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A Flock Of Seagulls BBC Sight & Sound 1983 39 mins Ex D5554
ABBA A & E Biography 2005 44 mins Ex D3874
ABBA ABBA Dabba Doo 1976 56 mins Ex D12,359
ABBA Against The Odds (documentary on their 1974 Euorvision win), available in HD) 2024 90 mins Ex D12,367
ABBA At the BBC 1974 - 80 60 mins Ex D7927
ABBA Kult Am Sonntag (Archive clips) 1974 -80 119 mins Ex D1549
ABBA Musik Laden 1975 - 79 43 mins Ex D9906
ABBA Musikladen (Digital Rebroadcast) 1977 22 mins Ex D4243
ABBA Tv Appearances Compile 1973 - 80 51 mins Ex/Ex- D10,917
AC/DC BBC Sight & Sound 1978 45 mins Ex D39
AC/DC Live in Rijnhallen, Arnhem, Holland 1979 35 mins Ex D1648
AC/DC Rock Goes to College: Essex University, Colchester (Digital rebroadcast) 1978 47mins Ex D1663
Acuff, Roy Pioneers of Country Music 2019 47 mins Ex- D11,461
Adam & The Ants Live in Tokyo 1981 54 mins Ex D5747
Adams, Bryan Compile #1: American Bandstand 4/16/83, Saturday Night Live 2/9/85, Late Show with David Letterman 6/20/85, Late Show with David Letterman 1/10/92, MTV Awards 9/9/92, Late Show with David Letterman 3/3/93, Tonight Show with Jay Leno 4/2/93, Farm Aid VI 4/24/93, Apollo Theatre 6/15/93, Late Show with David Letterman 12/3/93, Jon Stewart Show 12/6/93, Elvis Tribute 10/8/94 1983 - 94 74 mins Ex D4206
Adams, Bryan Compile #2: Late Show with David Letterman 6/3/96, Today Show 6/4/96, Boston 7/6/96, Tonight Show with Jay Leno 8/1/396, Late Night with Conan O'brien 9/11/96, Rosie O'Donnell 9/16/96, Lifetime 10/21/96, All Sate Garage Band 3/8/97, Unicef Concert 12/10/97, Late Show with David Letterman 12/12/97, Tonight Show with Jay Leno 1/26/98, Vibe 1/27/98, Tonight Show with Jay Leno 10/27/98, Net Aid 10/9/99 1996 - 99 78 mins Ex D4207
Adams, Bryan Countdown: Live at the Tokyo Dome 1989 52 mins Ex D6606
Adams, Bryan Live at the Rehearsal Hall 2010 44 mins Ex D5075
Adams, Bryan Radio 2 Live Hyde Park 2015 46 mins Ex D8779
Adams, Bryan Rock In Rio: Parque da Bela Vista, Lisboa, Portugal 2012 70 mins Ex D6443
Adams, Bryan Rockpalast 1983 66 mins Ex- D7402
Adams, Bryan & Jason Aldean CMT Crossroads 2009 43 mins Ex D3416
Adams, Ryan Dutch T Collection: Barend en Van Dorp 10/24/01, 2 Meter Sessions 2/5/02, Lola De Musica (Live from the Paradiso) 10/18/01 2001 - 02 81 mins Ex D3199
Adams, Ryan Austin City Limits 2005 30 mins Ex D739
Adams, Ryan Austin City Limits (Available on Blu Ray) 2014 26 mins Ex D8501
Adams, Ryan Austin City Limits (Available on Blu Ray) 2015 29 mins Ex D8963
Adams, Ryan BBC Four Sessions; LSO St Lukes 2007 60 mins Ex D1854
Adams, Ryan Coachella Festival (Available on Blu Ray) 2015 50 mins Ex D8572
Adams, Ryan Desmet Studios, Amsterdam VPRO TV 2008 29 mins Ex D3292
Adams, Ryan Glastonbury (Available on Blu Ray) 2015 78 mins Ex D8695
Adams, Ryan iHeartRadio Theatre, New York (Available on Blu Ray) 2017 58 mins Ex D9526
Adams, Ryan KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic (Available on Blu Ray) 2014 52 mins Ex D8357
Adams, Ryan KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic (Available on Blu Ray) 2017 38 mins Ex D9514
Adams, Ryan letterman 2005 5 mins Ex D537
Adams, Ryan & Elton John Crossroads 2002 45 mins Ex #501, D441
Adams,Ryan AVO Sessions 2002 60 mins Ex D54
Adderley, Cannonball, Quintet Centralteatret, Oslo, Norway 1969 23 mins Ex D9179
Adele At The BBC (Available on Blu Ray) 2015 63 mins Ex D8910
Adele Glastonbury (Available on Blu Ray) 2016 93 mins Ex D9210
Adele Live From the Artists Den: Santa Monica Bay Women's Club (Available on Blu Ray) 2012 55 mins Ex D6113
Adele Live Lounge (BBC Radio One Web) 2011 28 mins Ex D5106
Adele One Night Only (Available on Blu Ray) 2021 88 mins Ex D11,632
Adele Radio City Music Hall (extended rebroadcast, Available on Blu Ray) 2015 62 mins Ex D8942
Adele Radio City Music Hall; Live in New York City (Available on Blu Ray) 2015 42 mins Ex D8942
