clementine, Elise LeGrow, Jorja Smith, LCD Soundsystem, Nadia Reid, Jimmy Webb (interview) 2017 62 mins Ex D9676
2017-12-06 Later With Jools (S51 E02, 10/03/2017, Available on Blu Ray) The National, Morrissey, Queens of the Stone Age, Khalid, Jessie Ware, Marty Stuart 2017 62 mins Ex D9677
2017-12-06 Later With Jools (S51 E04, 10/10/2017, Available on Blu Ray) Robert Plant, St Vincent, Nick Mulvey, Kelela, John Moreland, Beck 2017 62 mins Ex D9678
2017-12-06 Later With Jools (S51 E04, 10/17/2017, Available on Blu Ray) Wolf Alice, Grizzly Bear, SZA, R.L. Boyce, Paul Heaton & Jacqui Abbott, King Krule 2017 62 mins Ex D9679
2017-12-06 Later With Jools (S51 E05, 10/24/2017, Available on Blu Ray) Stereophonics, Hurray for the Riff Raff, Moses Sumney, Richard Thompson, Hiromi, The White Buffalo, Zara McFarlane 2017 62 mins Ex D9680
2017-12-06 Later With Jools (S51 E06, 10/24/2017, Available on Blu Ray) Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds, Dua Lip, Saz'iso, Superorganism, Aimee Mann, Jools Holland & José Feliciano w/ Rita Wilson, Amadou & Mariam 2017 62 mins Ex D9681
2017-11-25 Havana Time Machine (Available on Blu Ray) Raul Malo,Eliades Ochoa, Ivette Cepeda, Roberto Fonseca, and the Sweet Lizzy Project 2017 52 mins Ex D9664
2017-11-25 I Am The Blues (Documentary with performances, Available on Blu Ray)) Bobby Rush, Barbara Lynn, Henry Gray, Carol Fran, Little Freddie King, Lazy Lester, Robert "Bilbo" Walker, Jimmy "Duck" Holmes, R. L. Boyce, L. C. Ulmer, Paul "Lil' Buck" Sinegal 2016 106 mins Ex D9672
2017-11-11 David Bowie Tribute, Royal Albert Hall: BBC Proms (Available on Blu Ray) Marc Almond, Amanda Palmer, Laura Mvula, Anna Calvi, John Cale 2016 126 mins Ex D9657
2017-10-17 Grammy Salute To Music Legends (Available on Blu Ray) Thom Bell tribute: Russel Tompkins Jr, Dionne Warwick / Ahmed Jamal tribute: Stanley Crowell / Nina Simone tribute: Andra Day / Jimmie Rodgers tribute: Dwight Yoakam / Ralph S. Peer tribute: Russel Tompkins Jr, Andra Day, Catherine Russell / Velvet Underground tribute: John Cale & Maureen (Mo) Tucker / Shirley Ceaser tribute: Kirk Franklin with Le'Andria Johnson, Shirley Ceaser / Mo Austin tribute: Randy Newman / Charley Pride tribute: Neil McCoy, Charley Pride / Sly Stone tribute: Charlie Wilson, Valerie Simpson, Vernon Reid 2017 112 mins Ex D9651
2017-10-01 Farm Aid 2017 Vol. 3 (Available on Blu Ray) John Mellencamp, Neil Young & Promise of the Real, Willie Nelson & Family 2017 140 mins Ex D9623
2017-10-01 Farm Aid 2017 Vol. 2 (Available on Blu Ray) Jack Johnson, Sheryl Crow, Dave Matthews 2017 127 mins Ex D9622
2017-10-01 BBC Proms Stax with Jools Holland (Available on Blu Ray) Jools Holland & His Rhythm & Blues Orchestra, Sam Moore, Tom Jones, Beverley Knight, Ruby Turner, Eddie Floyd, William Bell, James Morrison, Steve Cropper, Sweetie Ire, Nadia Rose 2017 89 mins Ex D9629
2017-10-01 Later With Jools; Later 25 at The Royal Albert Hall (Available on Blu Ray) Foo Fighters, Paul Weller, Van Morrison, Dizzee Rascal, Jorja Smith, Gregory Porter, Kali Uchis, Camille, Songhoy Blues, KT Tunstall 2017 120 mins Ex D9630
2017-09-23 Farm Aid 2017 Vol. 1 (Available on Blu Ray) Blackberry Smoke, Jimmy Johnson, Margo Price, Nathaniel Rateliff , The Avett Brothers 2017 114 mins Ex D9618
2017-09-17 Glam Rock At The BBC T Rex & Elton John, Alice Cooper, David Bowie, Roxy Music, Chicroy Tip, Slade, The Sweet, Suzi Qatro, Wizzard, David Essex, Alvin Stardust, Mot The Hoople, Mud, Elton John, The Glitter Band, Queen, Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel, Marc Bolan & Cilla Black 2017 59 mins Ex D9614
2017-08-14 My Music: The 60's Generation (Glitch free upgrade, Available on Blu Ray) The Mamas & the Paps (Archive), The New Rascals, The McCoys, The Association, Smokey Robinson & the Miracles (Archive), Sonny Geraci (Outsiders), Roger McGuin, Lovin Spoonful (Archive), The Zombies, Eric Burdon & the Animals, We Five, Barry McGuire (Archive), Jackie DeShannon, Marily McCoo & Billy Davis Jr, Ivan Browne (Lemon Pipers), Dennis Tufano (Buckinghams), Vannila Fudge, Iron Butterfly, Blood Sweat & Tears, Ron Dante (Archie's) 2008 72 mins Ex D9558
2017-08-07 Late Night & Morning Tv Compile #80 Bonnie Raitt - CBS Sunday 4/7/16, Avett Brothers - Late Show with Stepehen Colbert 2/8/17, Norah Jones - Jimmy Kimmel Live 2/9/17, Allison Krauss - Late Show with Stephen Colbert 2/21/17, Lori McKenna - Late Show with Stephen Colbert 2/28/17, John Mellencamp & Martina McBride - Late Show With Stephen Colbert 3/7/17, John Lydon - Conan (Int) 3/10/17, Aimee Mann - Late Show With Stephen Colbert 3/28/17, Willie Nelson - CBS Sunday 4/2/17, Hall & Oats - CBS Sunday 4/30/17, Allison Krauss - Jimmy Kimmel Live 5/5/17, Roger Waters - Late Show With Stephen Colbert 5/19/17, Blondie - Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon 5/10/17, The Jesus & Mary Chain - Late Show With Stephen Colbert 5/17/17, David Crosby - Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon 5/18/17, Gregg Allman - CBS Sunday 5/28/17, Roger Waters - CBS Sunday 6/4/17, Nick Cave - Late Show With Stephen Colbert 6/4/17 2017 120 mins Ex D9590
2017-08-07 David Frost Show Compile #1 (some clips have timing code) Brian Auger Trinity, Rolling Stones (x3), The Dells, James Brown, Classics IV, Vanilla Fudge, Lulu (x2), Dusty Springfield, Bill Haley & The Comets, Edwin Hawkins Singers, Gene Pitney, Lou Rawls, The Flirtations, Petula Clark, Four Tops, Ringo Starr, Bette Midler, Stevie Wonder 1968 - 70 120 mins Ex/Ex- D9591
2017-08-07 David Frost Show Compile #2 (Some clips have timing code) Glen Campbell, Chairmen of the Board, Aero-Plane Band, David Peel & John Lennon, Carly Simon, Stevie Wonder, Bobby Darin, Thre Dog Night, Everly Brothers, Roberta Flack, Al Green, Joan Baez, Loggins & Messina, Don McLean, Ray Charles 1970 - 72 120 mins Ex/Ex- D9592
2017-08-07 Solid Gold Compile (6 episodes from VH!) Debbie Harry & Billy Preston 1981, Prince 1983, The Go-Go's & Toni Basil 1983, Culture Club & Bette Midler 1983, Tina Turner & Quiet Riot 1984, Stevie Nicks & Tracy Ullman 1984, REO Speedwagon & Madonna 1985 1981 - 85 120 mins Ex D9593
2017-08-05 Rock 'n' Roll Guns for Hire: The Story of the Sideman (Available on Blu Ray) Earl Slick (David Bowie), Steve Cropper, Crystal Taliefero (Billy Joel), Bernard Fowler (Rolling Stones), Buddy Guy 2017 89 mins Ex D9588
2017-07-02 iHeartCountry Festival: Frank Erwin Center, Austin, TX (Available on Blu Ray) Old Dominion, Jake Owen, Little Big Town, Darius Rucker, Lady Antebellum, Kip Moore, Kelsea Ballerini, Bobby Bones & the Raging Idiots, Brantley Gilbert, Dierks Bentley, Rascal Flats, Jason Aldean 2017 286 mins (2 discs Ex D9578
2017-07-02 Various Archive #46 Herman's Hermits - Oslo 1967, Chelsea Crowell - Sun Studios 2015, Guy Clark - Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival 1996, Kate Taylor - Good Vibrations From Central Park 1971, Screaming Lord Sutch - BBC 1964, Tony Joe White - Sweden 1969, Yardbirds - (Tangerine, audio only) 1967, The Strawbs - Hits a Go-Go 1973 + British Columbia 2014, Emmylou Harris - David Frost Show 1970, Lindisfarne - Old Grey Whistle Test 1972, The Zombies - Shindig 1964, The Stories - Midnight Special 1973, The Byrds - Fillmore West 1970, Any Trouble - Promos 1980 (Girls Are Always Right, Second Choice), Paul Simon - Michael Parkinson Show 1975, Ian Hunter - Promo 1975 (Once Bitten, Twice Shy), Thin Lizzy - Top of the Pops 1977 + Old Grey Whistle Test 1973, Iron Maiden - Rock Pop 1980 + Rainbow 1981 + Promo 1983 (Run To The Hills), Black Sabbath - Promos 1980 & 1983(Die Young, Neon Knights, Zero The Hero), Girlschool - Live in Studio 1980 + Promo 1981 (Race With the Devil), Motorhead & Girlschool - Musikladen 1983 1970 - 2015 149 mins Ex/Ex- D9580
2017-07-01 Taratata: Hommage à Robert Nesta Marley Wailers, Jimmy Cliff, I Three's, Palo Banton 1995 72 mins Ex- D9567
2017-06-19 JFK: The Lost Inaugural Gala (Documentary) Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Laurence Olivier, Harry Belafonte, Ethel Merman, Jimmy Durante, Gene Kelly, Milton Berle, Janet Leigh, Tony Curtis, and Bette Davis 1960 55 mins Ex D9565
2017-06-18 Later With Jools (S50 E07, 05/30/2017, Available on Blu Ray) Royal Blood, The xx, Trombone Shorty, Haim, Chronixx, Maren Morris 2017 62 mins Ex D9563
2017-06-12 Non-COMMvention 2017, World Café, Philadelphia (Available on Blu Ray) Robert Cray, The Pixies, Blondie, Laura Marling, Gov't Mule 2017 210 mins (2 discs Ex D9560
2017-06-02 Don Kirshner Rock Concert Compile The O'Jays, The Commodores, The Hues Corporation, Graham Central Station, Billy Preston, Al Wilson, Cameo, Kool & The Gang, Ike & Tina Turner 1974 - 76 118 mins Ex-/Vg D9550
2017-05-28 Grammy Salute to Music Legends J.D Souther + Lila Downs + Martina McBride - Linda Ronstadt tribute, Kris Kristoferson & Shelby Lynne - Fred Foster tribute (Monument records owner), , Patti Austin - Ruth Brown Tribute, Jefferson Airplane & Hot Tuna, Anthony Parce + J’Nai Bridges - John Cage Tribute, Lucrecia & Andy Garcia - Celia Cruz Tribute, Ry Cooder & Henry Clay + The Magnolia Sisters - Chris Strachwitz Tribute(Arhoolie Records founder), Herbie Hancock, Earth Wind & Fire 2016 120 mins Ex D9549
2017-05-27 The Seventies: What's Going On (Documentary) ABBA, Jethro Tull, David Bowie, Talking Heads, Donna Summer, Fleetwood Mac, Alice Cooper, Crosby Stills Nash & Young, The Dead Boys, Devo, Bee Gees, Grand Funk Railroad, Jackson Five, Led Zeppelin, Joni Mitchell, Carole King, New York Dolls, Queen, The Ramones, Lou Reed, Patti Smith, Bruce Springsteen, The Trammps, Stevie Wonder 2015 42 mins Ex D9548
2017-05-27 Late Night & Morning Tv Compile #79 Billy Joel - Late Show With Stephen Colbert 01/26/2017, The Beatles - CBS Sunday Morning 09/18/206, Steve Jones - Tavis smiley 01/13/2017, Bonnie Raitt - Tavis Smiley 07/31/2016, Tony Bennett - Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon 12/20/2016, Rolling Stones - CBS Sunday Morning 12/04/2016 2016 - 17 75 mins Ex D9548
2017-05-21 Later With Jools (S50 E01, 04-11-17, Available on Blu Ray) Kasabian, Anderson Paak & The Free Nationals, Goldfrapp, Thundercat, Spoon, Courtney Marie Andrews 2017 62 mins Ex D9540
2017-05-21 Later With Jools (S50 E02, 04-18-2017, Available on Blu Ray) Ed Sheeran, Michael Chapman, Valerie June, Syd, Daymé Arocena 2017 62 mins Ex D9541
2017-05-21 Later With Jools (S50 E03, 004-25-2017, Available on Blu Ray) The Amazons, Robert Cray & Hi Rhythm, Jain, LP, Beth Ditto, Eivør 2017 62 mins Ex D9542
2017-05-21 Later With Jools (S50 E04, 05-02-2017, Available on Blu Ray) Blondie, Future Islands, Mabel, Orchestra Baobab, London Grammar, Binker and Moses 2017 62 mins Ex D9543
2017-05-21 Later With Jools (S50 E05, 05-09-2017, Available on Blu Ray)) 10cc, Sigrid, Benjamin Booker, Joan Shelley, Japandroids, Ibibio Sound Machine 2017 62 mins Ex D9544
2017-05-21 Later With Jools (S50 E06, 05-16-2017, Available on Blu Ray) Paul Weller, alt-J, Dave, Little Dragon, Maggie Rogers, Naturally 7 2017 62 mins Ex D9545
2017-05-20 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2017 (Available on Blu Ray) Electric Light Orchestra, Joan Baez, Yes with Geddy Lee, Journey, Perl Jam, Alicia Keys tribute to Tupuc Shakar, Lenny Kravitz tribute to Nile Rodgers 2017 178 mins Ex D9534
2017-05-20 Little Feat, Leo Kottke, Tim O'Brien Texas Connection (3 episodes, on full LF, 1 LF & LK, 1 LK & TOB ) 1994 62 mins Ex D763
2017-05-20 Underground Scene (Granada Tv Documentary) Pink Floyd, Paul McCartney 1967 28 mins Vg+ D9538
2017-05-13 ABC In Concert Humble Pie, The Kinks, Roxy Music, Blue Swede 1974 58 mins Vg- D9525
2017-05-03 BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards Ry Cooder, Al Stewart, Billy Bragg, Shirley Collins, Jim Moray, Fara, Daoirí Farrell, Afro Celt Sound System 2017 59 mins Ex D9521
2017-04-07 In Concert Against Aids: Oakland Stadium, Oakland, California Los Lobos, John Fogerty with Bobby Weir, Randy Jackson, Steve Jordan and Jerry Garcia, Grateful Dead, Joe Satriani 1989 74 mins Ex- D9505
