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Where It's At: Compile #1 (CBC Tv) # 1 Mock Duck, Creedence Clearwater Revival (Int), Tommy James Ep# 2 The Collectors (has audio dropouts) # 3 Lulu , Jason Hoover & the Epics, Tom Northcott, Northwest Company, The Collectors, the Poppy Family, Papa Bear's Medicine Show, My Indole Ring 1969 120 mins Vg- D631
Where It's At: Compile #2 + Let's Go: Compile #1 (CBC TV) #1: Let's Go (27 mins) The Shockers, Frankie Avalon #2: Where It's At (debut episode, 24 mins) Wiggy Symphony, 5 Man Cargo #3: Where It's At (11 mins) Jimi Hendrix (Int) #4: Where It's At (24 mins) Northwest Company #5: Where It's At (27 mins) Poppy Family, Soul Unlimited 1968 113 mins Vg D5283
Where It's At: Compile #3 (CBC-TV) # 1: The Collectors (Grass & Wild Strawberries Suite, diff show then on Where It's At Comp 1, 25 mins) # 2 Lulu, The Collectors, The Poppy Family, My Indole Ring, Northwest Company, Papa Bears Medicine Show, Wiggy Symphony (Edited but better quality then same show on comp 1, 30 mins) # 3 The Grass Roots, The Beach Boys, Spencer Davis, John Fogerty of Creedence Clearwater Revival, Jon Lord of Deep Purple, 1910 Fruitgum Company, Tommy James & the Shondells (interviews only, 29 mins) # 4 Jimi Hendrix, Vanilla Fudge, Northwest Company (15 mins) # 5 Glen Campbell (Interview, 22 mins) 1968 - 69 103 mins Vg+/Vg D10,193
Where the Action Is Tommy Boyce, Classics, Steve Aliamo, Paul Rever & the Raiders 1965 30 mins Vg+ D1482
Where the Action is Tina Mason, Steve Alaimo, Music Machine, Terry Knight & the Pack, Paul Revere & the Raiders, Keith Allison 1966 22 mins Ex- D6047
Whole Lotta' Shakin' Goin' On (Timing code top screen, Edited upgrade of Don't Knock The Rock film, Shirelles and Sounds Incorporated are not in this version) Jerry Lee Lewis, Gene Vincent, The Animals 1964 39 mins Ex- D11,065
Wilburn Brothers Show Compile #1: Charlie Walker, The Kendalls, Johnny Russell, Linda Kaye Lance, Webb Pierce, Nancy Dee, Jeanie C. Reily, Loretta Lynn (Digital rebroadcast, 4 episodes) 1969 -74 92 mins Ex D2426
Wilburn Brothers Show Compile #2: Fran Bowen, Don Williams, Porter Wagoner & Dolly Parton,Loretta Lynn, Bill Monroe, Harold Morrison, Ernest Tubb, Peggy Sue, Sonny Wright (Digital rebroadcast, 4 episodes) 1969 -74 92 mins Ex D2427
Wilburn Brothers Show Compile #3: Sammy Smith, Dave Dudley, Loretta Lynn, Waylon Jennings,Jean Sheppard (Digital rebroadcast, 3 episodes) 1964 -74 67 mins Ex D2428
Wilburn Brothers Show Compile #4: Loretta Lynn, Tom T. Hall, Barabara Mandrell, Ace Cannon, Jerry Van Tassel, The Cavaliers, Peggy Sue, Mac Lumas, Jack Green, Jeanie Sealy, Johnny Paycheck (Digital rebroadcast, 4 episodes) 1969 -74 92 mins Ex D2429
Wilburn Brothers Show Compile #5: Loretta Lynn, Del Reeves, Harlo Wilcox, Dwayne Phillips, Vernon Oxford, Jim Ed Brown & the Browns, Osbourne Brothers (Digital rebroadcast, 4 episodes) 1969 -74 92 mins Ex D2430
Wilburn Brothers Show Compile #6: Tex Ritter, Loretta Lynn, Grandpa Jones, Crystal Gayle, Kirk & Sam McGee, Clyde Moody, Peggy Sue (Digital rebroadcast, 4 episodes) 1969 -74 100 mins Ex D2431
Wilburn Brothers Show Compile #7: Loretta Lynn, Harold Morrison, Glaser Brothers, Karen Wheeler, Brother Oswald , Don Bowman (Digital rebroadcast, 3 episodes) 1968- 72 64 mins Ex D2494
Wilburn Brothers Show Compile #8: Loretta Lynn, Charley Pride (1970), Charlie Ludden, Diane McCall, Ronnie Sessions, Jerry Nail, Patty Turney (1973) (Digital rebroadcast, 3 episodes) 1970 -73 67 mins Ex D2723
Wilburn Brothers Show Compile #9: Loretta Lynn, Dottie West, Roy Acuff, Brother Oswald (Digital Rebroadcast, 3 Episodes) 1967 - 69 67 mins Ex D2965
Wilburn Brothers Show Compile #10: Loretta Lynn, The Carter Family, George Jones, Peggy Sue, J.C. Webb, Tammy Wynette (Digital rebroadcast, 3 Episodes) 1967- 75 68 mins Ex D3018
Wilburn Brothers Show Compile #11: Jeanie Pruitt, Jerry Nale, Jimmy Martin, Tammy Smith, Loretta Lynn, Bobby Bare (Digital Rebroadcast, 3 Episodes) 1971 - 73 67 mins Ex D3194
Wilburn Brothers Show Compile #12: fran Bowen, Don Williams,Peggy Sue, Jimmy Martin, Martin & the Sunny Mountain Boys, Loretta Lynn, Warner Mack (Digital Rebroadcast, 3 Episodes) 1972 - 75 68 mins Ex D3514
Willie Nelson Wrangler Music Invitational; Live at the Austin Opry House Leon Russell & Edgar Winter, Dickey Betts, the Montana Band, Morgantown, Metropolis, Radiant, Edison Jones, Autumn, Original Rabbits, Headlites, Pedestrians, 1986 70 mins Ex D4595
Windham Hill Evening: On Stage at the Wolf Trap Michael Hedges, Will Ackerman, Shadowfax 1986 57 mins Ex- D5349
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