Adele Vh1 Unplugged (Available on Blu Ray) 2011 23 mins Ex D6071
Adkins, Trace Soundstage (Available on Blu Ray) 2009 45 mins Ex D7838
Aerosmith Oakland Coliseum Stadium; Day On the Green, Monsters of Rock Festival (In-House hand held stage cam, vocals low in mix) 1979 69 mins Ex- D5465
Aerosmith 2 Meter Sessies (Dutch TV) 1987 22 mins Ex D12,193
Aerosmith Compile #1: Midnight Special 8/16/74, Saturday Night Live 2/17/90, MTV Awards 9/6/90, MTV Awards 9/2/93, Saturday Night Live 10/9/93, Billboard Music Awards 12/8/93, Grammy Awards 3/1/94, Late Show with David Letterman 3/3/94, MTV Awards 9/894, MTV Europe Awards 11/24/94 1974 - 94 74 mins Ex D4204
Aerosmith Compile #2: Gap Ad 97, Saturday Night Live 8/22/97, Late Show with David Letterman 8/8/97, Tonight Show with Jay Leno 10/15/97, MTV Europe Awards 11/97, Billboard Music Awards 12/8/97, Grammy Awards 2/4/99, Oscars 3/21/99, Saturday Night live 3/17/01, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame ceremonies 3/19/01, Today Show 3/19-20/01 1997 - 01 77 mins Ex D4205
Aerosmith Live Bootleg Tv Appearances: Midnight Special 8/1674, Pontiac Silverdome 5/8/76, California Jam 3/18/78, Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band movie 78, Promos (Chip away the Stone, No Surprize, Lightning Strikes, Let the Music do the Talking) 78 - 85, Interview (Monsters of Rock Show, Skytrax 9/24/87), Interview (Canada Calling 10.21.87), MTV Video Awards 9/7/89, Saturday Night Live 2/17/90, MTV Video Music Awards 9/6/90, MTV 10 years Anniversary 11/27/91, Top of the Pops 11/5/93, MTV Video Music Awards 9/8/94, MTV European Video Music Awards 11/24/94, Saturday Night Live 3/22/97 1974 97 101 mins Ex D4409
Aerosmith A & E Biography 2010 43 mins Ex D4880
Aerosmith Arena Ciudad de México, Mexico City, Mexico (Available on Blu Ray) 2016 78 mins Ex D11,924
Aerosmith Capital Centre, Landover, MD (Master tape, available in HD) 1989 73 mins Ex D11,884
Aerosmith Coca-Cola Star Lake Amphitheater, Pittsburgh, PA (Available on Blu Ray) 1993 72 mins Ex D11,908
Aerosmith Comerica Park, Detroit, Michigan (Available on Blu Ray) 2003 60 mins Ex D11,913
Aerosmith Complete Unplugged (timing code on bottom) 1990 82 mins Ex- D1004
Aerosmith Grammy Awards 1991 5 min Ex #44, D11,413
Aerosmith Grammy Awards 1994 5 min Ex #189, D11,413
Aerosmith Houston 1977 90 mins Vg+ D2328
Aerosmith iHeart Radio Festival (Available on Blu Ray) 2012 35 mins Ex D7363
Aerosmith Live from Another Dimension (Boston Free Concert, AXS-Tv, Edited broadcast version, Available on Blu Ray) 2012 52 mins Ex D6889
Aerosmith Monsters Of Rock Festival, Rio De Janeiro, Brasil (Available on Blu Ray) 2013 120 mins Ex D7709
Aerosmith Philadelphia Spectrum 1990 103 mins Vg+ D8189
Aerosmith Robin Hood Foundation Benefit 2007 69 mins Ex D2059
Aerosmith Rock In Rio: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil (Available on Blu Ray, BD-R) 2017 105 mins Ex D9616
Aerosmith Rock Odyssey; Yokohama Arena ,Japan 2004 77 mins Ex D2506
Aerosmith Texxas Jam 1978 60 min Ex P.R., D603
Aerosmith The Summit, Houston (Mint upgrade from master tape, available in HD) 1977 59 mins Ex D11,881
Aerosmith Tweeter Center, Camden, N.J. 2002 93 mins Ex- D6298
Aerosmith Unplugged 1990 30 min Ex #199, D1580
Aerosmith Whiskey a Go Go (Available on Blu Ray) 2014 35 mins Ex D8143
Aerosmith Woodstock 94 1994 120 mins Ex- D3801
Aerosmith with Jimmy Page Castle Donnigton + Marquee Club (Inc rehearsal) (AUD Cam) 1990 86 mins Ex- D8260
Agnetha ABBA & After (BBC Documentary, Available in PAL HD) 2013 59 mins Ex D7456
Aguilera, Christine Vh1 Storytellers 2010 49 mins Ex D9483
Akkerman, Jan Blues & Soul Festival, Macedonia 2007 98 mins Ex D9463
Akkerman, Jan Full House: Live from Internationales Jazz festival, Stadhalle Veirsen 2001 30 mins Ex- D4292