2017-04-07 Bouton Rouge 6/18/67 Jimmy Cliff, Polnareff, VIP's, Herbert Leonard, Françoise Hardy, Johnny Hallyday, Troggs (60 mins+ live), Dave Dee Dozy, Cream 1967 165 mins Ex D9502
2017-04-07 Bilzen Jazz Festival Golden Earring, The Wild Angels, Black Sabbath, The Kinks, Arthur Conley 1970 25 mins Ex D9507
2017-04-07 Play It Loud: The Story of the Marshall Amp (BBC Documentary) Pete Townshend, Lemmy, Slash, Jim Marshall 2014 60 mins Ex D9510
2017-03-24 My Music: 70's Soul Superstars (Available on Blu Ray) Patti Labelle, Earl Young's Trammps, Heatwave, George McRae, Maxine Nightingale, The Manhattans, The Stylistics, McFadden & Whitehead, Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes, Bloodstone, The Emotions, Te Chi-Lites, The Commodores, Tavares, Yvonne Elliman, Sister Slegde 2003 89 mins Ex D9500
2017-03-23 My Music: My Yearbook 1960 - 1963 (Full archive clips, Available on Blu Ray) Bobby Vinton, Everly Brothers, Paul Anka, Mark Dinning, Ray Peterson, Percy Faith & His Orchestra, Jimmy Clanton, Patsy Cline, Rocky Nelson, Del Shannon, Brian Hyland, Neil Sedaka, Connie Francis, Nat King Cole, The Highwaymen, The Rooftop Singers, Andy Williams, Kyu Sakamoto, Shelley Fabres, Paul Peterson, The Singing Nun 2014 55 mins Ex D9499
2017-03-22 Twist (Documentary about history of teen dances of the 50's & early 60's with archival teen dance show footage, interviews with Chubby Checker, Hank Ballard, American Bandstand former dancers, Available on Blu Ray) (edited clips by) Chubby Checker, Hank Ballard, Big Joe Turner, The Flamingos, Frankie Avalon 1992 77 mins Ex D9497
2017-03-22 My Music: Sister Acts (Available on Blu Ray) Rosemary & Betty Clooney, The Andrews Sisters, The McGuire Sisters, The Boswell Sisters, The King Sisters, The Lennon Sisters 2015 50 mins Ex D9498
2017-03-20 My Music: Rock Rewind 1967 - 69 (Available on Blu Ray) The Supremes, The Grass Roots, Sonny & Cher, Judy Collins, Jefferson Airplane, Tommy James & The Shondells, The Rascals, Jeanie C. Riley, Dusty Springfield, Glen Campbell, Three Dog Night, Gary Puckett & The Union Gap, The Temptations, The Spiral Staircase, B.J. Thomas, The Fifth Dimension 2017 54 mins Ex D9496
2017-02-04 Smokey Robinson Special (rebroadcast) Smokey Robinson, The Miracles, The Supremes, The Temptations, Stevie Wonder, Sonny & Cher 1970 40 mins Ex D9464
2017-02-04 Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour (S4 E11, rebroadcast) Sonny & Cher, Wolfman Jack, Neil Sedaka, Paul Anka, Peter Noone and The Coasters 1973 42 mins Ex D9464
2017-02-04 Old Grey Whistle Test (75-12-2) Secret Oyster, Richard Digance, Paul Simon,Jackson Browne 1975 44 mins Ex D9465
2017-02-04 Old Grey Whistle Test (77-1-4 Timing Code on lower screen) Lone Star, Loudon Wainwright III, Andy Fairweather Low, Marvin Gaye, Roger Daltry, Sensational Alex Harvey Band 1973 35 mins Ex- D9465
2017-02-04 Old Grey Whistle Test (75-1-17) Little Feat, John Martyn, Robert Plant (Int.), Bachman Turner Overdrive, Ike & Tina Turner 1975 50 mins Ex D9466
2017-02-04 Old Grey Whistle Test (73-4-14) J.D. Souther, Birtha, archive Motown clips (Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson & The Miracles) 1973 43 mins Ex D9467
2017-02-04 Old Grey Whistle Test (73-6-19) Terry Reid, Del Shannon, Mike Oldfield, Strider, Pete Sinfield 1973 35 mins Ex D9667
2017-02-04 Old Grey Whistle Test (77-11-29) Tyla Gang, Don Mclean, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Steve Hillage 1977 45 mins Ex D9468
2017-02-04 Old Grey Whistle Test (78-2-7) The Adverts,Jim Capaldi, Styx, Dusty Springfield 1978 34 mins Ex- D9469
2017-02-04 Old Grey Whistle Test 2-20-79) Joe Jackson, Heart, Horslips, McGuin Clark Hillman 1979 40 mins Ex- D9469
2017-02-04 Old Grey Whistle Test (72-3-14 Timing Code top of screen) Paul Brett Sage, Al Stewart, Steve Miller 1972 42 mins Ex- D9470
2017-02-04 Old Grey Whistle Test (72-7-14 Performances from Montreux Jazz Festival) Chuck Berry, T Bone Walker, Bo Diddley 1972 32 mins Ex D9470
2017-02-04 Old Grey Whistle Test (72-12-5) Doobie Brothers, McKendrie Spring 1972 38 mins Ex D9470
2017-02-04 Old Grey Whistle Test (73-1-9) J Geils Band, Joan Armatrading, Barcaly James Harvest 1973 25 mins Ex D9471
2017-02-04 Old Grey Whistle Test (73-3-20) Humble Pie, Ry Cooder, Led Zeppelin (montage film) 1973 35 mins Ex D9471
2017-02-04 Old Grey Whistle Test (Ep 2:40 73-5-22 Nazareth, Del Shannon (Int), Camel (film), Harvey Andrews 1973 35 mins Ex D9471
2017-02-04 Old Grey Whistle Test (73-10-2) Country Gazette, Leo Kottke, Rolling Stones (Promos), Mick Jagger (int.) 1973 35 mins Ex D9472
2017-02-04 Old Grey Whistle Test (74-3-26) Alice Cooper, Sharks, Lindisfarne, Isotope 1974 37 mins Ex D9472
2017-02-04 Old Grey Whistle Test (74-5-8) Beckett, Graham Nash, Bill Wyman 1974 30 mins Ex D9473
2017-02-04 Old Grey Whistle Test (74-6-25) Heavy Metal Kids, Pete Atkin, Ian Hunter (Int.) 1974 38 mins Ex D9473
2017-02-04 Old Grey Whistle Test (75-4-4) Russ Ballard, Lori Leiberman, Rare Bird, Bad Company, Rick Wakeman (Int.) 1975 49 mins Ex D9474
2017-02-04 Old Grey Whistle Test (75-5-2 ep 4.30) Joe Walsh, Dr Hook, Joan Armatrading, Ginger Baker (Int.) 1975 49 mins Ex D9474, D10,103
2017-02-04 L' Invite Du Dimanche: Pop Power 2 (France TV) Blind Faith (Hyde Park, Ritchie Havens (Hyde Park), Jimi Hendrix (Atlanta Pop Festival), Chambers Brothers (Atlanta Pop Festival), Ten Years After (Atlanta Pop Festival) 1969 - 70 46 mins Ex D9475
2017-01-21 Austin City Limits Hall of Fame 2016 (Available on Blu Ray) Rodney Crowell, Kris Kristofferson, Willie Nelson, Mavis Staples, Bonnie Raitt, Taj Mahal, Billy Gibbons, Gary Clark Jr., Eve Monsees 2016 53 mins Ex D9456
2017-01-10 Transatlantic Sessions at Celtic Connections Nanci Griffith, Julie Fowlis, Dan Tyminski, Jerry Douglas, Eddi Reader, Kathy Mattea, Tim O'Brien, The Transatlantic Musicians 2009 63 mins Ex D9449
2017-01-10 Guy Clark's 70th Birthday Celebration (AUD Cam, Tripod, close, Available on Blu Ray Lyle Lovett, Shawn Colvin, Shawn Camp, James McMurtry, Joe Ely, Verlon Thompson, Terry Allen, The Trishas, Jerry Jeff Walker, Guy Clark, 2011 86 mins Ex D9450
2017-01-10 Kennedy Center Honors 2017 (Available on Blu Ray) James Taylor, Mavis Staples, The Eagles, Bonnie Raitt, Andra Day, Elle King, Darius Rucker, Sheryl Crow, Garth Brooks, Kings Of Leon, Juanes, Steve Vai, Steuart Smith, Vince Gill, Bob Seger, Stephen Colbert 2016 53 mins Ex D9451
2017-01-10 Popcorn (Peter Clifton directed Pop music film, OOP) The Grove, Johnny Farnham, Bee Gees, Rolling Stones, Otis Redding, Small Faces, Traffic, Spencer Davis Group,Eric Burdon & the Animals, Vanilla Fudge, Procol Harum, Sebastian Jorgenson, Jimi Hendrix, Joe Cocker, Russel Morris, 1969 79 mins Ex DVD
2017-01-10 Jools' 24th Annual Hootenanny (Available on Blu Ray) Jools Holland & His Rhythm & Blues Orchestra, Ruby Turner, Seasick Steve, Gregory Porter, Chaka Khan, Christine & the Queens, Rag & Bone Man, Roy Wood, Caravan Palace, ABC, Ub40, Imelda May, Al & Kaya Campbell 2016 142 mins Ex D9452
2016-12-31 My Music: Get Down Tonight; The Disco Explosion (Available on Blu Ray) K.C & the Sunshine Band, Norma Jean Wright & Luci Martin (Chic), A Taste of Honey, The Trammps, Leo Sayer, Heatwave, The Hues Corporation, Irene Cara, Frankie Valli, The Bee Gees, Yvonne Elliman, Tavares, Martha Wash, Donna Summer 2002 70 mins Ex D9447
2016-12-31 My Music: R & B 40; A Soul Spectacular (Available on Blu Ray) The Temptations, Sam Moore, Eddie Floyd, Little Anthony, Dionne Warwick, The Impressions, Fontella Bass, Percy Sledge, Ronnie Isley, The Chi-Lites, James Brown, The Miracles, Maxine Brown, Eddie Holman 2002 69 mins Ex D9448
2016-12-30 My Music: Rock, Rhythm, & Doo Wop (Available on Blu Ray) Little Richard, Kathy Young & The Innocents, The Rays, The Contours, The Duprees, The Reflections, Lou Christie, Little Anthony & The Imperials, Bobby Lewis, The Fleetwoods, The Earls, The Limelights, Jay & The Americans, Lloyd Price, The Chimes, The Casinos, The 5 Satins, Frankie Valli & ensemble (finale) 2001 70 mins Ex D9445
2016-12-17 Arena Blues Night (B.B. King Co-Hosts BBC special with Full Archive Clips, edited 2017 rebroadcast) Sonny Boy Williamson, T-Bone Walker, Booker White, Johnnie Lewis, Muddy Waters, Junior Wells & Buddy Guy, Blind John Davis, Mississippi Fred McDowell, Thomas Dorsey, Sonny Terry & Brownie McGee, Leadbelly, Big Bill Broonzy 1985 202 mins 2 discs Ex D4071
2016-12-17 Later With Jools (S49 E04, 10/04.2016< Available on Blu Ray) Twin Atlantic, James Vincent McMorrow, Madeleine Peyroux, Tom Chaplin, Tony Momrelle 2016 62 mins Ex D9429
2016-12-17 Later With Jools (S49 E05, 10/11/2016, Available on Blu Ray) The Pretenders, Samm Henshaw, Ray BLK, Empire of the Sun, Bad Company (Int) Loudon Wainwright III, Joanne Shaw Taylor [ 2016 62 mins Ex D
2016-12-17 Later With Jools (S49 E06, 10/18/2016. Available on Blu Ray) KT Tunstall, St. Paul and The Broken Bones, Teleman, Haley Bonar, The Temptations, Duke Fakir (The Four Tops) (interview & archive clip only), Let's Eat Grandma 2016 62 mins Ex D9431
2016-12-17 Later With Jools (S49 E07, 10/25/2016, Available on Blu Ray) Emeli Sandé, Wilco, Warpaint, Regina Spektor, MØ, Anoushka Shankar 2016 62 mins Ex D9432
2016-12-11 The Johnny Otis Show: Live at the Monterey Jazz Festival Johnny Otis, Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson, Linda Hopkins, Big Jay McNeely, Etta James, Shuggie Otis, Ernestine Anderson, Preston Love 1985 57 mins Ex- D4083
2016-11-23 ACL Presents Americana Music Festival, Ryman Auditorium, Nashville (ACL edited performance highlights of full awards show, Available on Blu Ray) The Lumineers, Dwight Yoakum, Margo Price, Bonnie Raitt, George Straitt, Jason Isbell, Allison Krauss, Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats, Emmylou Harris & Rodney Crowell, Bob Weir, William Bell, Parker Milsap, Steve Earle, Buddy Miller, Jim Lauderdale 2016 56 mins Ex D9410
2016-11-13 Sisters in Country (BBC Documentary/profile) Emmylou Harris, Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt 2016 58 mins Ex D9407
2016-11-11 Skyville Live, Nashville, TN (Available on Blu Ray) Dr John, Lucinda Williams, Bonnie Bishop, The Cadillac Three 2016 83 mins Ex D9399
2016-10-10 Deep City: The Birth of the Miami Sound (Documentary on 1960's Soul Label) Betty Wright, Willie J Clarke, Helene Smith Pearsall, William "Little Beaver" Hale 2016 55 mins Ex D9382
2016-10-10 Late Night & Morning Tv Compile #78 Bob Dylan - Late Show with David Letterman 5/20/2015, Neil Young - Colbert Report 5/27/2016, Dead & Co. - Jimmy Kimmel Live 5/11/2016, Graham Nash - Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon 5/10/2016, Lucinda Williams - Late Show with Stephen Colbert 4/16/2016, Bonnie Raitt - Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon 3/29/2016, New Order - Late Show with Stephen Colbert 3/15/2016, Esperanza Spalding - Late Show with Stephen Colbert 3/10/2016, Al Kooper - Greater Boston 9/16/2016, Peter Frampton - Conan 3/1/2016, Dion - Conan 2/24/2016, Mavis Staples - Late Show with Stephen Colbert 2/23/2016, Dead & Co. - Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon 2/15/2016. Hank Williams Jr - Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon 1/19/2016, Jeff Lynne - Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon 12/23/2015, Brian Setzer - Conan 12/17/2015, Nick Lowe - Conan 12/9/2015, Public Image Ltd - Late Show with Stephen Colbert 12/4/2015 2015 - 16 120 mins Ex D9384
2016-10-10 American Bandstand Compile #16 5 VH1 best of episodes) Johnny Taylor, John Travolta, Tavares, The Commodores, The Manhattans, Vicki Sue Robinson, Donna Summer 1976 125 mins Ex- D9385
2016-10-10 American Bandstand Compile #17 (5 VH1 Best of episodes) Donna Summer, John Travolta, The Spinners, The Four Tops, Rick Dees, Little River Band, Yvonne Elliman, The Commodores, Kenny Nolan 1977 125 mins Ex- D9386
2016-10-09 Skyville Live, Nashville ,TN (Available on Blu Ray) Emmylou Harris, Steve Earle, Margo Price, Buddy Miller, The Brothers Osborne and Colter Wall 2016 86 mins Ex D9376
