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B-52's Capitol Theatre, Passaic (In-House 16mm Cam, B & W) 1980 68 mins Ex- D7634
B-52's Montreux Jazz Festival 2007 42 mins Ex D7016
B-52's MTV Rockumentry 1990 27 mins Vg+ D895
B-52's Rewind Festival (Webcast, a bit blocky, Available on Blu Ray) 2013 64 mins Ex D7649
B-52's Rockpop in Concert, Dortmund, Westfahlenhalle 1983 30 mins Ex D2264
B-52's VH1's Big Backyard Bar-B-Q 1998 67 mins Ex D9124
Babe Ruth Garden of Stars, Montreal 1975 50 mins Vg+ D3046
Bacharach, Burt BBC Four Sessions (Available in PAL HD) 2008 45 mins Ex D6575
Bacharach, Burt Edmonton, Alberta, Canada 1977 47 mins Ex D10,253
Bacharach, Burt Electric Proms 2008 58 mins Ex D5528
Bacharach, Burt Glastonbury (Available on Blu Ray) 2015 61 mins Ex D8681
Bachman & Turner Mod Club, Toronto (AUD Cam, Audio recording overdriven, guest Sammy Hagar, 2 discs) 2011 96 mins Ex D5564
Bachman Turner Overdrive Canadian Tv Special 1975 60 mins Vg+ D556
Bachman Turner Overdrive Canadian Tv Special (Alternate Version, some different scenes/concert clips/ edits, incl orig commercials & New Years Eve Dick Clark Special) 1975 69 mins Vg+ D8464
Bachman Turner Overdrive Dick Clark's Rockin' New Years Eve Special 1976 10 mins Ex- D1758
Bachman Turner Overdrive Saskatchawan Penn 1988 30 min Ex #54, D728
Bachman, Randy Bachman (Documentary profile, available on Blu Ray) 2018 78 mins Ex D10,677
Bachman, Randy Life & times (documentry) 2005 45 mins Ex D452
Bachman, Randy Live at Much Music 1992 15 min Ex #131, D5007
Bachman, Randy Saban Theater; Beverly Hills, California (Yahoo Live Nation Webcast, Available on Blu Ray) 2015 100 mins Ex D8643
Bachman, Randy & Burton Cummings Soundstage 1977 58 mins Vg- D4524
Bachman, Randy & Tal Livestream from Home #2 & #3 (Available on Blu Ray) 2020 107 mins Ex D10,779
Bachman, Randy & Tal Livestream from home + Pop Life (int, also inc Biff Naked, Chloe Charles, available on Blu Ray) 2020 139 mins Ex D10,769
Bad Company (Compile: Promo Videos (Can;t Get Enough, Good Lovin Gone Bad, Feel Like Makin' Love, Run with the Pack), Wembley Stadium 1979 (low audio), Vh1 Behind the Music, The Firm Videos (tear Down the Walls, Satisfaction Guaranteed, All the Kings Horses, Radioactive, Live in Peace), Paul Rodgers Promos (Cut Loose, Morning After), Mot the Hoople Promos (At the Crossroads, You Really Got me, Honaloochie Boogie), Bad Company (Western Movie 90 mins) 1974 - 86 190 mins Ex-/Vg+/Vg D5033
Bad Company BBC Radio 2 Studio 2010 25 mins Ex D4835
Bad Company Behind the Music 1999 44 mins Ex D2103
Bad Company Don Kirshner's Rock concert 1974 29 mins Ex- D320
Bad Company Hard Rock Live 1999 45 min Ex #440, D255
Bad Company Hard Rock Live 2008 67 mins Ex D3760
Bad Company Hard Rock, Orlando, Florida with guests Pat Travers, Rick Derringer, Edgar Winter, Gary Rossington 1999 167 mins Ex- D11,801
Bad Company Live at the Bomb Factory, Dallas, TX (Available on Blu Ray) 2018 60 mins Ex D9871
Bad Company Regis & Kathie Lee 1999 7 min Ex D3479
Bad News Bad News + More Bad News (Uk Spoof Heavy Metal Band Documentaries) 1983 - 88 80 mins Ex D4253
Bad News More Bad News;BBC Comedy 1983 50 min Ex- #161
Badfinger Tv Anthology: Promo, Hits a Go Go, Top of the Pops, Promo, Larry Kane Show, In Session, Rollin on the River, Set of six, Midnight Special, American Bandstand, Promos, Merv Griffin Show, Minneapolis Tv Documentary, News Clip 1970 - 81 118 mins Ex/Ex-/Vg/Vg- D6990
Badfinger A Riveting and Emotionally Gripping Saga (OOP DVD, Documentary w./ full live clips) 1997 90 mins Ex D3501
Badfinger Behind the Music 2000 44 mins Ex D2179
Badfinger Set Of Six (Granada Tv, mint upgrade, Timing code top corner) 1972 26 mins Ex D10,373, D10,458
Baez, Joan 90's in France Compile: Tele Caroline (90), Du Cote De Chez Fred (90), Bouillon De Culture (92), Le Cercle De Minuit (93), Dimanche Martin (95) 1990 - 95 58 mins Ex D6579
Baez, Joan Compile #2: Newport Folk Festival, BBC, Gala Du Midem 1966 -76 24 mins Ex D3866
Baez, Joan Compile: Visions of Johanna; March on Washington 1962, BBC In Concert 1965, West German Tv 1966, Easter March Footage from West German Tv 1966, Stockholm Sweden 1966, The Big TNT Show 1966, Smothers Brothers 1969, (w. Bob Dylan) NBC Tv Special 1976 (Broadcast & Unaired versions), West German Tv late 70's, Peace Sunday Rose Bowl w. Bob Dylan 1982, West Germany w. Bob Dylan & Carlos Santana 1984, Fillmore West Anniversary (1 song w. Joe Cocker), Pete Seeger Honors Washington 1994, "Democracy Now" Camp Casey Texas 2005 1963 - 05 124 mins Ex- /Vg+ D3036
Baez, Joan In Italy: Arena Civicia Di Milano 1970, Bussoladomani - Viareggio 1984, Blitz - Roma, 1984 1970 - 84 67 mins Ex- D3718
Baez, Joan The 60's US Tv Appearences: The Big TNT Show 1965, Today Show 1967, Sunday CBC Tv 1967, Playboy After Dark 1968, US Tv 1969 1965 - 69 58 mins Ex/Ex- D6916
Baez, Joan The Recent Years; Celtic Connections 2004, BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards 2004, Soundstage 2004, Cambridge Folk Festival 2007, Glastonbury 2008 2004 - 08 58 mins Ex D6446
Baez, Joan Austin City Limits 1995 30 min Ex #208, D601
Baez, Joan BBC In Concert (Digital rebroadcast) 1964 37 mins Ex D3025
Baez, Joan Bratislava, Czechoslovakia 1989 52 mins Ex D6428
Baez, Joan Carry It On (Documentary following Joan and husband David Harris) 1970 80 mins Ex D11,480
Baez, Joan Crier & Company 1997 7 min Ex #350, D175
Baez, Joan En Concierto; Bilbao, Spain 1988 87 mins Ex- D3864
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