Akkerman, Jan Rock Aus Dem Alabama (Digital rebroadcast) 1985 44 mins Ex D4293
Akkerman, Jan with Fish De Vrienden Van De Amstel: Nourd Wijkerhout (Dutch TV) 2002 43 mins Ex- D4292
Alabam Shakes Austin City Limits (Available on Blu Ray) 2013 25 mins Ex D7333
Alabama Alabama In Concert 1980 24 mins Vg+ D12,004
Alabama Austin City Limits (Master with timing code lower screen) 1980 30 mins Ex D11,885
Alabama For the Record: 41 Number One Hits Live (OOP DVD) 1998 180 mins Ex DVD
Alabama In Concert 1980 24 mins Ex- D5207
Alabama & Patty Loveless Rodeo Houston 1995 83 mins Ex- D3748
Alabama Shakes Apogee Studios, Santa Monica (Available on Blu Ray) 2015 67 mins Ex D8591
Alabama Shakes Austin City Limits (Available on Blu Ray) 2013 25 mins Ex D8733
Alabama Shakes Austin City Limits Music Festival, Zilcher Park (Available on Blu Ray) 2015 50 mins Ex D8886
Alabama Shakes Bonnaroo Festival (Available on Blu Ray) 2012 50 mins Ex D6459
Alabama Shakes Coachella (Available on Blu Ray) 2015 45 mins Ex D8582
Alabama Shakes Festival Les In Rocks Phillips: Casino de Paris (Available on Blu Ray) 2015 55 mins Ex D8931
Alabama Shakes Live From the Artists Den (Available on Blu Ray) 2015 54 mins Ex D8520
Alabama Shakes Lolapalooza Brazil (Available on Blu Ray) 2016 55 mins Ex D9094
Alabama Shakes Metro Theatre, Sydney, Australia 2013 82 mins Ex D7259
Alabama Shakes Montreux Jazz festival (Available on Blu Ray) 2012 49 mins Ex D7418
Alabama Shakes Ogden Theater, Denver (AXS-Tv, Available on Blu Ray) 2013 71 mins Ex D7291
Alabama Shakes The Metro Theatre, Sydney (Available on Blu Ray) 2015 85 mins Ex D8670
Alan Parsons Project Promo Compile: I Wouldn't Want to Be Like You, Let's Talk About Me, Prime Time, Standing On Higher Ground, Stereotomy, Days Are Numbers/ The Travelist, Nothing Left To Lose, Sooner Or Later, Where Do We Go From Here,Silence and I, 1980 - 89 50 mins Ex- D3902
Alarm, The Rockpalast; Loreley 1984 79 mins Vg+ D10,525
Albion Band BBC Documentary 1980 44 mins Ex- D3424
Alexis Korner & Friends (Nico Korner (guitar), Bill Wyman (bass), Charlie Watts (drums), Ian Stewart (keyboards), John Pickard, Willie Garnett, Mel Collins, Ted Bunting,Ruby Turner, Jaki Graham0 Rock Around Midnight (10-1-83, timing code top corner) 1983 45 mins Ex D11,069
Alice Cooper Sunshine Inn, Asbury Park, New Jersey (B&W, low quality) 1971 32 mins Vg- D10,542
Alice in Chains Rockpalast; Rock Am Ring 2006 44 mins Ex D1056
Allison, Bernard Piazza Blues, Bellinzona, Switzerland 2001 44 mins Ex D9581
Allison, Bernard with Stevie Ray Vaughan Duffy's Rooftop, Peoria, Illinois (AUD Cam, Fairly steady) 1986 28 mins VG+ D7939
Allison, Luther Festival Hamburg 1993 89 mins Ex- D7953
Allison, Luther Live in East Berlin (Digital rebroadcast) 1988 74 mins Ex D7666
Allison, Luther Montreal Jazz Festival 1997 60 min Ex #268, D2168
Allison, Luther Montreux Jazz Festival 1983 78 mins Ex- D7955
Allison, Luther New Morning, Geneve 1994 52 mins Ex D7954
Allison, Luther Rawa Blues Festival, Spodek, Kattowitz, Poland (Digital Rebroadcast) 1993 65 mins Ex D2825
Allison, Luther Rockpalast: Zeche Bochum 1985 103 mins Ex- D2858
Allison, Luther Zoo Bar Blues (Nebraska ETV Network) 1997 58 mins Ex D4201
Allison, Luther & Bernard Ohne Filter 1991 59 mins Ex- D8096, D5585
Allison, Mose Blues Alley, Washington, D.C. (AUD Cam, Available on Blu Ray) 2012 70 mins Ex D6755
Allison, Mose Montreux Jazz Festival *** 1982 57 mins Ex D11,157
Alpert, Herb & the Tijuana Brass BBC Tv (Digital rebroadcast) 1967 23 mins Ex D6053
Alvin, Dave Compile: Way Off Broadway, The Late Show 9/3/87, Letterman 12/17/91, Dennis Miller 3/18/92, Video collection (New Tattoo, Fourth of July, Every Night About this Time)(Included on Various Compile #12) 1987 -94 36 mins Ex- D2530
Alvin, Dave Great American Music Hall (OOP Fan Club DVD) 2005 91 mins Ex DVD