2016-10-02 Various Compile #45 Ben E. King - Rock Influence (1986), Dave Edmunds - Rock Influence (1984), The Troggs - My Generation (1995), Nick Lowe - Late Show (UK, Int, 1990), Nick Lowe - Absolute Radio (int, 2011) 1984 - 2011 94 mins Ex/Ex- D8446
2016-10-01 Later With Jools (S49 E3, 09/27/2016, Available on Blu Ray) Barry Gibb, Norah Jones, Slaves / Declan McKenna, Lisa Hannigan 2016 61 mins Ex D9363
2016-10-01 Later With Jools (S49 E1, 09/13/2016, available in HD) Kings of Leon, Jack White, Sting, Banks / M83, Kandace Springs, Jimmy Page (int) 2016 61 mins Ex D9361
2016-10-01 Later With Jools (S49 E2, 09/20/2016, Available on Blu Ray) Madness, Jamie T, Beth Orton, Gallant, Rag'n'Bone Man, The Divine Comedy 2016 61 mins Ex D9362
2016-09-25 Pathe News Compile And the World Listened (1965), Beatles at the Palace (1965), Beatles Come To Town (1963), Beatles Conquer America (1964), Beatles Welcome Home (1964), Duke Meets Beatles (1964), Home of the Mersey Sound (1964), Rolling Stones Gather Moss (1964), Swinging Britain (1967), The Dave Clark Five Comes Home (1964) 1964 - 67 69 mins Ex D9339
2016-09-25 Rock "n" Roll Forever (OOP DVD) Tommy Steele Cliff Richard Billy Fury Eddie Cochran Ray Campi Matchbox Gene Vincent, Freddie Fingers Lee, Crazy Cavan & The Rhythm Rockers, Flying Saucers, Bill Haley 1980 91 mins Ex D9346
2016-09-25 Farm Aid 2006: Tweeter Center, Camden, N.J. Willie Nelson, John Mellencamp, Neil Young, Dave Matthews, Jerry Lee Lewis, Los Lonely Boys, Gov't Mule, Steve Earle and Allison Moorer, Steel Pulse, Shelby Lynne, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Pauline Reese, Danielle Evin 2006 147 mins (2 discs Ex D9352
2016-09-25 Farm Aid 2011: Livestrong Sporting Park, Kansas City, Kansas Willie Nelson, John Mellencamp, Neil Young, Dave Matthews, Jason Mraz, Jamey Johnson, Jakob Dylan, Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real, Will Dailey & the Rivals, Billy Joe Shaver, Robert Francis, Ray Price, Rebecca Pidgeon, Hearts of Darkness, John Trudell, The Blackwood Quartet (Willie, Neil, & John's sets available in HD) 2011 350 mins (3 discs Ex D9326
2016-09-25 Farm Aid 2012: Hersheypark Stadium, Hershey, Pennsylvania (Available on Blu Ray) Willie Nelson, John Mellencamp, Neil Young, Kenny Chesney, Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds, Jack Johnson, ALO, Pegi Young & The Survivors, Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real, Grace Potter & the Nocturnals, Dale Watson, Jamey Johnson. 2012 288 mins (3 discs Ex D9354
2016-09-25 Farm Aid 2013: Walnut Creek Amphitheater, Saratoga Springs, New York (Available on Blu Ray) Willie Nelson, Pete Seeger, John Mellencamp, Neil Young, Amos Lee, Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds, Jack Johnson, Jamey Johnson, Kacey Musgraves, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Sasha Dobson, Carlene Carter, Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real, Will Dailey, Bahamas, Pegi Young & The Survivors, Jesse Lenat, Insects vs Robots, The Blackwood Quartet 2013 387 mins (4 discs Ex D9355
2016-09-25 Farm Aid 2016: Jiffy Lube Live; Bristow, Virginia (Available on Blu Ray) Jamey Johnson, Sturgil Simpson, Dave Matthews, Dave Matthews, Neil Young, John Mellencamp, Willie Nelson 2016 304 mins (3 discs Ex D9356
2016-09-24 British Folk Artists Interviews Compile Ashley Hutchings - Bob Harris (2006), Bert Jansch - Dusty Wright Show (2011), Martin Carthy - Bright Young Folk (2013), Richard Thompson - BBC Int. (1984), Shirley Collins - reminiscing (2013) 1984 - 2013 91 mins Ex/Ex- D9332
2016-09-24 Memphis Soul (German Tv Special Rufus Thoms, Al Green, Bar Kays, Willy Mitchell, Con Funk Shon 1975 44 mins Vg+ D9337
2016-09-10 My Music: Summer, Surf & Beach Music We Love (PBS, Full length archive clips, hosted by Mike Love, Available on Blu Ray) The Beach Boys, Jan & Dean,Eddie Cochran, The Surfaries, The Ventures, The Mamas & the Papas, The Lovin' Spoonful, Mungo Jerry, Chad & Jeremy, The First Class, The Drifters, Frankie Avalon & Annette Funicello, Lesley Gore, John Travolta & Olivia Newton John, Brian Hyland, Dick Dale, The Beach Boys, Annette Funicello & The Beach Boys 2016 57 mins Ex D9325
2016-09-08 Farm Aid 2005 (Edited master) Kate Voegele, Los Lonely Boys, Shannon Brown, Supersuckers, Kathleen Edwards, Susan Tedeschi, Widespread Panic, Buddy Guy, Emmylou Harris, Dave Matthews, Wilco, Arlo Guthrie, John Mellencamp, Kenny Chesney, Neil Young, Willie Nelson 2005 172 mins (2 discs Ex D9324
2016-09-06 Later With Jools (S48 E5, 05/21/2016, Available on Blu Ray) Iggy Pop, Margo Price, Graham Nash, Blossoms, Protoje, Lou Doillon 2016 62 mins Ex D9320
2016-09-06 Later With Jools (S48 E6, 05/28/2016, Available on Blu Ray) The Last Shadow Puppets, Bonnie Raitt, Ballake Sissoko, Vincent Segal, NAO, Dinosaur Jr, Zucchero[2] 2016 62 mins Ex D9321
2016-09-06 Later With Jools (S48 E7, 06/04/2016, Available on Blu Ray) Tame Impala, Biffy Clyro, Michael Kiwanuka, Moon Hooch, James Blake, Lera Lynn 2016 62 mins Ex D9322
2016-09-05 Farm Aid 2004: White River Amphitheater, Auburn, Washington (Edited master) Kate Voegele, Blue Merle, Tegan & Sara, Trick Pony, Lucinda Williams, Dave Matthews, Jerry Lee Lewis, Steve Earle, John Mellencamp, Neil Young, Willie Nelson 2004 270 mins (2 discs Ex D9314
2016-09-04 Roots 92 (Norway Tv, Available on Blu Ray) Richard Thompson (3 songs + int), Nils Økland og Per Jørgensen, Husorkesteret, Hallvard Bjørgum, 1992 34 mins Ex D936
2016-09-04 Cornerstones of Rock: American Garage (PBS, available in HD) Ides of March, American Breed, Cryan Shames, Standells, Buckinghams, McCoys, New Colony Six, Shadows of Knight 2016 60 mins Ex D9308
2016-09-04 My Music: Starlight Ballroom (PBS, Available on Blu Ray) Johnny Mercer, Peggy Lee, The Mills Brothers, The Pied Pipers, Ozzie & Harriet Nelson & Orchestra, Perry Como, Teresa Brewer , Ray Anthony & orchestra, Mel Torme, Margert Whiting, The Ink Spots, Desi Arana & Orchestra, Doris Day with the Harry James Orchestra, Dick Haymes, Tony Pastor Orchestra with Rosemary & Betty Clooney, Count Basie Orchestra, Larry Clinton Orchestra with Bea Wain, Kay Starr, Lawrence Welk & Orchestra, Jo Stafford, Bob Crosby & the Bobcats, Dinah Shore, Tommy Dorsey Orchestra with Frank Sinatra & The Pied Pipers, Tex Beneke & Orchestra, Helen Forrest with Harry James Orchestra, Benny Goodman, Ella Fitzgerald with Duke Ellington & Orchestra 2016 73 mins Ex D9309
2016-09-04 My Music: Songbook Standards; As Time Goes By (PBS, Available on Blu Ray) Jack Jones, Judy Garland, Bing Crosby & Patti Page, Lena Horne, Johnny Mathis, Ella Fitzgerald, Perry Como, Nat King Cole, Julie London, Frank Sinatra, Peggy Lee, Vic Damone, Steve Lawrence, Louis Prima & Keely Smith, Eydie Gorme, Dinah Shore, Andy Williams, Louis Armstrong, Rosemary Clooney, Sammy Davis Jr, Jo Stafford 2016 70 mins Ex D9310
2016-09-04 My Music: Great Broadway Musical Moments from the Ed Sullivan Show (PBS, Available on Blu Ray) •From "Man Of La Mancha" - “The Impossible Dream” – Richard Kiley •From "Bye Bye Birdie" - “Put on a Happy Face” – Dick Van Dyke •From "George M!" - “Give My Regards to Broadway” – Joel Grey •From "Oklahoma!" - “Oklahoma” – John Raitt, Celeste Holm, Florence Henderson, Barbara Cook, Richard Collett •From "My Fair Lady" - “Wouldn’t It Be Loverly” – Julie Andrews •From "Camelot" - “What Do the Simple Folk Do” – Julie Andrews and Richard Burton •From "West Side Story" - “Tonight” – Larry Kert and Carol Lawrence •From "Sweet Charity" - “I’m a Brass Band” – Gwen Verdon •From "Annie Get Your Gun" - “Anything You Can Do” – Ethel Merman •From "Annie Get Your Gun" - “There’s No Business Like Show Business” – Ethel Merman 2016 70 mins Ex D9311
2016-09-04 Jazz 625 Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers, Oscar Peterson Trio, Thelonious Monk Quartet 1964 99 mins Ex D9312
2016-08-30 Chicago Blues Festival 1981 Part 1 & 2(incl orig commercials) Muddy Waters (appears on both parts), Buddy Guy & Junior Wells, Mighty Joe Young, Downchild Blues Band, Eddie Clearwater, Big Twist & the Mellow Fellows, Charlie Musselwhite, Johnny Winter 1981 143 mins (2 discs Ex- D9297
2016-08-29 Farm Aid 1999: Nissan Pavilion, Bristow , Virginia (Edited master) Susan Tedeschi, Keb' Mo', Deana Carter, Barenaked Ladies, Dave Matthews Band, John Mellencamp, Willie Nelson, Neil Young 1999 290 mins (3 discs Ex D9288
2016-08-29 Farm Aid I: Champagne, Illinois 1985 (full original broadcast) Alabama, Hoyt Axton, The Beach Boys, The Blasters, Bon Jovi, Glen Campbell, Johnny Cash, David Allan Coe, John Conlee, Charlie Daniels Band, John Denver, Bob Dylan, John Fogerty, Foreigner, Vince Gill, Arlo Guthrie, Sammy Hagar, Merle Haggard, Daryl Hall, Emmylou Harris, Don Henley, Waylon Jennings, Billy Joel, Randy Newman, George Jones, Rickie Lee Jones, B.B. King, Carole King, Kris Kristofferson, Huey Lewis, Loretta Lynn, Roger McGuinn, John Mellencamp, Roger Miller, Joni Mitchell, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Willie Nelson, Roy Orbison, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Charley Pride, Bonnie Raitt, Lou Reed, Kenny Rogers, Brian Setzer, Sissy Spacek, Tanya Tucker, Van Halen, Debra Winger, Neil Young, Dave Milsap, Joe Ely, Judy Rodman, X 1985 580 mins 5 discs) Ex- D9289
2016-08-29 Farm Aid II: Manor Downs Racetrack, Manor, Texas 1986 (Full original broadcast) Alabama, The Beach Boys, The Bellamy Brothers, The Blasters, Judy Collins, Rita Coolidge, Bob Dylan, Steve Earle, Joe Ely, Exile, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Emmylou Harris, Julio Iglesias, Rick James, Jason & the Scorchers, Waylon Jennings, George Jones, Bon Jovi, Nicolette Larson, Los Lobos, John Mellencamp, Vince Neil, Willie Nelson, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Steppenwolf, Taj Mahal, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Joe Walsh, Neil Young, X, The Unforgiven 1986 420 mins (4 discs Ex- D9290
2016-08-29 Underground Festival, Paris Renaissance, Canned Heat, Zoo, Taste, Family, Colosseum, Terry Reid, Keef Hartley Band, Martin Circus, Yes, 1970 113 mins Ex D9292
2016-08-18 Farm Aid VII; Louisiana Superdome, New Orleans, Louisiana 1994 (Edited master) John Conlee, Gin Blossoms, Spin Doctors, Deana Carter, Kris Kristoferson, David Alan Coe, Billy Joe Shaver, Neville Brothers, Titty Bingo, Willie Nelson, Neil Young & Crazy Horse 1994 321 mins (3 discs Ex D9283
2016-07-03 331/3 Revolutions Per Monkee Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger & the Trinity, Fats Domino, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Buddy Miles Express, Clara Ward Singers, Paul Arnold & the Moon Express, We Three, Monkees (Group performs with guests, Nesmith has solo song) 1969 52 mins Ex- D9245
2016-07-03 Psych Rock Cinema Disc 1: The Vagrants, A Band of Angels, Beau Brummel's, Graham Bond Organisation, The Zombies, Los Sinners, The Animals, The Fugs, Ravi Shankar, The Yardbirds, The Standells, The Chocolate Watchband, The Enemies, Clear Loght, Peter Cook, Lee Grant & the Capitols, Manfred Mann, Paul Jones, The Birds, The Mindbenders, Los Bravos, Arthur Brown, Katch 22, Gratweful Dead, Country Joe & The Fish, Quicksilver Messenger Service, The Seeds, Strawberry Alarm Clock, Spencer Davis Group, Moby Garpe, Jefferson Airplane, Mutants, (unknown Band), Can with Margaretta Juvan, The Pretty Things, Ralph & Stan Endersby Disc 2: Big Brother & the Holding Company, Freedom, Los Buenos, Shell Y Generacion, Forumla V, Henry Y Los Seven, Los Liberos, The End, Los Beta, Los Mitos, Los Angeles, Los Pop Tops, Spirit, The Comfortable Chair, The Litter, Comus, Forever More, Unknown Band, Murphy's Bend, Luke Zane, Birth Control, Amen Corner, Alice Cooper, Strawberry Alarm Clock, Pacific Gas & Electric, Wayne Cochran, Kaleidoscope, Country Joe & Fish, Canned Heat, Zachariah, Thunderclap Newman, Sir Douglas Quintet, Stoneground, Medusa, Harvey Andrews, Alan Price, Slade, Pretty Things, James Brown 1964 - 80 280 mins (2 discs Ex-/Vg+ DVD (B)
