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I'm In a Rock & Roll Band (Ep 1) The Singer, (Ep 2) The Guitarist (BBC Four Documentary Series) Jim Morrison, In Curtis, Mick Jagger, Bono, Iggy Pop, Roger Daltry, Sting, Dave Grohl, Siouxsie Sioux, Slash, Jeff Beck, Johnny Marr, Pete Townshend, Mick Jones, Matt Bellamy, Jim Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Keith Richards, Wilko Johnson, Jeff Beck, Tony Iommi, Billy Gibbons, Steve Howe, Andy Summers, Gary Rossington 2010 118 mins Ex D4730
I'm In a Rock & Roll Band (Ep 3) The Drummer, (Ep 4) The Other One (BBC Four Documentary Series) Roger Taylor, Keith Moon, John Bonham, Stewart Copeland, Carl Palmer, Tommy Lee, Phil Collins, Charlie Watts, Ginger Baker, Bill Wyman, John Entwhistle, Chris Dreja, Andy Fraser, Tony Banks 2010 118 mins Ex D4731
I'm In a Rock & Roll Band (Ep 5) The Band (BBC Four Documentary Series) Sting, Bob Geldof, New Order, Iggy Pop, Roger Daltrey. 2010 59 mins Ex D4732
I'M With Her Front Row Boston (Available on Blu Ray) 2019 81 mins Ex D10,592
I'm With Her (Sara Watkins, Sarah Jarosz and Aoife O'Donovan) Compile: Microshow Concert, Send My Love (video), Paste studios Manhattan, Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival, Tiny Desk Concert, Crossing Muddy Waters (video) (Available on Blu Ray) 2018 47 mins Ex D9952
Ian & Sylvia Reunion Concert with Emmylou Harris ,Judy Collins, Murray Mclauchlan, Gordon Light foot, Linda Ronstadt 1986 52 mins Ex- D1860
Ian, Janis Compile: Smothers Brothers 11/26/67, Midnight Special 74 + 9/12/75, Saturday Night Live 10/11/75, Grammy Awards 75, Old Grey Whistle Test 76, Don Kirshner's Rock Concert 1/9/80, Tonight Show 6/10/93, Regis & Kathie Lee 8/27/93 1967 - 93 48 mins Ex/Ex- D3545
Ian, Janis Capitol Theatre, Passiac, N.J. (In House 16mm Cam, B & W) 1976 56 mins Vg+ D8838
Ian, Janis The Forum, Los Angeles + World Cafe (Available on Blu Ray) 1980 - 2022 66 mins Ex D12,042
Idol, Billy Austin City Limits Live (Available on Blu Ray) 2015 43 mins Ex D8882
Idol, Billy Vive Latino Amazon Music Stage Autodromo Hermanos Rodríguez Mexico City, Mexico (Webcast, available in HD) 2024 65 mins Ex D12,311
IF Belgium Tv 1971 29 mins Ex D11,841
IF Liverpool University (Granada TV, timing code top screen) 1971 25 mins Ex D10,380
Imagine Dragons Live at the Artists Den (Available on Blu Ray) 2013 54 mins Ex D7663
Incredible String Band Be Glad For The Song Has No Ending 1971 49 mins Ex D11,954
Incredible String Band Julie Felix Show 1969 10 mins Vg+ D1615
Incredible String Band Retying the Knot 1997 30 mins Ex- D908
Incredible String Band Woodstock 1969 25 mins Vg/Vg+ D1615
Indigenous La Zona Rosa 1999 64 mins Ex- D6426
Indigo Girls Compile #1 Letterman 4/26/89, Letterman 10/18/89, Night Music 11/26/89, New Visions 90, A & E Revue 90, Much Music 6/91, Letterman 1/10/91, Tonight Show 1/23/91, Letterman 7/19/91, Good Morning America 6/2/92, Tonight Show 7/1/92, Letterman 1/23/93, Letterman 1/12/94 1989 - 92 80 mins Ex D3076
Indigo Girls Compile #2 Conan O'Brien 5/12/94, Letterman 6/30/94, Letterman 11/28/95, Letterman 4/30/97, Rosie O'Donnell 5/2/97, Great Woods 6/6/97, Austin City Limits 98, Letterman 6/5/98, Conan O'Brien 6/10/04 1994 - 04 69 mins Ex D3077
Indigo Girls A & E Revue 1990 5 min Ex #33, D3076
Indigo Girls A & E Revue;Xmas show 1990 5 min Ex #36, D3076
Indigo Girls Hard Rock Live 1997 25 min Ex #337, D11,392
Indigo Girls Letterman 1990 5 min Ex #48, D3067
Indigo Girls Letterman 1991 5 min Ex #71, D3076
Indigo Girls Live at Much Music 1991 15 min Ex #59, D11,437
Indigo Girls Live at the Uptown Lounge 1990 60 min Ex P.R., D272
Indigo Girls Live on Rosie O' Donnell 1997 10 min Ex #18, D3077
Indigo Girls Look Long Together: Live in Studio*** (Webcast, available on Blu Ray) 2022 83 mins Ex D11,802
Indigo Girls On Canvas: Live at Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square, PA 2011 28 mins Ex D6487
Indigo Girls Woodsongs 2013 56 mins Ex D9172
Indigo Girls + Keb Mo Bottom Line 2004 73 mins Ex D4657
Indigo Girls, Michelle Shocked Unplugged 1991 20 min Ex #87, D1582
Inmates Rockpalast 1979 66 mins Ex- D11,870
Inner Circle Rockpalast (available on Blu Ray) 2018 45 mins Ex D11,026
INXS B.C. Place, Vancouver: Olympic Games Concert 2010 79 mins Ex D4878
INXS late Night In Concert (BBC) 1986 30 mins Ex- D7327
INXS Never Tear Us Apart (Australian Tv, Docu-Drama, Stars Damon Herriman, Luke Arnold, Hugh Sheridan) 2014 164 mins Ex D9515
INXS Rockpalast 1984 21 mins Ex D4910
INXS Rockpalast 1997 79 mins Ex D3145
Iris, Donnie & the Cruisers Blossom Music Centre 1981 50 mins Ex D5046
Iris, Donnie & the Cruisers Blossom Music Centre 1981 50 mins Ex D5046
Iron & Wine Austin City Limits (Available on Blu Ray) 2008 27 mins Ex D2841
Iron Butterfly Compile: Hy lit Show, Musical Mutiny movie clip, Playboy After Dark, Dating Game, Upbeat, Danish Tv, Bandstand, Something Else 1968 - 70 112 mins Ex-/Vg+/Vg D2469
Iron Butterfly Early Collection: American Bandstand (68), Promo clip (Unconscious Power), Playboy After Dark (68), Dating Game (68), Promo Clip (Filled with Fear), Upbeat (69), Something Else (70), Danish Tv (70) 1968 - 70 104 mins Vg+/Vg- D6394
Iron Butterfly In-a-gadda da vida;beat club 1968-69 40 min Ex P.R. , D215
Iron Butterfly Jazz Beat (2 shows, Danish Tv) 1971 57 mins Ex D7793
Iron Maiden Live at The Rainbow 1980 26 mins Ex D10,759
Iron Maiden Musikladen (Upgrade & Complete show) 1981 64 mins Ex D2883
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