Alvin, Dave Joe's Pub, New York City (Tripod Camera, Ex Audio) 2005 80 mins Ex D3677
Alvin, Dave Letterman 1991 5 min Ex #107, D6632
Alvin, Dave Live Much Music (See also live at Much vol. 4) 1992 10 min Ex #75, D11,433
Alvin, Dave World Cafe Live (Aud Cam) 2006 115 mins Ex D2531
Alvin, Dave & Friends Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival (Webcast, glitch free version, Available on Blu Ray) 2013 43 mins Ex D7745
Alvin, Dave & Jimmie Dale Gilmore Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival 2018 (Available on Blu Ray) 2018 48 mins Ex D9948
Alvin, Dave & Jimmie Dale Gilmore Mountain Stage: Culture Center Theater, Charleston, West Virginia (Available on Blu Ray) 2018 29 mins Ex D9853
Alvin, Dave & Jimmie Dale Gilmore & The Guilty Ones Strawberry Festival (AUD camera, steady, good sound, available on Blu Ray) 2018 66 mins Ex D11,368
Alvin, Dave & Max Gomez eTown Sessions (Available on Blu Ray) 2013 30 mins Ex D10,257
Alvin, Dave & Phil Bang Festival - Santa Ana California 2014, SXSW record store day, KUTX Austin, Relix session, Promos (On The Way Downtown, World's Ina Bad Condition) (Available in Blu Ray) 2014 88 mins Ex D11,367
Alvin, Dave & Phil Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival 2015 )Available on Blu Ray, joined in prgress) 2015 48 mins Ex D8816
Alvin, Dave & Phil Troubadour, Los Angeles (Yahoo Live Nation Webcast, Available on Blu Ray) 2015 129 mins Ex D8510
Alvin, Dave & Phil, & The Guilty Ones Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival 2014 (Webcast, Available on Blu Ray) 2014 46 mins Ex D8371
Alvin, Dave & Rosie Flores Lil Art's Poker Party 1990 28 mins Vg+ D11,364
Alvin, Dave & the Guilty Men Fitzgerald's 25th American Music Festival Berwin, Illinois, July 3 2006 2006 130 mins Ex D1195
Alvin, Dave & The Guilty Men Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival 2017 (Available on Blu Ray) 2017 52 mins Ex D9640
Alvin, Dave & The Gulity Ones Daryl's House Club (Available on Blu Ray) 2017 108 mins Ex D9801
Alvin, Dave & Tim Russell McCabes Guitar Shop (AUD Cam, close, steady, good sound, 10-04-2010) 2010 99 mins Ex D12,246
Alvin, Dave with Chris Miller The Männerchor, Columbus, Ohio 2009 120 mins Ex D11,956
Alvin, Phil Blues Quartet Redwood Bar & Grill (AUD Cam, Tripod) 2011 120 mins Ex D6076
Amazing Blondel Folkest 1998 21 mins Ex- D904
Amazing Rhythm Aces Austin City Limits 1976 48 mins Vg D2521
Amazing Rhythm Aces Master Musicians Festival Somerset, Kentucky 2000 58 mins Ex D4220
Amazing Rhythm Aces Stevie Ray's Blues Bar, Louisville, Kentucky (Aud Cam) 2004 130 mins Ex D2520
Ambrosia Don Kirshner's Rock Concert 1980 44 mins Vg+ D3800
America Infinity Hall Live (Available on Blu Ray) 2015 56 mins Ex D8689
America Today Show 1998 15 min Ex #400, D933
Amon Duul II Phon Zeit (German Tv, Timing Strip on Screen) 1975 37 mins Ex D3900
Amos Lee Live From Daryl's House 2014 49 mins Ex D9608
Amos, Tori Breakfast with the Arts 2005 20 mins Ex D916
Amos, Tori 3VOOR12 Radio Sessions, Amsterdam 2009 26 mins Ex D3348
Amos, Tori Compile #1: Letterman 4/23/92, Arsenio Hall 9/10/92, Much Music Studios 10/92, Later with Bob Costas 94, Tonight Show 2/11/94, Friday Night 2/18/94, Friday Night 3/11/94, Letterman 3/28/94, Conan O'Brien 6/8/94, 120 Minutes 6/19/94, Letterman 6/28/94, Friday Night 3/3/95, Saturday Night Live 1/20/96 1992 - 96 97 mins Ex D3469
Amos, Tori Compile #2: Much Music 1/96, 120 Minutes 1/21/96, Regis & Kathie Lee 2/2/96, CBS This Morning 2/5/96, Tonight Show 2/8/96, Letterman 4/8/96, Regis & Kathie Lee 5/14/96, Conan O'Brien 5/15/96, Tonight Show 6/27/96, Letterman 10/4/96, Rosie O'Donnell 1/24/97, Letterman 4/10/98, Tonight Show 5/11/98 1996 - 98 113 mins Ex D3470