2016-07-01 Good Morning America: Compile #1 Suzanne Vega 1-26-93, Mick Jagger 2-9-93, Crowded House 5-5-93, Bonnie Raitt 3-23-94, Elton John & Billy Joel 7-15-94, Amy Grant 8-24-94, Edie Brickell 8-31-94, Robert Palmer 10-3-94, Graham Nash & David Crosby 8-12-94, David Crosby 1-25-95, The Mavericks 4-10-95, The Tractors 12-18-95, Jewel 2-12-96, Shania Twain 6-3-96, Kiss 8-1-96, BR5-49 3-7-97, Duncan Sheik 3-21-97, Jonny Lang 4-18-97 1993 - 97 104 mins Ex- D9223
2016-07-01 Good Morning America: Compile #2 John Fogerty 6-9-97, Freda Payne 6-13-97,Deana Carter 7-4-97, Art Garfunkel 8-8-97, Shawn Colvin 12-11-97, Amy Grant 6-19-98, Barenaked Ladies 7-6-98, Cowboy Junkies 7-6-98, Lucinda Williams 8-14-98, Pete Townshend 8-14-98, Tori Amos 9-3-99, Santana 9-24-99, 1997 - 99 115 mins Ex- D9224
2016-07-01 Good Morning America: Compile #3 Alanis Morrisette 12-17-99, Carly Simon 5-19-00, Leann Rimes 5-23-00, Ringo Starr 5-24\25-00, Issac Hayes 6-16-00, The Beach Boys 7-14-00, The B-52's 7-21-00, Bon Jovi 10-2-00, 1999 - 00 100 mins Ex- D9225
2016-07-01 Good Morning America: Compile #4 The Corrs 3-16-01, The Bee Gees 4-26/27-01, The Bangles 8-9-02, Carly Simon 12-19-02, Rosanne Cash 4-18-02, John Mellencamp 5-30-03, Santana 6-20-03, Pat Benatar 7-11-03, Michelle Branch 7-18-03, Ringo Starr 8-1-03 2001 - 03 122 mins Ex- D9226
2016-07-01 Good Morning America: Compile #5 Liz Phair 8-15-03, Sheryl Crow 12-25-03, John Fogerty 9-24-04, Billy Idol 4-15-05, U2 5-20-05, Ringo Starr 6-17-05, Avril Lavigne 8-26-05, Sheryl Crow 9-23-05, Blondie 3-25-06, Bruce Springsteen 4-24/25/-06 2003 - 06 116 mins Ex- D9227
2016-07-01 Good Morning America: Compile #6 Paul Simon 5-12-06, The Beach Boys 7-7-06, Martina McBride 12-18-06, Ringo Starr 8-27-07, Lenny Kravitz 2-6-08, Steve Winwood 5-2-08 2006 - 08 52 mins Ex D9228
2016-07-01 Fox After Breakfast: Compile Yes 10-29-06, Trisha Yearwood 3-7-97, Rosanne Cash 4-3-97, Deana Carter 4-14-97, Amanda Marshall 4-17-97, Ringo Starr 4-24-97, Shawn Colvin 5-1-97, Styx 5-9-97, The Bee Gees 5-19-97, Paula Cole 5-30-97, Paul Rogers 6-30-97, Buckwheat Zydeco 6-16-97, Ziggy Marley 8-6-97 1996 - 97 110 mins Ex D9229
2016-07-01 The View: Compile #1 Deana Carter 9-26-97, Amy Grant 10-97, The Tuesdays 6-1698, Edwin McCain 6-25-98, Ringo Starr 6-17-98, LeAnn Rimes 8-24-98, Shawn Colvin 11-18-98, Al Green 11-23-98, Burt Bacharach & Elvis Costello 12-398 1997 - 98 127 mins Ex- D9230
2016-07-01 The View:Compile #2 Jewel 12-16-98, Julian Lennon 2-19-99, Chris Isaak 3-8-99, Deana Carter 3-9-99, Amy Grant 3-11-99, Sheryl Crow 5-19-99, Faith Hill 5-2-99, Ann & Nancy Wilson 6-29-99, Mary Chapin Carpenter 10-12-99, Pat Benatar 11-10-99, Prince 12-17-99, Jewej 12-12-99, Amy Grant 2-2-00 1998 - 00 104 mins Ex- D9231
2016-07-01 The View: Compile #3 Jimmy Webb & Glen Campbell 5-16-00, Sinead O'Connor 6-13-00, Jewej 10-5-00, Rod Stewart 2-2-01, Kasey Chambers 3-1-01, Huey Lewis 8-3-01, Neil Diamond 8-401, Jewej 1-16-02, Alanis Morissette 3-21-02, Faith Hill 10-16-02 2000 - 02 108 mins Ex- D9232
2016-06-29 FestivGavla (Norway TV) Jens og Erik, Finn Kalvik, Lentil Hansen, Fairport Convention, Made In Sweden 1976 35 mins Ex D9220
2016-06-19 EMI: The Inside Story (short profiles of) Pink Floyd, Steve Harley, Queen, Sex Pistols, Kate Bush, Duran Duran, Pet Shop Boys, Nirvana, Blur (Int's with EMI exce's producers, staff) 2015 59 mins Ex D9185
2016-06-07 Lowell George Benefit Concert: L.A. Forum (Upgrade) Linda Ronstadt, Nicollette Larson, Emmylou Harris, Jackson Browne, Michael Mcdonald, Bill Payne, Paul Barrere 1979 47 mins Vg+ D820
2016-05-28 Dylan Fest: 75th Birthday Celebration at the Ryman Auditorium (2 nights, Available on Blu Ray) Cabin Down Below Band, Shelly Colvin, Holly Williams, Jonathan Tyler, Dhani Harrison, Brendon Branson, Bijou Philips & Danny Masterson & Eric Pulidio, Rayland Baxter, Nikki Lane, The Whigs, Karen elson, Moon Taxi, Cory Chisel & Adriel Denae, Ruby Manfu, City & Colour, Langhorn Slim, Wynonna Judd & the Big Noise, Tommy Emmanuel, Kurt Vile, John Paul White, Butch Walker, Boz Scaggs, Ann Wilson, Emmylou Harris,Kasey Musgraves, Jason Isbell, Brothers Osbourne 2016 376 mins 2 discs Ex D9175
2016-05-23 Woodsongs Asleep at the Wheel + Quebe Sisters 2015 56 mins Ex D9171
2016-05-22 Non-COMMvention, World Cafe Live, Philadelphia (Available on Blu Ray) Amos Lee, Shawn Colvin & Steve Earle, Sam Beam & Jessica Hoop, The Jayhawks, Bonnie Raitt, Mary Chapin-Carpenter, Billy Bragg & Joe Henry, Corrine Bailey Rae 2016 201 mins 2 discs Ex D9157
2016-05-22 Molde Jazz Festival, Norway James Booker, Piano Red 1978 39 mins Ex D9161
2016-05-22 Smokey Robinson & the Miracles, Stevie Wonder, The Marvelettes Teen Town: The Motown Story 1965 58 mins Vg+ D9166
2016-05-17 Sings Prince The Artist (Prince) 1997, Bangles 86, Chaka Khan 1984, Sinead O'Connor 1990, Muse 2012, Alicia Keys 2002, Tom Jones 1988, Gregory Porter 2016 2016 28 mins Ex D9156
2016-05-15 New Orleans Jazz Festival 2016 Vol. 1 (Available on Blu Ray) Andres Osborne, Better Then Ezra, Brandi Carlile, Buckwheat Zydeco, Cowboy Mouth 2016 122 mins Ex D9132
2016-05-15 New Orleans Jazz Festival 2016 Vol. 2 (Available on Blu Ray) Elle King, Elvis Costello, Galactic, Grace Potter, Janelle Monaé, Nathaniel Rateliff, Tab Benoit, The Revivalists 2016 124 mins Ex D9133
2016-05-15 The Hippie Temptation (News Special on the Haight Ashbury District during the summer of Love) Canned Heat, Grateful Dead (Int's & background live footage) 1967 50 mins Ex D9145
2016-05-15 Later With Jools (S48 E01, 04/19/2016, Available on Blu Ray) Laura Mvula , The Coral , Jason Isbell, Lake Street Dive, Paul Simon, MC Kano 2016 62 mins Ex D9149
2016-05-15 Later With Jools (S48 E02, 04/26/2016, Available on Blu Ray) Gregory Porter , Field Music, Son Little, Mumford & Sons with Baaba Maal, The Very Best & Beatenberg, Christine & The Queens , Sam L 2016 62 mins Ex D9150
2016-05-15 Later With Jools (S48 E03, 05/03/2016, Available on Blu Ray) Underworld , The Lumineers, Savages, Marlon Williams, Beverly Knight, Rationale 2016 62 mins Ex D9152
2016-05-15 Later With Jools (S48 E04), 5/10/2016, Available on Blu Ray) Elton John, Bloc Party, Spring King, Corinne Bailey Rae, Basia Bulat, Kronos Quartet 2016 62 mins Ex D9153
2016-05-15 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony 2016 (Available on Blu Ray) David Byrne & Chendra & The Roots Tribute to David Bowie, Deep Purple, Steve Miller, Eagles with Jackson Browne, Grace Potter & Sheryl Crow Eagles Tribute, Chicago, Cheap Trick, Prince with Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers (archive clip) 2016 156 mins 2 discs Ex D9154
2016-04-24 Music City Roots (Available on Blu Ray) Walter Trout, Andy Ferrel, Luke Bell, Mountain Heart 2016 159 mins Ex D9126
2016-04-24 Music City Roots (Available on Blu Ray) Shemekia Copeland, Joel Rafael, Whitehorse (Luke Doucet & Melissa McClelland) , The Mavericks 2015 167 mins Ex D9127
2016-04-24 My Music: 60's & 70's Slow Songs (Available on Blu Ray) Andy Williams, Dusty Springfield, Paul Mauriat, The 5th Dimension, Engelbert Humperdinck, Neil Sedaka, Robert John, John Denver, Kenny Rogers, Anne Murray, Looking Glass, Dolly Parton, Charlie Rich, Rupert Holmes, Harry Chapin, Climax 2015 54 mins Ex D9128
2016-04-20 Colorado Music Hall Of Fame Induction Concert for the Class of 2014: Live at the Paramount Theater, Denver (Available on Blu Ray) Firefall, Manassas, Poco, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band 2016 106 mins Ex D9125
2016-04-16 Essen Pop & Blues Festival 1969 (Upgrade now available in HD) Warm Dust, Taste, Deep Purple, Keef Hartley, The Nice, Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation, Fleetwood Mac, Pink Floyd 1969 90 mins Ex D9107
2016-04-16 Essen Pop & Blues Festival 1970 (Available on Blu Ray) Organisation Ralf Hütter, Taj Mahal, Burning Red Ivanhoe, Keef Hartley Band, Third Ear Band, Hardin & York 1970 131 mins (2 discs Ex D9108
2016-04-16 Juke Box Jury (with Johnny Rotten, Elaine Page, Alan Freeman, Joan Collins on Panel) (Reviewing records by) Showaddywaddy, Donna Summer, ABBA, Adrian Munsey, Siouxsie & the Banshees, Monks, Domenic Triano, 1979 30 mins Vg D9112
2016-04-16 My Music: This Land Is Your Land Judy Collins, The Smothers Brothers, Kingston Trio, Barry McGuire, Brothers Four, Glen Yarbourgh , The Highway Men, Roger McGuinn, Randy Sparks & the Minstrels, The Limeliters, Available in HD 2002 54 mins Ex D9118
2016-03-27 Jazz Masters From SWR's Jaochim-Ernst Behrendt Archive Louis Armstrong (63), Thelonious Monk (63), Baden Powell (67), Miles Davis (68), Duke Ellington (62), Dave Brubeck (67), Carmen McRae & Clarke-Boland Big Band (69), Albert Mangelsdorff (64), George Lewis New Orleans Jazzband (59), Cannonball Adderly (63) 1959 - 69 41 mins Ex D9097
2016-03-24 Porter Wagoner Show Compile #21: Bob Luman, Linda Moore, Brenda Kaye Perry, Linda Nail, Cathy Heider (3 episodes) 1970 - 80 70 mins Ex D9083
2016-03-24 Porter Wagoner Show Compile #22: Cynthia Peay, David Wills, Dottsy (3 episodes) 1978 - 81 70 mins Ex D9084
2016-03-24 Porter Wagoner Show Compile #23 Hinsons, Jeanne C. Riley, Jim & Jessie (3 episodes) 1974 - 80 70 mins Ex D9085
2016-03-24 Porter Wagoner Show Compile #24: Jim Ed Brown, Helen Cornelius, Joe Simon, Kenny Roberts (3 episodes) 1974 - 81 70 mins Ex D9086
2016-03-24 Porter Wagoner Show Compile #25: Linda Nail, Lois Johnson, Mary Lou Turner (3 episodes) 1977 - 81 70 mins Ex D9087
2016-03-24 Porter Wagoner Show Compile #26: Pete Stamper, Randy Barlow, Ronnie McDowell (3 episodes) 1969 - 81 70 mins Ex D9088
2016-03-24 Porter Wagoner Show Compile #27: Skeeter Davis, Stephanie Winslow, T.G. Shepard (3 episodes) 1978 - 81 70 mins Ex D9089
2016-03-24 Porter Wagoner Show Compile #28: Tex Walker, Tommy Overstreet, Wendy Holcomb (3 episodes) 1978 - 80 70 mins Ex D9090
2016-03-24 My Music: Favorite Love Songs (PBS, Available on Blu Ray) Kenny Rogers, Olivia Newton-John, The Hollies, Diana Ross, Engelbert Humperdink, Helen Reddy, Bread, Anne Murray, Henry Mancini, Dionne Warwick, Captain & Tennille, Elton Jon, Chicago, Willie Nelson, Morris Albert 2016 60 mins Ex D9091
2016-03-17 Pop! Goes the Country Compile#24: Dickie Lee, The Kendell's, Don Williams, Barbara Mandrell, Gail Davies, Bill Anderson (3 episodes) 1974 - 80 70 mins Ex D9075
2016-03-17 Pop! Goes the Country Compile #25: Hank Williams Jr, Stephanie Winslow, Hoyt Axton, Danny Davis, Rex Allen (3 episodes) 1974 - 80 70 mins Ex D9076
2016-03-17 Pop! Goes the Country Compile #26: Jeanne C. Riley, Mountain Smoke, Jimmy Dean, The Kendells, Johnny Rodriguez, Connie Cato (3 episodes) 1974 - 80 70 mins Ex D9077
2016-03-17 Pop! Goes the Country Compile #27: Johnny Rodriguez, Gene Watson, Keiran Kane, Boots Randolph, Lynn Anderson, Burrito Brothers (3 episodes) 1974 - 80 70 mins Ex D9078
2016-03-17 Pop! Goes the Country Compile #28: Marty Robbins, Jody Miller, Rex Allen, Jeanie Pruitt, Roy Acuff (3 episodes) 1974 - 80 70 mins Ex D9078
2016-03-17 Pop! Goes the Country Compile #29: Statler Brothers, Susan Raye, Wendy Holcombe, Wayne Massey (2 episodes) 1974 - 80 50 mins Ex D9079
2016-03-15 Pop! Goes the Country Compile#22: Chet Atkins, Cindy Hurt, Conway Twitty, Billie Jo Spears, C.W. McCall, Darlene Austin, Randy Hamilton (3 episodes) 1974 -80 70 mins Ex D9072
2016-03-15 Pop! Goes the Country Compile #23: David Frizzell, Shelly West, Del Reeves, Geezenslaws, Dick Feller, Charity Lane 1974 - 80 70 mins Ex D9073
2016-03-14 Tiny Desk Concerts Vol. 3 (Available on Blu Ray) Adele, Billy Bragg, Brandi Carlile, Natalie Merchant, Lucinda Williams, Gillian Welch & David Rawlings, 2014 - 16 120 mins Ex D9070
2016-03-14 Pop! Goes the Country Compile #21: Billy "Crash" Craddock, Karen Wheeler, Burrito Brothers, Connie Cato, Chet Atkins, Bobby Bare (3 Episodes) 1974- 81 70 mins Ex D9071
2016-03-13 In Performance at the White House: A Tribute To Ray Charles (Available on Blu Ray) Andra Day and Anthony Hamilton, Brittany Howard, Demi Lovato, Yolanda Adams, Usher, The Band Perry, Jesse Smullett, Leon Bridges, Sam Moore 2016 55 mins Ex D9053
