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Use this form to search the our video database containing individual artists or groups. Search these artists using partial names instead of full names. For example, to find all tapes containing Led Zeppelin, type Zeppelin in to the artist field and click "Search". You can use the same idea to search by show (i.e. for The Tonight Show just enter "Tonight" in the show field.

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Artist Show Year Length Quality Disc Artwork Add to Cart
Waifs Live at the Basement 2007 56 mins Ex D4521
Wailer, Bunny Rototom Sunsplash, Spain (Available on Blu Ray) 2015 64 mins Ex D11,019
Wailin Jenny's Infinity Hall Live (Available on Blu Ray) 2011 55 mins Ex D9743
Wailin' Jenny's Edge of Country (GAC Interview + Live + videos ) 2007 45 mins Ex D2051
Wailin' Jennys Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival (Available on Blu Ray) 2018 44 mins Ex D9957
Wailin' Jennys Infinity Hall Live 2014 57 mins Ex D8678
Wainwright, Loudon Compile #2: Cambridge Folk Festival 79, Old Grey Whistle Test 1980, Old Grey Whistle Test 83, Old Grey Whistle Test 10/29/85, Conan O'Brien 1/26/94, V.I.P. USA TV 87 1979 - 97 55 mins Vg+/Vg D11,486
Wainwright, Loudon Austin City Limits 98, Carrott Confidential (BBC TV), TEDMED 1998 54 mins Vg/Ex D11,483
Wainwright, Loudon eTown + CBC "Q" (Available on Blu Ray) 2017 50 mins Ex D11,348
Wainwright, Loudon Rockpalast 1976 63 mins Vg+ D11,484
Wainwright, Loudon + Martha Royal Albert Hall Sessions At Home (Separate shows, available on Blu Ray) 2020 88 mins Ex D10,746
Wainwright, Loudon III At the BBC (BBC Documentary with full Archive clips) 2005 60 mins Ex D530
Wainwright, Loudon III Austin City Limits 1988 30 mins Ex D1922
Wainwright, Loudon III Austin City Limits 1990 30 min Ex #5, D7635
Wainwright, Loudon III City Winery, New York *** (Webcast, available in HD) 2022 127 mins Ex D11,929
Wainwright, Loudon III Compile: Letterman 93, Conan O'Brien 94, Conan O'Brien 96, Austin City Limits 99, Conan O'Brien 00, Craig Kilborn 02, Conan O'Brien 05 1993 - 05 48 mins Ex D1765
Wainwright, Loudon III From the Basement 2007 56 mins Ex D4396
Wainwright, Loudon III One Man Guy; BBC Four Sessions 2005 60 mins Ex D3129
Wainwright, Loudon III Rockpalast 1984 74 mins Ex- D898
Wainwright, Martha Compile: SXSW, Later With Jools, Cambridge Folk Festival, Live From Abbey Road 2008 114 mins Ex D5397
Wainwright, Martha KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic 2008 34 mins Ex D8810
Wainwright, Martha Live at Slims, San Fransisco 2009 62 mins Ex D5455
Wainwright, Martha SXSW Festival; Lone Star Lounge 2008 41 mins Ex D2352
Wainwright, rufus Compile: CBS Saturday 7-19-2020, Paramount Theatre, MUZO FM, KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic 2018, Tiny Desk Concert, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon 2010-20 65 mins Ex D10,781
Wainwright, Rufus Austin City Limits (Available on Blu Ray) 2020 56 mins Ex D10,911
Wainwright, Rufus Glastonbury (Available on Blu Ray) 2022 57 mins Ex D11,892
Wainwright, Rufus Live at the Rehearsal Hall (2002) 2002 48 mins Ex D852
Wainwright, Rufus Live at the Rehearsal Hall (2007) 2007 49 mins Ex D1974
Wainwright, Rufus Live from the Artists Den (Available on Blu Ray) 2012 55 mins Ex D6891
Wainwright, Rufus Montreux Jazz Festival (Available on Blu Ray) 2012 50 mins Ex D7397
Wainwright, Rufus Prima Donna: The Story of Rufus Wainwright's debut opera 2009 46 mins Ex D5226
Wainwright, Rufus Royal Albert Hall: Session From Home (Available on Blu Ray) 2020 30 mins Ex D10,661
Wainwright, Rufus Sessions at West 54th 1998 30 min Ex D961
Waits, Tom Compile #1; BBC Tv (79), Trenco Festival San Remo (86), Mike Douglas show (76),The Tube (86), SNL (77), Letterman (87), Night Flight profile (cuts off) (92) 1976- 92 90 mins Vg /Ex- D775
Waits, Tom Compile #2; Letterman 87,88,99,02,04 ,Arsenio Hall 92,Fishing with John 99, Mike Douglas show 76, The Tube 84 1987 - 04 90 mins Ex D386
Waits, Tom Compile #3; Old Grey Whistle Test ( x2), Night Flight Profile , Letterman 88, Arsenio Hall 92, Daily Show 06, Video collection (Blow Wind Blow/In the Neighbourhood/Downtown Train/Cold Cold Ground/Temptaion/Goin Out West/I Don't Wanna Grow up/Hold On/God's Away On Business 1988 - 06 95 mins Ex D1390
Waits, Tom Apollo, London (AUD Cam, steady, good sound) 2004 120 mins Ex- D9781
Waits, Tom Austin City Limits (Digital Rebroadcast, Available on Blu Ray) 1978 53 mins Ex D7048
Waits, Tom BBC TV 1979 50 min Ex- D510
Waits, Tom Big Time 1987 90 min Ex D811
Waits, Tom Bridge Benifit 1999 43 mins Ex D1400
Waits, Tom Bridge School Benefit + Letterman 99 & 04 1999 - 04 60 mins Ex- D5345
Waits, Tom Carre Theatre ,Amsterdamn ( UPGRADE,FM sound Aud shot) 2004 110 mins Ex D468
Waits, Tom Hammersmith Odeon (AUD Cam, Steady Balcony shot, good sound) 2004 124 mins Ex D5553
Waits, Tom Montreal Jazz Festival 1981 50 mins Ex- D677
Waits, Tom Palace Theatre, Paris 1979 34 mins Vg+ D3840
Waits, Tom Rockpalast 1977 82 mins Ex D899
Waits, Tom Songs After Closing Time: Danish Tv 1976 + Tenco Festival San Remo Italy (RAI Tv)1986 1976 - 86 80 mins Ex- D92
Waits, Tom Storytellers 1999 40 min Ex #432, D397
Waits, Tom Tales From a Cracked Jukebox (BBC Four profile) 2018 59 mins Ex D9920
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