Amos, Tori Compile #3: Letterman 7/27/98, Conan 8/7/98, Tonight Show 9/17/98, Rosie O'Donnell 12/12/98, Letterman 8/12/99, Good Morning America 9/3/99, Tonight Show 9/21/99, Conan O'Brien 10/14/99, Rosie O'Donnell 10/20/99, Letterman 9/18/01, Tonight Show 11/14/01, Late Night with Craig Kilborn 11/16/01,Letterman 10/29/02, Regis & Kelly 10/30/02, Today show 11/20/02, Late Night with Craig Kilborn 12/19/02, Wayne Brady 03, Tonight Show 4/16/03, Regis & Kelly 11/26/03, Letterman 2/17/05 1998 - 05 118 mins Ex D3471
Amos, Tori Baloise Sessions (Available on Blu Ray) 2015 62 mins Ex D9404
Amos, Tori CBS Saturday Early Show Second Cup Cafe (9-22-2001) 2001 7 mins Ex D11,390
Amos, Tori FM4 Radio Sessions, Radiokulturhaus, Wein, Austria 2009 24 mins Ex D3347
Amos, Tori Hard Rock Live 2000 25 min Ex #462, D532
Amos, Tori Infinity Hall Live (Available on Blu Ray) 2014 57 mins Ex D8677
Amos, Tori Le Poisson Rouge, New York, NY (Available on Blu Ray) 2013 66 mins Ex D7883
Amos, Tori Little Earthquakes (Video Collection) 1992 60 min Ex P.R., D533
Amos, Tori NPR Music (Available on Blu Ray) 2012 66 mins Ex D11,378
Amos, Tori NPR Music Live: Le Poisson Rouge, New York (Available on Blu Ray) 2012 66 mins Ex D11,398
Amos, Tori Oxygen Concert 2003 43 mins Ex D4977
Amos, Tori Sessions at West 54th 1999 30 min Ex #420, D532
Amos, Tori Storytellers 1999 45 min Ex #421, D695
Amos, Tori T In The Park, Balado, Kinross-Shire, Scotland 2007 29 mins Ex D1884
Amos, Tori Under The Pink; Live in Montreal 1993 70 min Ex #205, D613
Amos,Tori Soundstage 2003 55 mins Ex D74
An Emotional Fish Live at Much Music 1990 15 min Ex #28
Anastasio, Trey (Widespread Panic frontman) Front & Center: Brooklyn Bowl (Available on Blu Ray) 2014 54 mins Ex D8688
Andersen, Eric Entertainment desk 1997 10 min Ex #18, D664
Andersen, Eric Folkest 2003 31 mins Ex D1428
Andersen, Eric Folkpoet (Documentary, available on Blu Ray) 2019 100 mins Ex D11,429
Andersen, Eric Live in Milan 1995 17 mins Ex D1708
Andersen, Eric Paste Studios (Available on Blu ray) 2020 54 mins Ex D11,712
Andersen, Eric Paste Studios, NYC (Available on Blu Ray) 2020 54 mins Ex D10,988
Andersen, Eric Rock Scene : CBC tv 1967 8 mins Vg D1614
Andersen, Eric Theatre De Kikker, Utrecht, Netherlands (AUD CAm) 2003 117 mins Ex- D7040
Andersen, Eric Woodstock Under Thee Stars: Nevessa Production Woodstock (Available on Blu Ray) 2011 110 mins Ex D11,321
Andersen, Matt Q-Bus, Leiden, Holland (AUD Cam, a little shaky, Available on Blu Ray 2013 85 mins Ex D7872
Anderson, Ernistine Burghausen 2006 80 mins Ex D1409
Anderson, Ian Petrie In Prime (CBC Newsworld Int on release on "Nightcap" album) 1994 23 min Ex #115,D11,413
Anderson, Ian Thick As a Brick Live (Harpa, Reykjavik, Iceland TV) 2012 113 mins Ex D8168
Anderson, Ian;Martin Barre Letterman 1988 5 min Ex- #303
Anderson, John Austin City Limits 1984 29 mins Ex- D3880
Anderson, John & Big & Rich CMT Cross Country 2007 45 mins Ex D4332
Anderson, Jon Breakfast with the Arts 2005 15 mins Ex D587
Anderson, Jon Wystepit: Polish Tv 2005 29 mins Ex D2670
Anderson, Jon & the Contemporary Youth Orchestra State of Independence: Live at Severance Hall, Cleveland, Ohio (HDNet Concert series, Available on Blu Ray) 2010 91 mins Ex D5025
Anderson, Kerri Live at Much Music (See also Live at Much vol. 1) 1991 10 min Ex #42, D11,433
Animals Compile ; Ready Steady Go, Ed Sullivan (x3),Swinging Uk film clip, NME Poll Winner's Concert, Hullabaloo(x2), Shindig goes to London, Beat Club, Beat Beat Beat,Mike Douglas Show, Monterey Pop Festival ,Clip from Superstars in Concert 1964-68 90 mins Ex/Vg+ D550