2016-03-12 My Music: 60's Girl Grooves (3 episode Pledge Gift DVD with 18 non broadcast songs) The Angels, The Marvelettes, Little Peggy March, Martha & the Vandellas, The Shirelles, The Shangri-Las, The Crystals, Dusty Springfield, The Toys, The Supremes, Lesley Gore, The Dixie Cups, Evie Sands, Petula Clark, The Exciters, Little Eva, Dee Dee Sharp, Mary Wells, Barbara Lynn, Jackie DeShannon, Shelly Fabares, Skeeter Davis, Fontella Bass, The Ronettes, Aretha Franklin, Patty Duke, Cher, Barbara Lewis, The Blossoms, Carla Thomas, Betty Everett, The Ikettes, The Velvelettes, Diane Renay, The Rpyalettes 2013 120 mins Ex D9051
2016-02-21 Marty Stuart Show Compile #42: Stonewall Jackson (04/27/2013), Jon Conlee (06/22/2013), Merle Haggard (06/09/2013) (Webcast Capture, slightly lower resolution, 3 episodes) (due to my error there is no comp #41 for the moment) 2013 75 mins Ex D9030
2016-02-21 Marty Stuart Show Compile #43: Ellis Theatre Special (08/31/2013), J.D. Crowe (01/11/2013), Tennessee Mafia Jug Band (01/24/2014) (Webcast Capture, slightly lower Resolution, 3 episodes) 2013 75 mins Ex D9031
2016-02-21 Marty Stuart Show Compile #44: Melba Montgomery (02/21/2014), Leon Russell (03/08/2014), Wayne Moss (03/29/2014) (Webcast Capture, slightly lower resolution, 3 episodes) 2014 75 mins Ex D9032
2016-02-21 Marty Stuart Show Compile #45: Gatlin Brothers (04/05/2014), Lorrie Morgan (04/12/2014), Jim Glaser (04/19/2014) (Webcast Capture, slightly lower resolution, 3 episodes) 2014 75 mins Ex D9033
2016-02-21 Marty Stuart Show Compile #46: Crystal Gayle (04/26/2014), Tim O'Brien (05/03/2014), Sam Moore (05/10/2014) (Webcast Capture, lower resolution, 3 episodes) 2014 75 mins Ex D9034
2016-02-21 Marty Stuart Show Compile#47: Hank Williams III (05/17/2014), Charlie Pride (05/27/2014), Jesse McReynolds (05/31/2014) (Webcast Capture, slightly lower resolution, 3 episodes) 2014 75 mins Ex D9035
2016-02-21 Marty Stuart Show Compile #48: Bobby Braddock (06/07/2014), Vince Gill (06/14/2014), Brandy Clark (06/21/2014) (Webcast Capture, slightly lower resolution, 3 episodes) 2014 75 mins Ex D9036
2016-02-21 Marty Stuart Show Compile #49: Roger McGuinn (06/28/2014), Johnny Cash Tribute (07/05/2014) (Webcast Capture, slightly lower resolution, 2 episodes) 2014 50 mins Ex D9037
2016-02-20 Grammy Awards: 58th Annual (Available on Blu Ray) Taylor Swift, Sam Hunt, Carrie Underwood, Adele, Ellie Goulding, The Weekend, Andra Day, Linonel Richie Tribute (John Legend, Demi Lovato, Luke Bryan, Meghan Trainor, Tyrese Gibson, Lionel Richie, Little Big Town, Stevie Wonder (Maurice White Earth Wind & Fire Tribute), Pentatonix, Eagles & Jackson Browne, Tori Kelly, James Bay, Cast of Hamiliton, Kendrick Lamar, Miguel, Greg Phillinganes, Justin Bieber, Diplo, Skrillex, Lady Gaga, Nile Rodgers, B.B. King Tribute (Chris Stapleton, Gary Clark Jr., Bonnie Raitt, Alabama Shakes, Hollywood Vampires, Joey Alexander, Pitbull Sofía Vergara, Robin Thicke, Travis Barker, Joe Perry 2016 152 mins Ex D9007
2016-02-20 Nuggets Vol. 1 US NUGGETS I: 1. ELECTRIC PRUNES I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night (Bouton Rouge 12-67) 2. BEAU BRUMMELS Laugh Laugh (Hollywood A Gogo 1-66) 3. CASTAWAYS Liar, Liar (It’s A Bikini World 4-67) 4. MUSIC MACHINE The Eagle Never Hunts the Fly (Shebang 6-67) 5. THE BLUES MAGOOS Tobacco Road (Kraft Music Hall 11-67) 6. THE CAVEMEN Mustang Sally (Mike Douglas Show 1-67) 7. THE COUNT FIVE Psychotic Reaction (American Bandstand 11-66) 8. BOBBY FULLER FOUR I Fought The Law (Hullabaloo 3-66) 9. TONY AND THE BANDITS It's a Bit of All Right (Shindig 11-65) 10. THE HI-5 Did You Have To Rub It In? (Ive Got A Secret 3-66) 11. THE LEAVES Hey Joe (American Bandstand 7-66) 12. ? MARK & THE MYSTERIANS Girl You Captivate Me (American Bandstand 6-67) 13. THE AMERICAN BREED Any Way You Want Me (American Bandstand 8-68) 14. THE ASSOCIATION Requiem For The Masses (Murray The K 9-67) 15. THE SPLIT ENDS Rich With Nothin’ (Happening 68 3-68) 16. 13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS You’re Gonna Miss Me (Where The Action Is 9-66) 17. CAPTAIN BEEFHEART Who Do You Think You’re Foolin’ (Where The Action Is 7-66) 18. SHADOWS OF KNIGHT Shake (Upbeat 9-68) 19. SIR DOUGLAS QUINTET She’s About A Mover (Shindig 7-65) 20. THE TURTLES Can I Get To Know You Better (Hollywood Palace 12-66) 21. LOVE My Little Red Book (American Bandstand 6-66) 22. THE SEEDS Can’t Seem To Make You Mind (American Bandstand 5-67) 23. FIVE AMERICANS Western Union (Steve Allen Show 4-68) 24. THE MUSIC EXPLOSION Little Bit Of Soul (American Bandstand 2-68) 25. THE McCOYS Hang On Sloopy (American Bandstand 8-68) 26. THE MONKS Boys Are Boys And Girls Are Choice (Beat Club 7-66) 27. STANDELLES Dirty Water (Mike Douglas Show 5-66) 28. THE MOJO MEN Sit Down I Think I Love You (American Bandstand 2-67) 29. JAY & THE AMERICANS Only In America (Mod Mod World 6-66) 30. GARY & THE HORNETS Money (Mike Douglas Show 11-66) 31. DAVE CLARK FIVE You Got What It Takes (Beat Club 5-67) 32. AMBOY DUKES Flight Of The Bird (Ray Anthony Show 68) 33. PAUL REVERIE & THE RAIDERS Too Much Talk (Promo 68) 34. QUICKSILVER MESSENGER SERVICE Dino’s Song (Monterey Pop Festival 6-67) 35. SAM SHAM & THE PHARAOHS Ring Dang Doo (Vient De Paraitre 1-66) 36. THE GENTRYS Keep On Dancing (Shindig 11-65) (various generation VHS clips) 1965 - 68 90 mins Ex-/Vg+/Vg- D9009
2016-02-20 Nuggets Vol. 2 US NUGGETS II: 1. THE BLUES MAGOOS We Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet (Where The Action Is 12-66) 2. VEJTABLES I Still Love You (American Bandstand 10-65) 3. THE STRANGELOVES I Want Candy (Shindig 11-65) 4. THEE MIDNITERS Love Special Delivery (Shebang 66) 5. THE REMAINS Let Me Through (Ed Sullivan Show, 12-65) 6. BEAU BRUMMELS Don’t Talk To Strangers (Lloyd Thaxton Show 65) 7. LITTLE BOY BLUES I Can Only Give You Everything (Where The Action Is 3-67) 8. BLUE CHEER Feathers From Your Tree (San Francisco 68) 9. AMBOY DUKES You Talk Sunshine, I Breathe Fire (Hy Lit 10-68) 10. STRAWBERRY ALARM CLOCK Incense And Peppermints (American Bandstand 9-67) 11. ZAKARY THAKS 3/5 Of A Mile (Promo 67) 12. SINNERS Watusi (Hollywood A GoGo 6-65) 13. PAUL REVERE & THE RAIDERS Kicks (Hullabaloo 2-66) 14. NEW COLONY SIX I Lie Awake (Kiddie A GoGo 66) 15. MOANIN’ GLORIES She Took The Rain Out Of My Mind (Kake-TV 67) 16. DAVE CLARK 5 Catch Us If You Can (Shindig 9-65) 17. KNICKERBOCKERS Just One Girl (Where The Action Is 66) 18. STANDELLS Hey Joe (Mike Douglas Show 5-66) *missing chapter mark* 19. BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD Mr. Soul (Go! 4-67) 20. EVERY MOTHERS SON Come On Down To My Boat Baby (Mike Douglas Show 5-67) 21. BOYCE & HART I Wonder What She’s Doing Tonight (Happening 11-68) 22. TOMMY JAMES & THE SHONDELLS Mony Mony (Promo 68) 23. AMERICAN BREED Keep The Faith (Showcase ’68 7-68) 24. CAPTAIN BEEFHEART Sure ‘Nuff N Yes I DO (Bouton Rouge 1-68) 25. KINGSMEN Louie Louie (Hollywood A Gogo 65) 26. MUSIC MACHINE Talk Talk (Boss City 66) 27. BOX TOPS The Letter (Village Square 67) 28. MITCH RYDER & DETROIT WHEELS Jenny Take A Ride (Swingtime 66) 29. LOLLIPOP SHOPPE Who’s It Gonna Be (Angels From Hell 68) 30. GRASS ROOTS Things I Should Have Said (American Bandstand 9-67) 31. HARD TIMES Hazy Shade Of Winter (Where The Action Is 12-66) 32. CHARLATANS Cannonball (Promo 66) 33. SOPWITH CAMEL Hello Hello (Where The Action Is 3-67) 34. WAYNE WADHAMS & THE D MEN I Just Don’t Care (Hullabaloo 3-65) 35. MOBY GRAPE Omaha (Mike Douglas Show 1-68) 36. ROYAL GUARDSMEN Snoopy Vs. The Red Baron (Mike Douglas Show 11-67) 37. SPIRIT I Got A Line On You (Promo 12-68) 38. THE FIRST EDITION Just Dropped In (Ed Sullivan Show 3-68) 39. SAM THE SHAM & THE PHARAOHS Ju Ju Hand (Shivaree 7-65) (Various Generation VHS clips) 1965 - 68 120 mins Vg/Vg- D9010
2016-02-20 Nuggets Vol. 3 WORLD NUGGETS: 1. THE MOTIONS Tonight Will Be Stones (VJOEW, 10-67) 2. ALAN BOWN SET The Killing Game (Dim Dam Dom, 5-67) 3. THE TROGGS I Can’t Control Myself (Discorama, 12-66) 4. THE YARDBIRDS Shapes Of Things (Midi Varietes, 4-66) 5. THE KINETIC Suddenly Tomorrow (Discorama, 4-67) 6. Q65 The Life I Live (Promo, 6-66) 7. THE STATUS QUO Ice In The Sun (Tienerklanken, 12-68) 8. LOS BRAVOS Going Nowhere (Palmares de Chansons, 12-66) 9. EPISODE SIX Morning Dew (Beat Beat Beat, 9-67) 10. LOVE SCULPTURE Sabre Dance (Hits A Go Go, 2-69) 11. THE EQUALS Baby Come Back (Zond De Vrt Dit Uit, 1-68) 12. THE ACTION I’ll Keep Holding On (Where The Action Is, 1-66) 13. THE OUTSIDERS Lying All The Time (Dutch TV, 11-66) 14. THE MINDBENDERS Land Of A Thousand Dances (Beat Beat Beat, 5-66) 15. LIFE Baby Please Don’t Go (Bilzen Festival, 8-69) 16. THE SMALL FACES All Or Nothing (My Generation, 10-66) 17. BLOSSOM TOES The Remarkable Saga Of The Frozen Dog (Bouton Rouge, 2-68) 18. OS MUTANTES Bat Macumba (Forum Musiques, 3-69) 19. THE LATCH All Night Girl (Beat Club, 6-67) 20. THE CREATION Painter Man (Beat Beat Beat 6-67) 21. THE EASYBEATS Pretty Girl (A Tous Vents, 3-67) 22. THE GRAPEFRUIT Dear Delilah (Gogoscope, (1-70) 23. GROUP 1850 Mother No Head (VJOEW, 12-67) 24. JEFF BECK Tallyman (Popside, 2-68) 25. THE MOODY BLUES I Really Haven’t Got The Time (Soiree Du Revillon, 12-66) 26. TIMEBOX Beggin’ (Bouton Rouge, 3-68) 27. THEM Mystic Eyes (Music Hall De France, 10-65) 28. THE BEATLES We Can Work It Out (French TV, 12-66) 29. THE TEE SET Tea Is Famous (VJOEW, 12-67) 30. THE PRETTY THINGS Midnight To Six Man (A Whole Scene Going, 1-66) 31. THE BIRDS That's All I Need (The Deadly Bees 66) (Mainly vault masters) 1965 - 68 91 mins Ex/Ex- D9011
2016-02-20 Nuggets Vol. 4 MORE WORLD NUGGETS: 1. THEM Gloria (Douches Ecossais 1-66) 2. THE LORDS Don’t Mince Matter (Beat Beat Beat 12-66) 3. THE INGOES Jump Back (Music Hall De France 12-66) 4. THE ESCORTS From Head To Toe (Beat Club 5-67) 5. THE SMOKE My Friend Jack (Beat Beat Beat 9-67) 6. THE KINKS Last Of The Steam Powered Trains (Julie Felix Show 2-69) 7. THE EXCEPTION The Eagle Flies On Saturday (Beat Club 6-67) 8. THE MOVE Watch Your Step (VJOEW 12-66) 9. DAVE DEE, DOZY, BEAKY, MICK & TICH Save Me (Vibrato 2-67) 10. KALEIDOSCOPE Flight From Ashiya (Le Petit Dimanche 10-67) 11. LOVE AFFAIR Rainbow Valley (Moef Ga Ga 4-68) 12. KOOBAS Face (A Tous Vent 1-67) 13. THE WARRIORS Mr. Nobody Nothing (Beat Beat Beat 6-67) 14. THE ANIMALS Don’t Bring Me Down (Ed Sullivan Show 4-66) 15. THE MINDBENDERS Game Of Love (Hullabaloo 3-65) 16. IAN & THE ZODIACS Why Can’t It Be Me (Beat Club, 2-66) 17. THE PRETTY THINGS Reincarnation (Paris Pop Fest 4-67) 18. CREAM I Feel Free (Paris Pop Fest 4-67) 19. THE HOLLIES I’m Alive (Rooster 1-66) 20. THE YARDBIRDS Happening Ten Years Time Ago (Milton Berle Show 12-66) 21. THE IMAGE Red Rubber Ball (Beat Club, 7-66) 22. THE JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE Hey Joe (Drop In 3-67) 23. THE HERD I Can Fly (Beat Club 7-67) 24. THE SMALL FACES Here Come The Nice (Le Petit Dimanche 10-67) 25. RO-D-Y’S Just Fancy (VJOEW 11-67) 26. BRIAN AUGER, JULIE DRISCOLL & TRINITY A Kind Of Love-In (Frost On Sunday 8-68) 27. MARMALADE I See The Rain (Twien 12-67) 28. SHARON TANDY Piece Of My Heart (Bouton Rouge 4-68) 29. CUBY & THE BLIZZARDS Don't Know Which Way To Go (Tienerklanken 10-68) 30. DEAD SEA FRUIT Seeds Of Discontent (Le Petit Dimanche 11-67) (Mainly Vault Masters) 1966 - 68 91 mins Ex D9012
