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  • Discs are 7.50 for the first, 5.00 each additional disc.
  • Disc requiring a Dual Layer disc or Blu Ray disc are 7.50 each
  • Please specify if you wish a tile on regular DVD or High Definition for Blu Ray player
  • Printed covers, on high quality photo paper, are available for the CDR's as seen in the listings, and DVD covers are available for the tiles with the designation DVD(B). With disc and cover they are 15.00 for the first and 12.50 for each additional. With a label on the disc as well add 1.00 each disc


  • For North America 1 - 4 discs is 6.50, each additional add 1.50. Overseas 1 - 4 disc is 10.00 and a 1.00 each additional disc. Discs in cases are 6.50 for the first, 3.00 for the second and 1.50 each following
  • Also a show may be sent via file transfer on the net, this is 1.00 per disc, they will be sent as ISO files ready to burn


  • PayPal: send funds to (I can also send you an invoice if you would prefer)
  • E Transfers, send an email to for details
  • Western Union, Cash, or Money Orders send an email for details