Animals Animalisims Vol. 1: (Disc 1) Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On, Ready Steady Go (3-20-64), The UK Swings Again, The Rehearsal room, France Tv 64, Get Yourself a College Girl, The Ed Sullivan Show (10-18-64), Pop Gear, The Ed Sullivan Show (1-24-65), NME Poll Winners Concert, Hullabaloo (4-20-65), The Ed Sullivan show (5-30-65), Richmond Jazz Festival, Hullabaloo (9-27-65), It's a Bikini World (Disc 2) Hullabaloo (10-11-65), Shindig (10-14-65), The Ed Sullivan Show (10-17-65), Where the Action Is (10-25-65), The Dangerous Christmas of Red Riding Hood, Where the Action Is (12-10-65), The Ed Sullivan Show (2-16-66), Paris, The Ed Sullivan show (4-17-66), Recording Studio (summer 66), US Tour (summer 66), Ready Steady Go (9=16-66, w Otis Redding & Chris Farlowe) 1964 - 66 183 mins (2 discs Ex/Ex-/Vg+ DVD (B)
Animals Animalisms Vol. 2:(Disc 1) Discorama, Vinet De Paraitre, Beat Beat Beat, Beat Club, The Mike Douglas Show, The Monterey Pop Festival, Shebang, Popcorn, Popside, Berlin Beat, Hits a Poppin, Let's Go, Upbeat (Disc 2) Live studio promos, American Bandstand, Chipenham, London 1967- 83 196 mins (2 discs Ex/Ex-/Vg+ DVD (B)
Animals Reunion Concert 1983 46 mins Ex- D5390
Animals + Daevid Alllen (Gong) + Crazy World of Arthhur Brown + Spirit French Tv Compile: The Animals (32 min.) 1964.12.07. POP ART, 1965.11.28. Au del á de l'é cran, 1966.04.03. Au del á de l'é cran, 1966.05.18. l'Olympia, 1966.12.03. VIENT DE PARAITRE, 1967.01.08. DISCORAMA Daevid Allen (Gong) (17 min.) 1968.03.03. Au risque de vous plaire, 1968.04.21. Le petit dimanche illustré, 1971.05.04. Post scriptum, Spirit (10 min.) 1970.02.08. L'invitá du dimanche The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown (8 min.) 1966.09.12. Zoom, Au bus-palladium, 1969.07.09. Festival Pop actualites 1964 - 71 67 mins Ex D8343
Anthony & The Johnson's with The Metropole Orchestra Royal Carre Theatre, Amsterdam 2009 58 mins Ex D3368
Anthony & the Johnsons Kulturbolaget, Malmö Sweden, + Later with Jools + Mercury Music awards + Friday Night with Jonathan Ross + BBC Four Sessions 2005 107 Ex D3138
Anthrax Daytona International Speedway: Welcome to Rockville (Available on Blu Ray) 2021 47 mins Ex D11,633
Aphrodite's Child Lille, France 1968 34 mins Ex D11,443
Apple, Fiona Compile #1 : Videos (Fast as You Can, Paper Bag, Limp, Across the Universe, Extraordinary Machine), VH1 Fashion Awards 24/10/97, ABC Primetime, Howard Stern Show 97, Tonight Show 9/9/96, Letterman 3/9/97, Letterman 19/11/99, ABC In Concert 11/96, ABC Live, Video (Never is a Promise), Saturday Night Live 16/11/96, MTV Total Request Live 1997, MTV 120 Minutes 1997 1997 -05 90 mins Ex/ Ex- D1185
Apple, Fiona Compile #2: Tonight Show 19/11/99, Letterman 3/12/99, Rosie O'Donnell 10/12/99, Saturday Night Live 19/2/99, Letterman 1/3/01, Tonight Show 24/3/00, MTv React Now Hurricane Katrina Relief 9/9/05, Letterman 11/10/05, Tonight Show 3/11/05, Late Night with Craig Ferguson 8/3/06, Conan O'Brien 7/4/06, Charlie Rose 11/4/06, last Call with Carson Daly 20/6/06, Last Call with Carson Daly 21/9/06, the Today Show 12/12/05, Tonight Show 10/2/06, Howard Stern 5/97, Tonight Show 10/2/06 1996 - 05 105 mins Ex/Vg+ D3308
Apple, Fiona Compile #3: Tonight show 9/9/96, Crossroads 10/7/96, Tonight Show 3/19/97, Conan O'Brien 4/22/97, Tonight Show 8/7/97, Letterman 9/3/97, MTV Live 9/5/97, Fashion Awards 10/29/97, Letterman 1/6/98, Grammy Awards 2/25/98, Tonight Show 11/19/99, Letterman 12/3/99, Lettterman 3/1/00, Tonight Show 3/24/00, React Now Benefit 9/10/05 Letterman 10/11/05, Conan O'Brien 4/7/06, Videos (Shadowboxer, Criminal, Never is a Promise, Across the Uninverse, Fast as you Can) (Some overlap with comps 1 $ 2, but superior quality) 1996 - 07 101 mins Ex/Ex- D3352
Apple, Fiona Live at Much Music See also Live at Much Vol. 1) 1997 15 min Ex #313, d5007
Apple, Fiona Meadowbrook Music Festival, Rochester Hills, US (AUD Cam) 2007 50 mins Ex D5748
Apple, Fiona MTV Spankin' New Music Week 1999 41 mins VG+ D11,045
Apple, Fiona Rosie O'Donnell 1999 10 min Ex #443, D3308
Apple, Fiona Sessions at West 54th 1999 30 min Ex #363, D548, D11,045
Apple, Fiona Sony Music Studios 1999 42 mins Ex D1336
Apple, Fiona Tower Records (Aud) 2006 35 mins Ex D853
