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Mahal, Taj Sessions at West 54th 1997 30 min Ex #334, D2434
Mahal, Taj Vitoria-Gasteiz Jazz Festival 2016 70 mins Ex D11,811
Mahal, Taj & Keb Mo San Javier Jazz Festival + Paste Studios 2017 120 mins Ex D10,468
Mahal, Taj & Ry Cooder Get On Board promos & mini doc (Available on Blu Ray) 2022 32 mins Ex D11,799
Mahal, Taj & the Keb Mo Band San Javier Jazz Festival 2017 92 mins Ex D10,439
Mahavishnu orchestra Antibes, France 1974 40 mins Ex D5633
Mahavishnu Orchestra BBC In concert 1972 45 mins Ex D714
Mahavishnu Orchestra Estival Jazz (Available on Blu Ray) 1986 44 mins Ex D10,442
Mahavishnu Orchestra Festival de Chateauvallon, Chateauvallon, France 1972 82 mins Ex D5017
Mahavisnu Orchestra Jazz Now; Munich, Germany 1972 46 mins Vg+ D5162
Maines, Natalie Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival, San Fransisco (Webstream, frequent digital breakup, Available on Blu Ray) 2013 78 mins Ex D7742
Makeba, Miriam AVO Sessions 2006 50 mins Ex D4329
Malenfont, Theresa Breakfast Television 1997 9 mins Ex D11,413
Malin,Jesse AVO Sessions 2002 40 mins Ex D54
Malo, Raul Quarentunes Compile #1: Covers Collection (solo webcasts of Standards, Latin, & Pop covers) 2020 57 mins Ex D10,656
Malo, Raul (Mavericks singer) Daryl's House Club (Available on Blu Ray) 2021 107 mins Ex D11,419
Man Crossroads Rockpalast (Available on Blu Ray) 2020 82 mins Ex D11,683
Manassas Live at Winterland (In-House 16mm Cam, B & W) 1973 79 mins Ex- D5453
Mandrell, Louise Austin City Limits 1986 28 mins Vg+ D11,927
Manfred Mann French Tv Compile: 1965.03.31. Têtes de bois et tendres années 1966.12.31. SOIREE DU REVEILLON 1967.04.15. LA GRANDE FARANDOLE 1967.05.21. Bouton rouge 1967.09.10. Dim Dam Dom variétés 1967.09.10. Dim Dam Dom variétés 1969.05.09. Tous en scène 1969.05.11. Discorama 1969.05.24. SAMEDI ET COMPAGNIE 1970.02.09. Tous en scène 1972.01.15. A LA MANIERE DEUX 1965 - 72 42 mins Ex D8403
Manfred Mann Beat Club;Mighty Quinn 1967 5 min Ex #25
Manfred Mann's Earth Band Ohne Filter 1999 60 mins Ex- D5419
Manfred Mann's Earth Band The Complete Bootleg Collection 1972 - 79 (Tv Clips) 1972 - 79 74 mins Ex/Ex-/Vg+ D6155
Manhattan Transfer BBC In Concert(Digital rebroadcast) 1977 41 mins Ex D2470
Manhattan Transfer Old Grey Whistle Test Special 1977 43 mins Ex D12,177
Manhattans American Bandstand 1976 4 min Ex #364
Manic Street Preachers Jo Whiley Sessions (Available in PAL HD) 2011 23 mins Ex D5877
Manilow, Barry & Orchestra An Audience with Barry Manilow (ITV, Available in PAL HD) 2011 46 mins Ex D5854
Mann, Aimee Compile #1: Letterman (Til Tuesday) 12/1/88, Conan O'Brien 1/21/94, Jon Stewart Show 11/16/94, Conan O'Brien 2/1/96, Tonight Show 2/21/96, Tonight Show 1/5/00, Late Night with Craig Kilborn 1/7/00, Conan O'Brien 2/18/00, Rosie O'Donnell 3/16/00, Tonight Show 6/7/00, Later with Cynthia Garret (USA Network) 6/8/00 1988 - 00 76 mins Ex/Ex- D3180
Mann, Aimee Compile #2: Tonight Show 11/8/00, Late Night with Craig Kilborn 12/15/00, Letterman 2/2/01, Late Night with Craig Kilborn 2/21/01, Tonight Show 1/21/02, Tonight Show 9/4/02, Late Night with Craig Kilborn 9/10/02, Conan O'Brien 2/11/03, Tonight Show 7/16/03, Late Night with Craig Kilborn 4/1/04, Tonight Show 5/12/05, Letterman 7/27/05, Conan O'Brien 2/9/06, Conan O'Brien 12/13/06 200 - 06 60 mins Ex D3181
Mann, Aimee Artists Den, Vibiana Cathedral, Los Angeles 2008 55 mins Ex D2602
Mann, Aimee Austin City Limits 2008 27 mins Ex D2841
Mann, Aimee Infinity Hall Live (Available on Blu Ray) 2014 56 mins Ex D8763
Mann, Aimme Infinity Hall (PBS), Tavis Smiley, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (Available on Blu Ray) 2013 90 mins Ex D7646
Maphis, Joe Austin City Limits 1986 10 min Ex- #254
Mariano, Charlie Molde Jazz festival 1971 36 mins Ex D5897
Marillion BBC Sight & sound 1984 38 mins Ex- D6667
Marillion Rocklife 1991 93 mins Ex D768
Marino, Frank Le Petit Cafe Campus, Montreal (AUD Cam) 2001 61 mins Ex- D5692
Marino, Frank The Variety Playhouse (AUD Cam, steady, 2 discs) 2006 180 mins Ex D5694
Marino, Frank & Mahogany Rush Belmont Festival 1979 60 mins Vg D5054
Marino, Frank & Mahogany Rush Day on the Green: Monsters of Rock Festival: Oakland Coliseum Stadium (In House hand held stage Cam, vocals a bit low in mix) 1979 30 mins Vg+ D5987
Marino, Frank & Mahogany Rush Don Kirshner's Rock Concert 1974 20 min Vg D295
Mariza 3Sat festival, Mainz, Germany 2005 72 mins Ex D3538
Mariza Jazztage Forum, Leverkusen, Germany 2007 70 mins Ex D3539
Marley, Bob Amandla Festival; Harvard Stadium, Boston (Mint Upgrade) 1979 106 mins Ex D5114
Marley, Bob Arena: Exodus 77 (BBC4 Documentary) 2011 89 mins Ex D5146
Marley, Bob Caribbean Nights: The Bob Marley Story 1986 100 mins Ex P.R. , D3508
Marley, Bob Live At The Santa Barbara Bowl 1979 60 min Ex L.D.
Marley, Bob Love Gong (B & W, Jamaican Tv, Tuff Gong studio footage w full songs, Rainbow Theatre, Interviews w Marley & Marcia Griffiths) 1981 60 mins Vg+ D7803
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