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Use this form to search the our video database containing individual artists or groups. Search these artists using partial names instead of full names. For example, to find all tapes containing Led Zeppelin, type Zeppelin in to the artist field and click "Search". You can use the same idea to search by show (i.e. for The Tonight Show just enter "Tonight" in the show field.

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Gatton, Danny Bridgetown, N.J. (Aud Cam, slight flicker in background) 1993 126 mins Vg+ D2867
Gatton, Danny Holiday Inn, Arlington, Virginia (Jazz show) 1987 120 mins Ex- D3777
Gatton, Danny Hot Licks Guitar Instruction Video 1991 70 min Ex- #206
Gatton, Danny Montreux Jazz Festival 1992 22 mins Ex- D4163
Gatton, Danny Watermeoln Festival, Richmond, Virginia (AUD Cam, Ex audio) 1992 78 mins Ex D3776
Gaughan, Dick BBC Four Sessions: A Different Kind of Love Song 2008 60 mins Ex D2809
Gaughan, Dick BBC Profile 1983 50 mins Ex D11,469
Gaughan, Dick Spectrum; BBC Documentry 1983 50 mins Ex D164
Gaughan, Dick Vienna Folk Festival 1980 30 mins Ex- D12,047
Gauthier, Mary Bluegrass Underground (Available on Blu Ray) 2018 24 mins Ex D10,152
Gauthier, Mary Bluegrass Underground (Available on Bu Ray) 2018 24 mins Ex D9972
Gauthier, Mary Concept Concert 2011 42 mins Ex D7593
Gauthier, Mary Country Music Hall Of Fame & Museum 2015 62 mins Ex D10,855
Gauthier, Mary with Carlene Carter Facebook Live (Available on Blu Ray) 2020 93 mins Ex D10,991
Gaye, Marvin Midnight Special 1974 45 mins Ex- D5742
Gaye, Marvin VH1 Legends 1996 44 mins Ex- D8647
Gaynor, Gloria Finlandia-Talo, Helsinki, Finland (Digital rebroadcast) 1976 30 mins Ex D4725
Geezinslaws Austin City Limits 1986 28 mins Ex- D11,941
Geldof, Bob Inside Track with Graham Nash 1990 45 min Ex #31, D7635
Geldof, Bob Live at the Rehearsal Hall 2005 48 mins Ex D10,675
Genesis A History (Laserdisc Sourced) 1991 90 mins Ex D7957
Genesis A Midsummer Night's Dance: Knebworth Park (German Tv Special) 1992 143 mins (2 discs Ex- D6715
Genesis Bataclan, Paris (Available in 4K or Blu Ray, extremely clear video) 1973 37 mins Ex D8150
Genesis In Concert (Digital rebroadcast) 1976 43 mins Ex D2578
Genesis Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (Aud 8mm footage synched to sbd audio) 1975 76 mins Vg+ D6190
Genesis LTU Arena, Dusseldorf, Germany (PPV concert for Europe, available on Blu Ray, 2 discs) 2007 165 mins Ex D10,616
Genesis Lyceum, London (Some portions of this which combines the 6th & the 7th of May shows are sourced from amateur video, the rest is form Pro shot sources, and the audio is is entirely sourced from Pre FM) 1980 144 mins Ex- D11,009
Genesis Melody Tv Special 1974 30 mins Ex- D1020
Genesis Old Grey Whistle Test: Lyceum, London 1980 40 min Ex D11,675
Genesis Old Grey Whistle Test; Lycem Balroom + Granada Tv behind the scenes documentry 1980 80 mins Ex D1472
Genesis Pop Shop: Brussels, Belgium (Remastered /Restored mint edition) 1972 30 mins Ex D1019
Genesis Shepperton Studios ((Genesis Museum 16 mm Print Restoration, Available on Blu Ray) 1973 55 mins Ex DVD (B)
Genesis Three Sides Live (DVD edition) 1992 82 mins Ex DVD
Gentry, Bobbie The Special Gentry One with John Hartford, Biff Rose, Ian & Sylvia Tyson, Staple Singers, Richie Havens 1970 41 mins Ex- D11,782
Gentry, Bobbie Video Ep: The Bob Hope Show 67, Smothers Brothers 67, The Bobbie Gentry Show 68, Morecombe & Wise 69, Beat Club 70, Andy Williams Show 71 1967 71 26 mins Ex/Ex- D8720
Georgia Satellites Buckethead Bar, Atalanta, Ga 1985 57 mins Ex- D8123
Georgia Satellites MTV New Years Eve Concert; Manhattan Center, NY 1986 31 mins Ex- D4485
Getz, Stan, Quartet Jazz Goes to College; Live at the London School of Economics (Digital Rebroadcast) 1966 50 mins Ex D3204
Gibb, Barry Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts Worthy Farm, Pilton, UK (available on Blu Ray) 2017 71 min Ex D10,726
Gibbons, Billy Live From Daryl's House (Available on Blu Ray) 2014 50 mins Ex D8254
Gibbons, Billy Speakeasy (Available on Blu Ray) 2019 57 mins Ex D10,528
Gibbons, Billy The Big Interview with Dan Rather (Available on Blu Ray) 2017 52 mins Ex D10,281
Gibbons, Steve BBC Sight & Sound 1977 62 mins Ex D3839
Gibbons, Steve Kuno's, Hamburg 2004 -08 28 mins Ex D2391
Gibbons, Steve Rockpalast 1981 77 mins Ex- D894
Gibson Brothers Bluegrass Underground 2015 30 mins Ex D9233
Giddens, Rhiannon Austin City Limits Live (Longer webcast edition, Available on Blu Ray) 2016 77 mins Ex D9134
Giddens, Rhiannon Infinity Hall Live (Available on Blu Ray) 2015 57 mins Ex D9402
Giddens, Rhiannon Jazz Open Stuttgart (Available on Blu Ray) 2015 45 mins Ex D8940
Giddens, Rhiannon (Carolina Chocolate Drops) TFF Festival, Rudolstadt, Germany (Available on Blu Ray) 2015 83 mins Ex D8699
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