Apple, Fiona Unplugged 1997 20 min Ex #340, D251
Apples in Stereo Beautiful Noise; Berkeley Church, Toronto 2007 44 mins Ex D2348
April Wine Cedar Rapids, Iowa (MTV Weekend Concert) 1982 61 mins Vg+ D9247
April Wine Musikladen 1981 15 mins Ex D10,054
April Wine Rock Goes To College 1980 42 mins Vg+ D12,194
Ar Braz, Dan Vienna Folk Festival 1982 38 mins Ex- D12,045
Arcade Fire Austin City Limits (Available on Blu Ray) 2011 52 mins Ex D6068
Arcade Fire Austin City Limits HD sourced) 2007 54 mins Ex D5729
Arcade Fire BBC Radio 2 special; Media Vale Studios 2007 36 mins Ex D3338
Arcade Fire Reading Festival 2010 91 mins Ex D4640
Arden, Don Mr Rock & Roll ; Channel Four documentry on infamous Small Faces/ ELO manager 1999 51 mins Ex- D1080
Arden, Jann Live at the Rehearsall Hall 2005 47 mins Ex D375
Arden, Jann One Night Only (Available on Blu Ray) 2019 44 mins Ex D10,540
Arden, Jann Songs & Stories (Available on Blu Ray) 2018 43 mins Ex D9843
Argent Don Kirshner's Rock concert (Mint Upgrade) 1974 44 mins Ex D6059
Argent Set of Six (Granada Tv, timing code top corner) 1972 27 mins Ex D10,458
Armatrading, Joan Compile: Letterman 8/26/88, Vh1 Studios 9/8/88, Letterman 8/3/90, Tonight Show 9/14/92, Regis & Kathie Lee 10/27/95, Prism 12/95, Rosie O'Donnell 6/14/96 (Included on Various Compile #12) 1988 - 96 50 mins Ex- D2530
Armatrading, Joan Acoustic 1988 55 mins Ex- D1001
Armatrading, Joan BBC Sight & Sound (Now available in HD) 1977 30 mins Ex D1079
Armatrading, Joan Cambridge Folk Festival 2012 (Available in PAL HD) 2012 24 mins Ex D6589
Armatrading, Joan Glastonbury (Full set, 23 min version available in PAL HD) 2008 79 mins Ex D3307
Armatrading, Joan Montreux Jazz Festival 1992 52 mins Ex D4403
Armatrading, Joan Rockpalast 2007 74 mins Ex D2139
Armstrong, Louis Antibes Jazz Festival (1967/07/26) 1967 36 mins Ex D5907
Armstrong, Louis Antibes Jazz Festival (1967/08/27) 1967 30 mins Ex D5914
Armstrong, Louis Stuttgart, Germany (Original film print slightly grainy) 1959 28 mins Ex D1914
Armstrong, Louis All Stars Brussels TV 1966 52 mins Ex D10,430
Armstrong, Louis with His All Stars Show of the Week ((BBC, Digital Rebroadcast) 1968 50 mins Ex D2923
Asia Birchmere, Alexandria, Virginia (AUD Cam, steady, Available on Blu Ray) 2010 108 mins Ex D8013
Asia Live In Asia 1983 60 min Ex D94
Asia On Canvas, Grand Opera House, Wilmington, Delaware 2012 28 mins Ex D7212
Asia Regency Ballroom, San Francisco (AXS-Tv Concert, Available on Blu Ray) 2012 138 mins Ex D7039
Asleep at the Wheel Austin City Limits 1989 26 min Ex #3, D185
Asleep At The Wheel Austin City Limits 2001 28 mins Ex D1365
Asleep at the Wheel Austin City Limits (Available on Blu Ray) 2015 27 mins Ex D8875
Asleep At The Wheel Austin City Limits Music Festival, Honda Stage, Zilker Park, Austin, Texas (Available on Blu Ray) 2018 47 mins Ex D9937
Asleep At The Wheel Austin City Limits Music Festival: Zilker Park, Austin (Available on Blu Ray) 2016 49 mins Ex D9488
Asleep At The Wheel Austin City Limits: 50 Years of Asleep at the Wheel: A Retrospective (Available on Blu Ray) 2022 56 mins Ex D12,010
Asleep at the Wheel Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival (Available on Blu Ray) 2015 56 mins Ex D9193
Asleep At The Wheel Lonesome Pine special (very slight audio flutter on the treble) 1987 66 mins Vg+ D11,460
Asleep at The Wheel Paste Studio ATL + Paste Studios Manhattan Center (Available on Blu Ray) 2018 - 2020 38 mins Ex D12,335
Asleep at the Wheel TNN On Stage: Toolie's Country, Phenoix 1993 21 mins Ex- D4531
Asleep at the Wheel XI Festival de Jazz de San Javier, Murcia, Spain 2008 72 mins Ex D2711
Asleep at the Wheel + Quebe Sisters Woodsongs 2015 56 mins Ex D9171
Asleep At The Wheel with Willie Nelson, Charlie Daniels, Tracy Byrd, Delebrt McLinton Austin City Limits 1996 58 mins Ex D11,900