2016-02-20 Nuggets Vol. 5 VOLUME 5: EXTRA NUGGETS 1. STRAWBERRY ALARM CLOCK Tomorrow (Steve Allen Show 68) 2. MOANIN’ GLORIES You Better Watch Out For That Girl (Kake-TV 67) 3. PEOPLE I Love You (Promo 68) 4. SINNERS Steppin’ Out (Hollywood A GoGo 6-65) 5. RUNNING JUMPING STANDING STILL Diddy Wah Diddy (Go! 66) 6. ROCKIN' RAMRODS Don’t Fool With Fu-Manchu (Disk-O-Tek Holiday 6-66) 7. KNICKERBOCKERS Lies (Shindig 1-66) 8. GREAT SCOTS Rockin’ Robin (Shindig 8-65) 9. HONDELLS Little Honda (10-64) 10. THE KINGSMEN The Climb (Shindig 6-65) 11. GARY LEWIS & THE PLAYBOYS Sure Gonna Miss Her (Ed Sullivan Show 2-66) 12. THE McCOYS I Can’t Explain It (Hollywood A Gogo 9-65) 13. VAGRANTS Oh Those Eyes (Disk-O-Tek Holiday 6-66) 14. WE FIVE You Were On My Mind (Hollywood Palace 10-65) 15. THE BYRDS It Won’t Be Wrong (Where The Action Is 2-66) 16. BEES Leave Me Be (Hollywood A Gogo 9-65) 17. 13th FLOOR ELEVATORS You’re Gonna Miss Me (American Bandstand 10-66) 18. BRAM RIGG SET I Can Only Give You Everything (Promo 5-67) 19. AMERICAN BREED Ready Willing and Able (Scopitone 4-68) 20. PALACE GUARD Falling Sugar (Where The Action Is 2-67) 21. SAM SHAM & THE PHARAOHS Ring Dang Doo (Hollywood A Gogo 11-65) 22. THE ASSOCIATION One Too Many Mornings (Hollywood A Gogo 12-65) 23. MAGICIANS You’re So Fine (Promo 66) 24. JB & THE PLAYBOYS Leave My Woman Alone (Playgirl Killer 67) 25. CHOCOLATE WATCHBAND Are You Gonna Be There (The Love-Ins 68) 26. ELECTRIC PRUNES The Great Banana Hoax (Di Dam Dom 1-68) 27. BLUE CHEER Summertime Blues (American Bandstand 2-68) 28. MUSIC MACHINE Astrologically Incompatible (Shebang 67) 29. PAUL REVERE & THE RAIDERS Let Me (Happening 5-69) 30. YELLOW BALLOON Yellow Balloon (Shebang 3-67) 31. EVERY MOTHERS SON Put Your Mind At Ease (Hollywood Palace 4-68) 33. DRUIDS OF STONHENGE Mumsy (Joe Franklin Show 68) 34. BOX TOPS Turn On The Dream (Mike Douglas Show 12-69) 35. NAZZ Not Wrong Long (Happening 68 4-69) 1965 - 68 91 mins Vg/Vg- D9013
2016-02-20 Hits a Go-Go (Digital Rebroadcast) 69/2/29: The Marbles, Love Sculpture, Manfred Mann (film), Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66 1969 43 mins Ex D9015
2016-02-20 Hits a Go-Go (Digital Rebroadcast) 69/11/12: David Bowie, The Nice, Fleetwood Mac (TOTP clip) 1969 50 mins Ex D9016
2016-02-20 Hits a Go-Go 70/3/11: Andy Kim, Badfinger, Steam, Dave Clark Five, Juicy Lucy 1970 52 mins Ex- D9017
2016-02-20 Hits a Go-Go (Digital Rebroadcast) 70/5/6: /Roberta Flack, Ashton,Gardner and Dyke, RB Greaves, King Crimson (TOTP "Cat Food" clip), the Who (TOTP "The Seeker" clip) 1970 49 mins Ex D9018
2016-02-20 Hits a Go-Go (Digital Rebroadcast) 70/6/17: Elton John, Les Humphries Singers, Jethro Tull 1970 51 mins Ex D9019
2016-02-20 Hits a Go-Go 73/2/1: Raspberries, Mike D'Abo, Jimmy Ruffin 1973 45 mins Ex- D9020
2016-02-20 Hits a Go-Go 72/5/25: Argent, Johnny Nash, Marmalade 1972 44 mins Ex D9021
2016-02-20 Touse En scene %/19/69 Melanie, Manfred Mann (+ French artists & Variety acts) 1969 70 mins Ex D9022
2016-02-20 Old Grey Whistle Test (79-5-22) Scorpions, Tubeway Army, U.K. (film), Sky (film), Vangelis (film) 1979 39 mins Ex D9023
2016-02-20 Ohne Filter Extra Malaco Blues Revue, Latimore, Denise LaSalle, Little Milton 1993 56 mins Ex- D9025
2016-02-20 Kings of Soul at the BBC Brenton Wood, Temptations, Billy Preston, Curtis Mayfield, Dobie Gray, Bill Withers, Commodores, Billy Ocean, James Ingram, Freddie Jackson, Luther Vadross, Barry White, Bobby Womack, Al Green, (1968 - 2011) 2015 60 mins Ex D9027
2016-02-20 Queens of Soul at the BBC Aretha Franklin, Roberta Flack, Labelle, Gladys Knight, Dorothy Moore, Deneice Williams, Whitney Houston, Alicia Keyes, Anita Baker, Beyonce (1970 - 2004) 2015 60 mins Ex D9028
2016-02-15 Later With Jools (S16 E3, 10/28/00) Blur, Roni Size & Reprazent, The Go-Betweens, Alabama 3, Abdullah Ibrahim Trio, Lionel Richie 2000 59 mins Ex- D8991
2016-02-15 Later With Jools (S22 E2, 10/24/03) The Desert Sessions featuring Josh Homme and PJ Harvey, Texas, Starsailor, Dizzee Rascal, Kanda Bongo Man, June Tabor 2003 60 mins Ex- D8991
2016-02-15 Later With Jools (S18 E5, 10/9/01) The White Stripes, Muse, Super Furry Animals, US3, Thea Gilmore, Jamiroquai 2001 60 mins Ex- D8992
2016-02-15 Later With Jools (S18 E6, 10/16/01) Garbage, The Hives, Macy Gray, The Beta Band, Hall & Oates Richard Bona 2001 60 mins Ex- D8992
2016-02-15 Later With Jools (S18 E3, 10/26/01) Eels, Pulp, Jack Bruce, Cheb Mami, Sam Moore 2000 60 mins Ex- D8993
2016-02-15 Later With Jools (S19 E1, 4/12/02) Pet Shop Boys, Doves, Cornershop, So Solid Crew, India.Arie 2002 60 mins Ex- D8994
2016-02-15 Later With Jools (S19 E3, 4/26/02) Gomez, Patti Smith, Angélique Kidjo, Tweet, Missy Elliott, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion 2002 60 mins Ex- D8994
2016-02-15 Later With Jools (S19 E2, 4/19/02) The Vines, Del Amitri, Susana Baca, Stereophonics, Badly Drawn Boy 2002 60 mins Ex- D8995
2016-02-15 Later With Jools (S19 E4, 5/3/02) Mary J. Blige, Elvis Costello, The Soundtrack of Our Lives, The Electric Soft Parade, Salif Keita 2002 60 mins Ex- D8995
2016-02-15 Later With Jools (S19 E5, 5/10/02) Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Hives, Bryan Ferry, Glenn Lewis, The Handsome Family, Misteeq 2002 60 mins Ex- D8996
2016-02-15 Later With Jools (S19 E6, 5/17/02) Beverley Knight, Wilco, Eric Burdon, Norah Jones, The Von Bondies, Damon Albarn & Afel Bocoum 2002 60 mins Ex- D8996
2016-02-15 Later With Jools (S20 E2, 10/25/02) Queens of the Stone Age, Beth Gibbons and Rustin' Man, Paul Weller, Orchestra Baobab, Aqualung, Nickel Creek 2002 60 mins Ex- D8997
2016-02-15 Later With Jools (S20 E3, 11/1/02) The Libertines, James Dean Bradfield, Groove Armada, Peter Gabriel, Hill Street Soul 2002 60 mins Ex- D8998
2016-02-15 Later With Jools (S20 E4, 11/8/02) David Gray, Tom Jones, Aimee Mann, Youssou N'Dour, The Polyphonic Spree 2002 60 mins Ex- D8998
2016-02-15 Later With Jools (S20 E5, 11/15/02) Richard Ashcroft, Tracy Chapman, Craig David, Chris Difford, Streets, Pape et Cheikh 2002 60 mins Ex- D8999
2016-02-15 Later With Jools (S18 E1, 10/12/01) PJ Harvey, Kelis, Spiritualized, Dr. John, Nick Lowe 2001 60 mins Ex- D9000
2016-02-15 Later With Jools (S18 E4, 11/02/01) Travis, Alicia Keys, Mercury Rev, Kosheen, Doudou Cissoko 2001 60 mins Ex- D9000
2016-02-15 Jools' 9th Annual Hootenanny 2001 (Incomplete, end missing) David Gray, Edwin Starr, Huey Morgan, Ash, Paul Heaton, David Rotheray, Peter Blake, Sam Brown, Beverley Knight, John Cale, Marc Almond, Ronnie Wood, Slash. 201 94 mins Ex- D9001
2016-02-15 Easybeats, AC/DC, Albert Records The Easybeats to AC/DC: The Story of Aussie Rock (BBC 4 Documentary) 2016 60 mins Ex D9003
2016-02-14 Marty Stuart Show Compile #40: Del McCoury (02/16/2013), The Tennessee Mafia (03/09/2013), The Country Music Hall of Fame (03/16/2013) (Webcast Capture, slightly lower resolution, 3 episodes) 2013 75 mins Ex D8990
2016-01-23 Library of Congress Gershwin Prize: Willie Nelson (Available on Blu Ray) Edie Brickell, Leon Bridges, Buckwheat Zydeco, Rosanne Cash, Ana Gabriel, Jamey Johnson, Allison Krauss, Cyndi Lauper, Raul Malo, Lucas Nelson, Micah Nelson, Primise of the Real, Paul Simon, Neil Young, Willie Nelson 2016 89 mins Ex D8965
2016-01-17 Wainwright Noel Nights (Christmas Special, Available on Blu Ray) Rufus Wainwright, Martha Wainwright, Lucy Wainwright Roach, Lilly Lankin, Loudon Wainwright III, Emmylou Harris, Kid Koala, Teddy Robert Charlebois, Jenni Muldar 2015 44 mins Ex D8961
2016-01-16 A Tribute to Allen Toussaint; 75th Birthday Celebration Jon Cleary, Dr John, Irma Thomas, Trombone Shorty, Elvis Costello, Allen Toussaint, Cyril Neville, Joe Henry 2014 67 mins Ex D8959
2016-01-11 Fillmore 20th Anniversary Concert (Pro shot but Audio recording a bit distant) Country Joe McDonald, Katner Balin Cassidy Band, Sons of Champlin, John Lee Hooker, Buddy Miles Various Musicians in backing band: Lydia Pense - vocals (Cold Blood) Buddy Miles - vocals, drums (Electric Flag, Jimi Hendrix, etc) Nick Gravenites - vocals (Electric Flag) Annie Sampson - vocals (Stoneground) Jo Baker - vocals (Stoneground, Elvin Bishop Group) John Cipollina - lead guitar (Quicksilver Messenger Service) Gary Duncan - lead guitar (Quicksilver Messenger Service) Barry Melton - lead guitar, vocals (Country Joe & The Fish) Bob Weir - guitar (Grateful Dead) Darby Slick - guitar (The Great Society) Terry Dolan - guitar (Terry & The Pirates) Jack Casady - bass (Jefferson Airplane, Hot Tuna) Bobby Vega - bass (Zero, Kingfish & many other bands) Merle Saunders - keyboards, vocals (Garcia & Saunders, The Dinosaurs, etc) David LaFlamme - violin (Its A Beautiful Day) Emilio Castillo - tenor and alto saxophone (Tower Of Power) Greg Elmore - drums (Quicksilver Messenger Service) Bill Kreutzman - drums (Grateful Dead) Doug Clifford - drums (Creedence Clearwater Revival) 1985 195 mins Ex D8957
2016-01-10 In Performance at the White House: A Celebration of American Creativity (Available on Blu Ray) Keb Mo, Queen Latifah & Trombone Shorty, James Taylor, Smokey Robinson, Brian Stokes Mitchell and Audra McDonald, Esperenza Spalding, Usher, Mc Lyte 2015 54 mins Ex D8950
2016-01-10 Kennedy Center Honors Honorees Carole King, George Lucas, Rita Moreno, Seiji Ozawa, Cicely Tyson Performers Rosie Perez & Animal (Muppets), Karen Olivio & George Akram (West Side Story tribute dancers), Carrie Fisher (Star Wars scene re-enactment), Miranda Lambert 9Eagles Tribute), Ce Ce Winanas, Yo Yo Ma, Broadway Cast of Beautiful The Carole King Musical, Jannele Monae, James Taylor, Sara Bareilles, Aretha Franklin 2015 90 mins Ex D8955
2016-01-08 Jools' 23rd Annual Hootenanny 2015 (Available on Blu Ray) Jools Holland's Rhythm and Blues Orchestra , Sir Tom Jones , Jess Glynne , Paul Weller , Hozier , James Bay, Future Islands, Jeff Beck, Beth Hart, KT Tunstall, Rhiannon Giddens, Pauline Black & Arthur 'Gaps' Hendrickson, Ruby Turner, The Pipes and Drums, of the1st Battalion Scots Guards 2015 127 mins Ex D8949
2015-12-31 Louder Then Love: The Grande Ballroom Story (PBS Documentary, Pledge Breaks included with Wayne Kramer guesting, Available on Blu Ray) (Interviews with) Alice Cooper, Wayne Kramer, B.B. King, Dick Wagner, Ted Nugent, Dave Miller, Dennis Thompson, Harvey Ovshinsky, Ray Goodman, Mark Farner, Roger Daltry, James Williamson, Don Was, Henry Rollins, Lemmy, Slash, Tom Morello 2015 116 mins Ex D8946
2015-12-30 Imagine: John Lennon 75th Birthday Concert; The Theater at Madison Square Garden (Available on Blu Ray) Steven Tyler, Brandon Flowers, Chris Stapleton, Pat Monahan, Sheryl Crow, John Fogerty, Aloe Blacc, Paul McCartney (Speech), Juanes, Spoon, Kris Kristofferson with Tom Morello & Mickey Raphael, The Roots with Bilal, Peter Frampton, Ringo Starr (Speech), Eric Church, Yoko Oneo (Speech), Willie Nelson 2015 102 mins Ex D8944
2015-12-30 Cuirm @ Celtic: Episode 3 + Karine Polwart Clips Karine Polwart Trio, Nell Ní Chróinín, Al Lewis, Lewis & Leigh, Declan O'Rourke, Dòl Eoin MacKinnon & Macanta, Kate Rusby 2012 - 2015 81 mins Ex D8945
2015-12-24 No Nirvana Pearl Jam, Belly, Jane's Addiction, Dinosaur Jr, Sonic Youth, REM, Screaming Trees, Sugar, Rage Against the Machine, Smashing Pumpkins 1998 42 mins Ex D8936
2015-12-24 CMA Music Festival; Country's Night To Rock (Available on Blu Ray, 2 discs) Jason Aldean, Dierks Bentley, Lee Brice, Luke Bryan, Kenny Chesney, Eric Church, Brett Eldredge, Florida Georgia Line, Randy Houser, Sam Hunt, Lady Antebellum, Little Big Town, Brad Paisley, Maddie and Tae, Kip Moore, Rascal Flatts, Thomas Rhett, Darius Rucker, Cole Swindell, Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban, Chris Young, Zac Brown Band 2015 124 mins Ex D8938
2015-12-08 Later With Jools (S47 E8, 11/03/2015) CeeLo Green, The Zombies, Joanna Newsom, Low, The Arcs, Mbongwana Star, Shura 2015 61 mins Ex D8925
2015-11-28 Rock n' Roll America Pt 1: Sweet Little Sixteen (BBC 4 Documentary) Elvis Presley, Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Fats Domino, Bo Diddley, The Everly Brothers 2015 60 mins Ex D8915
2015-11-28 Rock n' Roll America Pt 2: Whole Lotta Shakin' (BBC 4 Documentary) Elvis Presley,Pat Boone, Chubby Checker, Buddy Holly, The Everly Brothers 2015 60 mins Ex D8916
2015-11-28 Rock n' Roll America Pt 3: Be My Baby (BBC 4 Documentary) The Drifters, The Crystals, The Ronetts,, Motown, Beach Boys, Roy Orbison, The Shirells, Frankie Avalon, Frankie Lymon & the Teenagers 2015 60 mins Ex D8917
