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Sardinas, Eric Leverkusner 2010 73 mins Ex D5689
Sardinias, Eric Rockpalast 2008 73 mins Ex D5688
Satriani, Joe Front & Center: Live at the Iridium Club, NYC (Available on Blu Ray) 2014 54 mins Ex D8518
Satriani, Joe Hellfest; Clisson, France (Available on Blu Ray) 2016 57 mins Ex D9184
Satriani, Joe Rocksound Festival, Huttwil, Switzerland 2006 59 mins Ex D6148
Savoy Brown Big Mama's, Roma 2000 61 mins Ex- D2588
Savoy Brown In Performance; Live at the Pump House Tavern 1992 58 mins Vg+ D5617
Savoy Brown Iridium Jazz Club (In-House Camera, fixed position, 2 sets) 2013 173 mins Ex D7834
Savoy Brown Ram's Head Tavern (AUD Cam, Steady) 2010 118 mins Ex D6125
Sawyer Brown Direc Tv Concert Series: Hickory Hills Lakes, Ft Loramie, Ohio 2007 60 mins Ex D4027
Saxon Archive: Music Hall Cologne Germany 1990, Beat Club 1981, San Remo Music Festival 1983, Disco Ring Italian Tv 1988, Rockpop in Concert-Dortmund-Westfahlenhalle 1982, Hammersmith odeon 1986 1981 -90 70 mins Ex- D2166
Saxon Musikladen 1981 56 mins Ex D10,084
Saxon Rock Pop In Concert Digital rebroadcast) 1982 35 mins Ex D4408
Saxon Rockpop in Concert, Dortmund, Westfahlenhalle 1982 32 mins Ex D3527
Saxon Town & Country Club 1988 28 mins Ex- D3764
Saxon Wacken Open Air (Available in PAL HD) 2012 58 mins Ex D6640
Saxon Wacken Open Air, Germany (Available on Blu Ray) 2016 78 mins Ex D9273
Sayer, Leo BBC In Concert 1974 30 mins Ex D1102
Scaggs, Boz Compile: Saturday Night Live 9/26/76, Letterman 11/23/88, Letterman 4/7/94, Tonight Show 4/18/94, Rosie O'Donnell 4/25/97, Hard Rock Live 5/11/97, After New Years 1/1/98, Today Show 8/7/04 1976 - 04 69 mins Ex D3237
Scaggs, Boz Austin City Limits 1998 26 mins Ex- D2450
Scaggs, Boz Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival 2015 (Available on Blu Ray) 2015 60 mins Ex D8815
Scaggs, Boz Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco (Available on Blu Ray) 2016 60 mins Ex D9394
Scaggs, Boz Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival, San Fransisco (Glitch Free Upgrade, no audio first 17 seconds, vocal mic low first 60 seconds, Available on Blu Ray) 2013 60 mins Ex D7740
Scaggs, Boz MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada (Available on Blu Ray) 2018 47 mins Ex D10,031
Scaggs, Boz The Big Interview with Dan Rather (Available on Blu Ray) 2020 49 mins Ex D10,932
Scaggs, Boz Tokyo 1993 100 mins Ex D2872
Scaggs, Boz Wrigley Field, Chicago, Illinois (Available on Blu Ray) 2018 48 mins Ex D9869
Schaffer, Paul Letterman 1991 5 min Ex #85
Schaffer, Paul Letterman 1992 5 min Ex #121
Schenker, Michael Koln ,Germany 2006 47 mins Ex D1547
Schenker, Michael Rockpalast 1981 65 mins Ex- D3053
Schneider, Bob Austin City Limits 2000 27 mins Ex #483, D11,393
Schneider, Bob Austin City Limits (Available on Blu Ray) 2011 23 mins Ex D5355
Scissor Sisters Glastonbury (Available on Blu Ray) 2004 41 mins Ex D11,456
Scorpions Compile: Live Tv Studio 1877 (29 mins, from master tape), Promo (I'm Going Mad 1972 with Michael Schenker), Musikladen 1978, Rock Pop 1978, Szene 79 *** 1972 52 mins Ex D11,114
Scorpions AVO Sessions 2009 60 mins Ex D4022
Scorpions German Tv 1972 - 1979 (Digital Rebroadcast clips) + Japan 79 (Upgrade) 1972 - 1979 46 mins Ex/Ex- D4179
Scorpions Live Wacken Open Air (ARTE Tv France, Available in PAL HD) 2012 89 mins Ex D6643
Scorpions Reading Festival 1979 33 mins Ex D11,119
Scorpions Super Rock in Japan (Laserdisc transfer) 1984 53 mins Ex D2914
Scorpions Tokyo, Japan 1979 30 mins Vg D2340
Scott-Heron, Gil Ohne Filter (Digital Rebroadcast) 1988 60 mins Ex D4239
Scott-Heron, Gil The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (BBC Documentary) 2011 60 mins Ex D5517
Scott-Heron, Gil + Taj Mahal Interface (PBS, 2 shows) 1975 60 mins Ex D12,087
Scruggs, Earl, Revue Austin City Limits 1976 60 mins Vg+ D1130
Sea Level Capitol Theatre, Passiac, N.J. 1977 59 mins Ex- D8850
Seal Front & Center 2017 57 mins Ex D9720
Seals & Crofts Compile; Unknown tv clip 72 ,Old Grey Whistle Test 72, ABC In Concert 73,Tonight Show 73 (Ex-),Live in Studio 73, California Jam 74, Don Kirshner's Rock Concert 74, Play For You 76 ABC Tv, I'll Play for You (promo film), Solid Gold 80, Much Music 89 (Audio overdriven, fuzzy) 1972 - 89 109 mins Vg/Vg+/Ex- D2200
Seals, Son Burlington Discover Jazz Festival (Vermont Public Television) 2002 97 mins Ex D4371
Seals, Son Conan O'Brien 5/25/00 2000 5 mins Ex D2285
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