Aslep At The Wheel 50 Years of Asleep at The Wheel: A Austin City Limits Retrospective (Available on Blu Ray) 2020 56 mins Ex D10,860
Aswad Distant Thunder: Live at Hammersmith 1988 65 mins Ex- D11,017
Athena My Music (U.K. Channel Five Documentary) 2008 45 mins Ex D2983
Atkins, Chet Austin City Limits 1990 55 mins Ex- D4234
Atkins, Chet, with Mark Knopfler, The Everly Brothers, Emmylou Harris, Michael McDonald, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson A Session with Chet Atkins (Rebroadcast upgrade, available on Blu Ray 1987 55 mins Ex D3607
Audioslave Live at Much 2005 50 mins Ex D492
Auger, Brian Harmonie, Bonn, Germany 2011 43 mins Ex D5947
Auger, Brian Tempo Planet (Digital Rebroadcast) 2004 44 mins Ex D2277
Auger, Brian & Jeff Golub World Café Live in Philadelphia (AUD Cam, Steady, Good audio, Available on Blu Ray) 2013 56 mins Ex D7652
Auger, Brian & New Oblivion Express Leverkusen Jazztage 1998 44 mins Ex D4341
Auger, Brian , Julie Driscoll & Trinty Research Project Promo DVD Sampler: Promos, Bouton Rouge, Dim Dam Dom, Midem Festival Cannes, Tilt Magazine, Ce Soir On Danse (12 song collage) 1967 -70 20 mins Ex D4287
Auger, Brian Oblivian Express Fur Peach Ranch, Pomeroy, Ohio (Available on Blu Ray) 2014 118 mins Ex D10,907
Auger, Brian, Julie Driscoll & Trinity Swing In (Digital Rebroadcast, Available on Blu Ray) 1969 28 mins Ex D7682
Auger, Brian, Oblivian Express Belgium TV 1972 31 mins Ex D11,841
Auger, Brian, Oblivion Express Jazz Open Stuttgart 2009 59 mins Ex D4523
Auger, Brian, Oblivion Express Live at Winterland (In-House 16mm Cam, B & W) 1975 57 mins Ex- D5437
Auger, Brian, Oblivion Express Swing In (Digital rebroadcast, Available on Blu Ray) 1971 28 mins Ex D7651
Auger, Brian, with Julie Driscoll & Trinity Ultimate Collection Richmond Jazz Festival (Steampacket), Dim Dam Dom, Bouton Rouge, Gala Du Midem, Late Night Line Up, Beat Club, France Tv, Tilt Magazine, Paris, 15 Minute Concerto, Rome Pop festival, Italy Tv, Top of the Pops, Goodbye Again, Quatre Couleurs De Chansons, 33 1/3 Revolutions per Monkee, Idea Tv Special, Beat Club, Beat Beat Beat, This Is Tom Jones, Ce Soir en Dance, Jazz Bilzen (no Driscoll) 1965 - 69 209 mins (2 discs Ex/Vg+ D9240
Average White Band On Canvas: Grand Opera House, Wilmington, Delaware 2012 30 mins Ex D7543
Average White Band Rock Goes to College 1979 50 mins Ex D858
Avett Brothers Austin City Limits (Available on Blu Ray) 2014 26 mins Ex D8483
Avett Brothers Bonnaroo Festival (Available on Blu Ray) 2012 88 mins Ex D6466
Avett Brothers Dakota Sessions 2010 22 mins Ex D4742
Avett Brothers Front & Center: Live at the Iridium Club (PBS, Available on Blu Ray) 2014 53 mins Ex D8440
Avett Brothers House Of Blues, North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (Available on Blu Ray) 2015 127 mins Ex D8645
Avett Brothers KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic (Available on Blu Ray) 2016 63 mins Ex D9389
Avett Brothers Lolapalooza Festival, Grant Park, Chicago (Available on Blu Ray) 2014 69 mins Ex D8259
Avettt Brothers Austin City Limits (Also available in HD) 2009 29 mins Ex D4632
Axton, Hoyt Austin City Limits (Upgrade) 1978 57 mins Ex- D2363
Axton, Hoyt Country Night Gstaad 1991 54 mins Ex- D5971
Axton,Hoyt Musikladen 1981 65 mins Ex D10,058
Ayers, Kevin Compile: The Last Available Footage; Old Grey Whistle Test 71 -73, Rockenstock 73, Caribbean Moon (promo), Bilzen Festival 76 (Short clip), 25th Anniversary Concert 92 (AUD Cam) 1971 - 92 95 mins Ex- D3103
Ayers, Kevin Musical Express 1981 55 mins Ex D948
Ayers, Kevin Rock en Stock (French Tv) 1975 29 mins Ex D4379
Ayers, Roy New Morning, Paris 2004 65 mins Ex D7801
Ayers, Roy & Friends North Sea Jazz Festival 2011 35 mins Ex D5587
Aztec Camera La Edad de Oro (Master Tape, TVE Spain) 1984 82 mins Ex D3286
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