2015-11-21 Ultimate Cover Versions at the BBC Moody Blues, Manfred Mann, Ken Booth, Don Mclean, Soft Cell, Dave Stewart & Barbara Gaskin, UB40, Doctor & the Medics, The Housemartins, Pet Shop Boys, Kylie Minogue, Sinead O'Connor, Beats International, Chaka Demus & Pliers with Jack Radics & Sly & Robbie, Mariah Carey, The Fugees, All saints, Shaggy & Rayvon, Michael Andrews & Gary Jules, Alexandra Burke 1965 - 2008 55 mins Ex D8913
2015-11-21 Sings Dylan II Peter Paul & Mary, Joan Baez, The Hollies, Julie Felix & Mike D'Abo, Richie Havens, Cliff Richard & the Nolans, Roy Harper, Lulu, The Blues Band, Siouxsie & the Banshees, Randy Crawford, Simply Red, Bryan Ferry, KT Tunstall, Tom Jones, Adele, Bob Dylan 1965 - 2008 59 mins Ex D8914
2015-11-11 Austin City Limits Compile #2 Allison Krauss & Union Station 92, George Strait 84, Highway 101 88, LeRoi Brothers 84, Marty Stuart 87, Maura O'Connell 92 1984 - 92 131 mins Vg/Vg- D8894
2015-11-11 Top of The Pops 1980 Big Hits Madness, The Pretenders, Fern Kinny, The Vapors, Genesis, Dr Hook, Dexy's Midnight Runners, Hot Chocolate, The (English) Beat, Four Bucketeers, Jona Lewie, The Piranhas, Sheena Easton, Bad Manners, The Ramones, Kelly Marie, Orchestral Maneuvers In The Dark, Motorhead, Dennis Waterman, Spandau Ballet, Adam Ant 1980 60 mins Ex D8901
2015-11-11 Austin City Limits Compile #3 Kathy Mattea 90, Rank & File 83, Tish Hinojosa 90, Vince Gil 92 1983 - 90 85 mins Vg/Vg- D8903
2015-11-11 Later With Jools (S47 E02, 09/22 +25/15, Available on Blu Ray) The Maccabees, Richard Thompson, Róisín Murphy, Stereophonics, Izzy Bizu, Liam Bailey 2015 94 mins Ex D8904
2015-11-11 Later With Jools (S47 E03, 11/02/15, Available on Blu Ray) The Weekend, David Gilmour, The Libertines, DakhaBrakha, Nathaniel Rateliff and The Night Sweats 2015 62 mins Ex D8905
2015-11-11 Later With Jools (S47 E01, 09/19/15) Squeeze, Foals, Disclosure (with Sam Smith and Kwabs), Rickie Lee Jones, My Morning Jacket 2015 62 mins Ex D8906
2015-11-07 Girls in the Band: Tales From the Rock 'n' Roll front (BBC 4 Documentary) Int's w.: Tina Weymouth, Elkie Brooks, Carol Kaye, Lita Ford, Viv Albertine, Pauline Murray, Brix Smith, Gillian Gilbert, Kim McAuliffe, Miki Berenyi, Jehnny Beth, June Millington, Mary Dostal, Valerie Nilson, Kelley Deal, Josephine Wiggs 2015 60 mins Ex D8879
2015-11-07 Girls in the Band at the BBC Fanny, Vinegar Joe, Patti Smith, The Runaways, Talking Heads, Siouxsie & the Banshees, Girlschool, Au Pairs, The Pretenders, The Go-Go's, Sonic Youth, Elastica, Hole, Lush, Garbage, Skunk Anasie, Gossip, Savages 1971- 2012 60 mins Ex D8880
2015-11-07 Austin City Limits: Compile #1 Amazing Rhythm Aces 78, Joe Ely 80, Marty Robbins 80, Gail Davies 80, Delbert McClinton 83, Songwriters Special with Jimmie Dale - Gilmore Townes Van Zandt - Butch Hancock - David Halley 83 1978 - 83 125 mins Vg+/Vg D8891
2015-10-31 Later With Jools (S47 E07, 10/30/15, Available on Blu Ray) Guy Garvey, Dave Gahan & Soulsavers, Caravan Palace, Judy Collins, Jamie Woon, Bela Fleck & Abagail Washburn 2015 61 mins Ex D8865
2015-10-25 Later With Jools (S47 E05, 10/16/2015, Available on Blu Ray) John Newman, Everything Everything, Lizz Wright, Sleaford Mods, Lynched, Burt Bacharach (Int) 2015 63 mins Ex D8823
2015-10-25 Later With Jools (S47 E06, 10/23/2015, Available on Blu Ray) Duran Duran, Public Image LTD, Miguel, Wolf Alice, Frazey Ford, Litle Simz 2015 61 mins Ex D8824
2015-10-25 Totally 60's Psychedelic Rock at the BBC The Yardbirds, Pink Floyd, Procol Harum, The Who, Donovan, The Nice, Brian Auger & Julie Driscoll & Trinity, Status Quo, Crazy World of Arthur Brown, Joe Cocker, The Small Faces, The Moody Blues, The Incredible String Band, The Move, Jimi Hendrix, Cream 2915 60 mins Ex D8828
2015-10-25 Psychedelic Britannia (BBC 4 Doc) Soft Machine, Procol Harum, Moody Blues, Small Faces, Incredible String Band, Vashti Bunyan 2015 60 mins Ex D8829
2015-10-17 Music For Misfits: The Story Of Indie Ep 1 (Available on Blu Ray) Joy Division, Throbbing Gristle, Echo and the Bunnymen, Orange Juice, Aztec Camera Profiles of Record Labels Zoo, Postcard, Mute, Beggars Banquet, Rough Trade, Cherry Red 2015 60 mins Ex D8811
2015-10-17 Music For Misfits: The Story Of Indie Ep 2 (Available on Blu Ray) Jesus & The Mary Chain, The Smiths, New Order, Cocteau Twins, Stone Roses, Happy Mondays, Suede, KLF, Manic Street Preachers 2015 60 mins Ex D8811
2015-10-10 Later With Jools (S47 E04, 06 + 09/10/2015, Available on Blu Ray) Richard Hawley, Tiggs Da Author, John Grant, Alissa Cara, Tom Jones, Lenny Henry 2015 90 mins Ex D8795
2015-10-10 Masters of the Guitar (Sky Arts Documentary) Eris Clapton, Tony Iommi, David Gilmour, Nile Rodgers, Will Sergeant, Mick Green, Wes Montgomery, Julian Bream, Sonny Sharrock, Paco De Lucia, Jimi Hendrix 2015 60 mins Ex D8803
2015-09-26 Late Night & Morning Tv Appearances Vol. 74 Deep Purple - Today Show 7/23/2015, Lisa Marie Presley - Tonight Show with Jay Leno 5/21/2012, White Stripes - Glastonbury 6/25/2005, The Waterboys - Late Show with David Letterman 4/20/2015, Joan Osborne & the Holmes Brothers - KPLU 4/19/2013, Bob Dylan - Late Show with David Letterman 5/19/2015, Wierd Al Yankovic - Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson 2/2/2012, Fleetwood Mac - Isle of Wight 6/14/2015, Ian Anderson - Isle of Wight 6/14/2015, Tom Waits - Late Show with David Letterman 4/14/205, Bob Weir & John Mayer - Late Late Show 2/2/2015, Ryan Adams - Late Show with David Letterman 3/13/2015 2005 -15 88 mins Ex D8785
2015-09-26 Late Night & Morning Tv Appearances Vol. 75 Whitney Rose - Heartbreaker of the Year (Promo), The Avett Brothers & Brandi Carlile - Late Show with David Letterman 5/4/2015, Emmylou Harris - Top Pop 1976, Richard Thompson - RN Afternoons 2015, Asleep at the Wheel - Late Show with David Letterman 4/13/2015, Emmylou Harris & Rodney Crowell with Steve Martin - Late Show with David Letterman 4/30/2015, Stevye Wonder - Late Show with David Letterman 3/11/2015, Jackson Browne - Tiny Desk Concert 2014, Ron Sexsmith - Andrew Marr Show 4/19/2015, Paul Weller - John Bishop Show 4/19/2015, Graham Parker & the Rumour - Later With Jools 10/29/2013, Richard Thompson - WFUV Studios 6/23/2015 2012 -15 92 mins Ex D8786
2015-09-26 Late Night & Morning Tv Appearances Vol. 76 Alabama Shakes - Late Show with David Letterman 3/9/2015, Bob Seger - Late show with David Letterman 12/15/2015, Mumford & Sons - Late Show with David Letterman 5/5/2015, My Morning Jacket - Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon 5/1/2015, Norah Jones - Late Show with David Letterman 5/6/2015, Steve Earle & the Dukes - Late Show with David Letterman 2/23/2015, Doobie Brothers wit Michael McDonald - Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon 8/20/2015, U2 - Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon 5/8/2015, Willie Nelson & Billy Joe Shaver - Late Show with David Letterman 10/14/2014, Yusef (Cat Steves) Islam - Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon 12/10/2014, John Mellencamp - Late show with David Letterman 4/27/2015, Alabama Shakes - Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon 6/8/2015 2014 -15 56 mins Ex D8787
2015-09-26 Late Night & Morning Tv Appearances Vol. 77 Laura Marling - Andrew Marr Show 4/1/2012, Elvis Costello - Late show with David Letterman 6/4/2014, Tracy Chapman - Late Show with David Letterman 4/16/2015, Neil Young - Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon 2-3-2015, Elvis Costello - Late Show with David Letterman 4/23/2015, John Fogerty - Late Show with David Letterman 4/29/2015, Norah Jones - Conan 9/25/2014, Heart - Jimmy Kimmel Live 1/5/2015, Rodriguez - Andrew Marr Show 11/18/2012, Paul Simon - Conan 9/23/204,Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings - Late Show with David Letterman 4/30/2015, Chaka Khan - Late Show with David Letterman 4/21/2015 2012 -15 60 mins Ex D8788
2015-09-26 Farm Aid 2015 (30): First Merit Bank Pavilion at Northerly Island, Chicago (Available on Blu Ray) Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds, Imagine Dragons, John Mellencamp, Kasey Musgraves, Neil Young, Willie Nelson & Family, Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real, Mavis Staples, Jack Johnson 2015 350 mins (3 discs Ex D8793
2015-09-16 Various Compile #44 Bob Dylan - Madison Square Garden 07-16-84, John Lee Hooker - Newport Jazz Festival 1960, Leiber & Stoller - Profile on Eye to Eye with Connie Chung 03-01-95, Otis Spann - Newport Jazz festival 1960, Rush - Don Kirshner's Rock Concert 03-29-75, Holmes Brothers - Tiny Desk Concert 2010, The Yardbirds - Jimmy Page Int on Let's Go CBC-Tv 1967, B.B King - Obituary CBS & CBC 05-15-15, Norah Jones - Letterman 05-05-15, The Buzzcocks - Late Night with Seth Myers 04-20-15, Emmylou Harris & Rodney Crowell - Letterman 05-02-15, Bob Dylan - Newcastle 09-19-00, Van Morrison - Kelly Show Ireland 2000 1967- 2015 110 mins Ex/Ex- D8777
2015-09-06 Fuji Rock Festival Tedeschi & Trucks, John Fogerty, Roxy Music 2010 43 mins Ex D8768
2015-09-06 Concert Of The Century for VH1 Save The Music Eric Clapton, Lenny Kravitz, Sheryl crow, B.B. King, Melissa Ethridge, Garth Brooks, NSYNC & Gloria Estefan, John Fogerty, John Mellencamp, Al Green 1999 81 mins Ex D8774
2015-08-02 Infinity Hall Live: Women of Song (Available on Blu Ray) Tori Amos, Aimee Mann, Shelby Lynne, Wilson Phillips, Wailin' Jennys, Joan Osborne 2015 55 mins Ex D8744
2015-08-02 Infinity Hall Live: Guitar Heroes(Available on Blu Ray) Robert Cray, Keb Mo, Ti Reynolds, Robben Ford, Tommy Emmanuel, Derek Trucks 2015 55 mins Ex D8745
2015-07-26 Rock & Roll at the BBC Everly Brothers 68, Jerry lee Lewis 72, Chuck Berry 72, The Who 73, Rolling Stones 74, Roy Orbison 75, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers 78, George Thorogood 79, The Ramones 80, Joan Jett 82, Johnny Cash 94, Dick Dale 95, Bo Diddley 96, Ronnie Spector 98, Paul McCartney 99, Oasis 2000, Dion 2007, Robert Plant 2010 2015 58 mins Ex D8739
2015-07-18 Hits a Go-Go (Digital Rebroadcast) 70/2/11: Canned Heat, Graham Bonney, Nicoletta, The Greatest Show on Earth, East of Eden, Katja Ebstein, J.V. Edward, Suzanne Doucet with Graham Bonney 1970 43 mins Ex D8714
2015-07-18 Hits a Go-Go (Digital Rebroadcast) 70/9/13: Levy, Lisabeth List, The Pretty Things, Toni Viscoli, Baskin & Copperfield, Joy Unlimited, Allison Wonder, France Gall, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich, Mungo Jerry, Daddy Longlegs 1970 43 mins Ex D8715
2015-07-18 Hits a Go-Go (Digital Rebroadcast) 71/3/3: Softice, Lulu, Alexis Korner, Ronno, Georgio, Billie Davis, Gus Backus, Joe Cocker, Edward Hands, Joint, Peter Sue & Marc, Tremelos 1971 43 mins Ex D8714
2015-07-18 Hits a Go-Go (Digital Rebroadcast) 71/6/27: Ekseption, Knut Kiesewetter, T Rex, The Revells, Bruce Ruffin, Slade, Midnight Circus, Tony Christie, Mungo Jerry, Maurizo 1971 48 mins Ex D8716
2015-07-18 Hits a Go-Go (some pixelation) 73/1/7: Gladys Knight & the Pips, Bill Withers 1973 27 mins Ex- D8717
2015-07-18 Hits a Go-Go (Digital Rebroadcast) 73/6/24: Mott the Hoople, Kaminski & Gottemeier, Wind, Lynsey DePaul, Greater Union, Deke Leonard, Amiel Cartwright, Wolf Tones 1973 46 mins Ex D8718
2015-07-18 Hits a Go-Go (Digital Rebroadcast) 73/12/14: Ike & Tina Turner 1973 40 mins Ex D8717
2015-07-18 Hits a Go-Go (Digital Rebroadcast) 74/10/22: Geordie, Carl Douglas, The Wombles, Ann Peebles, Les Humphries Singers 1974 42 mins Ex D8719
2015-07-18 Old Grey Whistle Test (78-5--2 Some pixelation, words: BBC Viewing Copy" on lower screen throughout) Bearsville Picnic: Foghat, Jesse Winchester, Elizabeth Barraclough, Tony Wilson (Ex Hot Chocolate singer), Corky Laing, Paul Butterfield, Todd Rundgren 1977 59 mins Ex- D8721
2015-07-18 Follies (French TV) The Jam, Roberto, Cos, Matumbi, Siouxsie & the Banshees, Wire 1979 40 mins Ex D8727
2015-06-28 In Performance at the White House: A Gospel Celebration (Available on Blu Ray) Shirley Ceaser, Darlene Love, Rhiannon Giddens, Bishop Rance Allen, Michelle Williams, Emmylou Harris + Rodney Crowell + Rhiannon Giddens, Tamela Mann, Lyle Lovett, Aretha Franklin 2015 55 mins Ex D8683
2015-06-06 Still Rockin after All These Years Int's withJackson Browne, David Byrne, Tracy Chapman, Eric Clapton, Phil Collins, John Cougar, David Crosby, Roger Daltrey, John Entwhistle, George Harrison, Michael Hutchence, Mick Jagger, Billy Joel, Rickie Lee Jones, Carole King, Paul McCartney, Eddie Money, Graham Nash, Tom Petty, Robert Plant, Bonnie Raitt, Lou Reed, Keith Richards, Michelle Shocked, Ringo Starr, Rod Stewart, Sting, James Taylor, Pete Townshend, Steve Winwood, Ron Wood, Bill Wyman, Neil Young, Frank Zappa 1991 46 mins Ex- D8641
2015-05-28 Later with Jools (S46 E02, 04/21/15, Available on Blu Ray) Parliament-Funkadelic, Mumford & Sons, Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds, Mirel Wagner, Cheikh Lô , Ghostpoet 2015 62 mins Ex D8625
2015-05-28 Later with Jools (S46 E05, 05/12/15, Available on Blu Ray) Paul Weller, Father John Misty, Lianne La Havas, Curtis Harding, The Hot Sardines, SOAK 2015 62 mins Ex D8628
2015-05-27 Later with Jools (S46 E01, 04/14/15, Available on Blu Ray) Blur, The Vaccines, Natalie Prass, Laura Marling, Davina and the Vagabonds, Songhoy Blues, Marc Almond 2015 61 mins Ex D8624
2015-05-27 Later with Jools (S46 E03, 04/28/15, Available on Blu Ray) Florence and the Machine, The Charlatans, James Taylor, Mini Mansions, Andreya Triana, Madisen Ward and the Mama Bear 2015 63 mins Ex D8626
2015-05-27 Later with Jools (S46 E04, 05/05/15, Available on Blu Ray) FFS, Alabama Shakes, The Lone Bellow Tobias Jesso Jr., The Unthanks, Shaun Escoffery, Status Quo (Interview) 2015 65 mins Ex D8627
2015-05-27 Later with Jools (S46 E06, 05/19/15, Available on Blu Ray) Rudimental, Joan Armatrading, Leon Bridges, Ezra Furman, Simply Red, Skepta, Huey Morgan (Interview), Paul Burgess (interview) 2015 62 mins Ex D8629
2015-05-27 Doin' Their Thing Vol. 4 Stone the Crows, Georgie Fame 1970 48 mins Ex D8633
2015-05-26 New Orleans Jazz Festival 2015 Vol. 4 (Available on Blu Ray with Alternate Artist configuration) Mia Borders, Allen Toussaint, Irvin Mayfield with Dee Dee Bridgewater, Bonerama, Sturgill Simpson, Ryan Adamas 2015 105 mins Ex D8618
2015-05-26 New Orleans Jazz Festival 2015 Vol. 5 (Available on Blu Ray with Alternate Artist configuration) Widespread Panic, Marcia Ball, Davell Crawford (Fats Domino tribute), Jerry Lee Lewis, Vintage Trouble 2015 105 mins Ex D8619
2015-05-26 New Orleans Jazz Festival 2015 Vol. 6 (Available on Blu Ray with Alternate Artist configuration) No Doubt, The Who, Pitbull, Jimmy Cliff, Irma Thomas 2015 117 mins Ex D8620
2015-05-26 New Orleans Jazz Festival 2015 Vol. 7 (Available on Blu Ray with Alternate Artist configuration) Jon Cleary, Cowboy Mouth, The Word, Jimmy Buffet, Trombone Shorty 2015 119 mins Ex D8621
2015-05-26 New Orleans Jazz Festival 2015 Vol. 8 (Available on Blu Ray with Alternate Artist configuration) Andres Osbourn, The Radiators, The O'Jays, Steve Winwood, Ed Sheeran 2015 108 mins Ex D8622
2015-05-26 New Orleans Jazz Festival 2015 Vol. 9 (Available on Blu Ray with Alternate Artist configuration) Lenny Karvitz, Elton John 2015 51 mins Ex D8623
2015-05-17 New Orleans Jazz Festival 2015 Vol. 3 (Available on Blu Ray with alternate artist configuration) Allison Krauss & Union Station, Chicago, John Legend, Anthony Hamilton 2015 110 mins Ex D8617
2015-05-16 Irish Rock Story: A Tale of Two Cities Van Morrison, Thin Lizzy, Rory Gallgher, Undertones, U2, Bob Geldof, Sinead O'Connor 2015 60 mins Ex D8592
2015-05-16 New Orleans Jazz Festival 2015 Vol. 1 (Available on Blu Ray with alternate artist configuration) Keith Urban, Hozier, Wilco, Ivan Neville's Dumpstaphunk, The Revivalists 2015 120 mins Ex D8615
2015-05-16 New Orleans Jazz Festival 2015 Vol. 2 (Available on Blu Ray with alternate artist configuration) Tedeschi trucks Band, Paloma Faith, The Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Galactic with Macy Gray 2015 120 mins Ex D8616
2015-05-03 Tavis Smiley Compile #6 Lindsey Buckingham, Smokey Robinson, Joni Mitchell, Bettye Lavette, Bill Withers 2015 120 mins Ex D8604
2015-05-03 International Jazz Day; Live from the United Nations General Assembly Hall, NYC Wynton Marsalis, Esperanza Spalding, Quincy Jnes, Chaka Khan, Terrance Blanchard, Susan Tedeschi, Robert Cray, derek Trucks, Angelique Kidjo, Sheila E., Dee Dee Brodgewater, Wayne Shorter, Ron Carter, Jack Dejohnette, Hiromi Uehara, Christian McBride, Danilo Perez, Joe Lovato, George Duke, Vinnie Colaiuta, Herbie Hancock, Lang Lang, Jimmy Heath, Tony Bennett, Hugh Masekala, Stevie Wonder 2015 58 mins Ex D8589
2015-05-03 Late Night & Morning Tv Appearances Vol. 73 CTV Morning Live; Select Sounds format demo 3/11/15, Bob Weir - Late show with David Letterman 2/6/15, Lee Ann Womack - Conan 2/12/15, Steve Earle - Late Show with David Letterman 2/24/15, Ringo Starr - Conan 4/2/15, Brian Wilson - Jimmy Kimmel Live 4/3/15 + Conan 4/9/15, Asleep At the Wheel - Late Show with David Letterman 4/14/15, Percy Sledge - Obituary 4/15/15, Record Store Day CNN Chaka Khan - Late Show with David Letterman 4/21/15, Earth Wind & Fire & Chicago - Jimmy Kimmel Live 4/23/15 2015 75 mins Ex D8590
2015-04-27 Blues at New Morning Vol. 2 (Available on Blu Ray) Luther Allison, James Blood Ulmer, Pee Wee Ellis, Georgie Fame, Candye Kayne, Snowy White 2014 72 mins Ex D8584
2015-04-27 Blues at New Morning Vol. 3 (Available on Blu Ray) Larry Carlton, Guitar Crusher & Black Cat Bone, Duke Robillard, Larry Garner Blues Band, Luther Allison, New York City Blues Revue, Mike Stern Band 2015 83 mins Ex D8585
2015-04-27 Blues on Mezzo Vol. 1 (Available on Blu Ray) Robert Randolph & the Family Band, Popa Chubby, Eric Bibb, Shuggie Otis, Joe Louis Walker, Taj Mahal, Keb Mo, Kenny Neal, Magic Slim & the Teardrop 2015 82 mins Ex D8587
2015-04-27 Blues on Mezzo Vol. 2 (Available on Blu Ray) Lucky Peterson, Taj Mahal & Bassekou Kouyate, Joe Louis Walker, Eric Bibb, Tedschi Trucks Band, Kenny Neal, Magic Slim & the Teardrops 2015 89 mins Ex D8588
2015-04-26 Blues at the New Morning (Available on Blu Ray) Big Ed Sullivan, Tom Princapato Blues Quartet, Amos Garret, John Slaughter Blues Band, Melvin Taylor, Mick Taylor 2014 90 mins Ex D8583
2015-04-14 Rock My Soul: A Gospel Celebration The Fairfield Four, The McCrary Sisters, Amos Lee, Buddy Miller, Van Hunt, Lee Ann Womack, Robert Hamlet, Lucinda Williams 2015 57 mins Ex D8577
2015-04-12 Irish Rock at the BBC Thin Lizzy, Rory Gallagher, Horslips, The Undertones, The Boomtown Rats, Stiff Little Fingers, U2, The Pogues, Hothouse Flowers, Sinead O'Connor, The Frank & Walters, Therapy, The Cranberries, Ash, The Divine Comedy, Imelda May, The Strypes, Hozier 1973 - 2014 57 mins Ex D8569
2015-03-29 Dolly Parton Show: In New Orleans (Upgrade & complete) Neville Brothers, Dr John, Allen Toussaint, Rockin Dopsie 1988 46 mins Ex- D7452
2015-03-29 John Lennon: Shine On - A Musical Tribute, Air Studios, London Kelly Jones, Noel Gallagher with Johnny Marr, Corner Shop & Gem from Oasis, Paul Weller, Little Richard (Dear John postcard), Ronnie Wood & Jessie Wood, Travis (Dear John Postcard), Moloko, Liam Gallagher (Dear John postcard), Kelly Jones, Bono (Dear John postcard), Lonnie Donnegan & Ronnie Wood, Lou Reed, Tariq Ali (Dear John postcard), Sharleen Spiteri with Jools, Donovan (Dear John postcard), StereOasis 2000 59 mins Ex- D8560
2015-03-21 British Rock Viewseum Vol. 1: The Golden Era of British Beat #1 The Yardbirds, The Samll Faces, Eric Burdon & the New Animals, Episode Six, Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich, The Troggs, Brian Auger & the Trinity Feat. Julie Driscoll, Chris Farlowe, Cat Stevens, Herman's Hermits, The Easybeats, Casey Jones & the Governors 1967 - 68 98 mins Ex D8543
2015-03-21 British Rock Viewseum Vol. 2: The Golden Era of British Beat #2 The Kinks, Spencer Davis Group, The Hollies, The Move, The Searchers, The Smoke, The Tremeloes, The Mindbenders, The Creation, P.P. Arnold 1967 - 68 79 mins Ex D8544
2015-03-21 Various Compile #43 Chuck Berry - Music Hall de France 11/05/65, Jimi Hendrix - Singer Bowl 8/23/68, Simon & Garfunkel - Music Hall de France 6/27/66 + Beinvenue 1/27/67 + Concert Pop Music a L'Olympia 5/4/70, Chuck Berry - Soul Train 1973, B.B. King - Soul Train 1975, Joe Cocker - Today Show 8/15/89, Chuck Berry - Tonight Show 11/6/87, Bob Dylan - Italy press Conference + live Verona (2) 1984 1965 - 1989 126 mins Ex D8547
2015-03-18 Midem Festival, Cannes, France Marmalade, Cat Stevens, Eric Burdon & War, Richie Havens, Ike & Tina Turner, + French Artists 1971 64 mins Ex D8522
2015-03-07 Jukebox (French TV) Alice Cooper (1972 France Live footage + 1975 W.T.M.N. live promos) 1975 48 mins Ex D7001
2015-02-26 Jukebox (French TV) Johnny Winter, Electric Light orchestra, David Bowie 1975 52 mins Ex D8523
2015-02-26 Forum Musique: Compile Frank Zappa & the Mothers of Invention, Joe Cocker, The Nice, Taj Mahal, Pink Floyd, Chicken Shack, Gun, Ten Years After, Os Mutantes, Sam Gopal, Jethro Tull, Hair - The Musical, Soft Machine, Chambers Brothers 1969 - 71 210 mins 2 discs Ex D8525
2015-02-16 Austin City Limits Hall Of Fame Special (Available on Blu Ray) Willie Nelson, Emmylou Harris, Lyle Lovett, Double Trouble,Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Doyle Bramhall II, Buddy Guy, Robert Randolph 2014 55 mins Ex D8515
2015-02-16 Blues On Later With Jools Vol. 1 (Available on Blu Ray) Joan Armatrading 2007, Billy Preston 2005, James Hunter 2007, Van Morrison 2005, Dion 2007, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion 2003, Richard Thompson 2007, Jools Holland & His Rhythm & Blues Orchestra 2002, Robert Randolph & The Family Band 2004, Steve Earle 2008, Dr John 2006, Old Crow Medicine Show 2004, John Martyn 2004, Jools Holland & His Rhythm & Blues Orchestra 2000 2000 - 2008 110 mins Ex D8517
2015-02-16 Grammy Awards 2015 Music performances (Available on Blu Ray) Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett, Sam Smith & Mary J. Blige, Jeff Lynne's ELO, Paul McCartney & Kanye West, Hozier & Annie Lennox, Beck & Chris Martin, Brandy Clark & Dwight Yoakum, AC/DC, Tom Jones & Jesse J., Mirand Lambert, Sia 2015 49 mins Ex D8519
2015-01-23 Ringo Starr: A Lifetime of Peace & Love Tribute Concert (Available on Blu Ray) Joe Walsh, Ben Folds, Ben Harper, Bettye Lavette, Peter Frampton, Steve lunkather 2014 60 mins Ex D8496
2015-01-10 Kings Of Country at the BBC (Available on Blu Ray) Frank Ifeild, George Hamilton IV, The Everly Brothers, Jerry Lee Lewis, John Denver, Glen Campbell, Charlie Pride, Charlie Rich, Kenny Rogers, Bobby Bare, Don Willimas, Ricky Scaggs, Clint Black, Lyle Lovett, Dwight Yoakum, Johnny Cash, George Strait, Garth Brooks, Willie Nelson, Eric Church 2014 60 mins Ex D8481
2015-01-10 The Genius Of Funk (BBC 4) James Brown, Earth Wind & Fire, Funkadelic, George Clinton, Kool & the Gang, Billy Preston, Stevie Wonder, Rose Royce, Avergae White Band, Herbie Hancock, James Taylor Quartet, Jamiroquai, Graham Central Station 2014 56 mins Ex D8482
2015-01-10 Jools' 22nd Annual Hootenanny 2014 (Available on Blu Ray) Jools & His Rhythm & Blues Orchestra with Joss stone, Paul Whitehouse & Dawn French, Wilko Johnson, Paloma Faith, Ruby Turner, William Bell, Paolo Nutini, Ed Sheeran, Ronnie Spector, Ellie Goulding, Boz Scaggs, Hayseed Dixie 2014 139 mins Ex D8484
0000-00-00 12 Hours to Please Please Me: Remaking of a classic (Beatles tribute) Stereophonics, Graham Coxon, Gabrielle Aplin, Joss Stone, Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook, Paul Carrack, Mick Hucknall, I Am Kloot 2013 60 mins Ex D7211
0000-00-00 ACL Presents Americana Music Festival, Ryman Auditorium, Nashville (ACL edited performance highlights of full awards show, Available on Blu Ray) Jason Isbell, The Fairfield Four, Rhiannon Giddens with Hubby Jenkins, Shakey Graves with Esme Patterson, Don Henley, John Hiatt, Keb Mo, The Lone Below, Los Lobos, The McCrary Sisters, Robert Randolph, Ricky Scaggs with Ry Cooder & The Whites, Lee Ann Womack, Americana all Star Band 2015 56 mins Ex D8926