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Cabaret Voltaire La Edad de Oro (Master Tape, TVE Spain) 1983 37 mins Ex D3280
Cactus Basement Rehearsals (Band Shot) 2007 48 mins Ex- D4963
Café Tacuba Austin City Limits 2004 27 mins Ex D6530
Caipercalie Shrewsbury Folk festival (Available on Blu Ra) 2019 73 mins Ex D10,416
Cale, J. J. Bottom Line 1990 45 mins Ex- D720
Cale, J. J. Live at Much Music 1990 15 mins Ex - D148
Cale, J.J. Video Collection: Tulsa Sessions (Home videos set of recording sessions set to songs Motormouth, Old Friends, Daylight 12 mins Ex), Much Music Live/Int session (10 mins Vg-), anyway The Wind Blows: The Anthology (Cale outlines career 10 mins Ex), Mexican Tv Int\Live (4 mins Vg), Dutch Tv Live #1 (7 mins Vg), Dutch Tv Live #2 (6 mins Vg) 1986 - 94 45 mins Ex/Vg/Vg- D5741
Cale, J.J. Aspen, CO (Tripod shot, side stage) 1994 69 mins Ex- D10,170
Cale, J.J. Pamela Wallin (CBC Int & Live, 1st part You Tube source, second part Tv master) 1996 15 min Ex #287, D652
Cale, J.J. Rocksteady + Later with Jools 1990 - 94 40 mins Ex- D1086
Cale, J.J. Roxy Theater, Washington, D.C. (Aud. Shot Tripod, Soundboard audio) 1986 101 mins Ex- D2508
Cale, John BBC Profile Documentry (Digital Rebroadcast) 1998 48 mins Ex D1970
Cale, John BBC4 Sessions; Live at St Luke's 2003 60 mins Ex D62
Cale, John La Edad de Oro (Master Tape, TVE Spain) 1985 89 mins Ex D3287
Cale, John Rockpalast ( Full length vhs master version) 1983 81 mins Ex- D1433
Cale, John Rockpalast (Edited Digital rebroadcast) 1983 44 mins Ex D1434
Cale, John The Velvet Underground & Nico: Live with La Philharmonie, Paris, France (Available on Blu Ray) 2016 85 mins Ex D9162
Cale, John Tonight Show 1996 5 min Ex #287
Cale, John & Malmó OperaorkesterOpera When Past & Future Collide: Paris 1919 Live (Available in PAL HD) 2012 58 mins Ex D6363
Calexico Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival (Webcast, Available on Blu Ray) 2013 70 mins Ex D8964
Calexico Rolling Stone Weekender (Available in PAL HD) 2012 60 mins Ex D6960
Calexico Tontraeger; Mainz, Germany (3SAT) 2010 60 mins Ex D5003
Calexico & Iron & Wine Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival (Available on Blu Ray) 2019 66 mins Ex D10,491
Callait, Colbie Front Row Center (Available on Blu Ray) 2011 54 mins Ex D7351
Calvi, Anna Glastonbury 2011 35 mins Ex D5516
Calvi, Anna Live at Fibbers Club, New York (AUD Cam) 2011 39 mins Ex D5424
Calvi, Anna Theatre Le Trianon (ARTE chanell, available in PAL HD) 2011 60 mins Ex D5589
Campbell, Christine East Coast Music Unplugged (local Cable channel production, Available on Blu Ray) 2015 25 mins Ex D8117
Campbell, Glen Austin City Limits 1997 27 mins Vg D6531
Campbell, Glen Behind the Music (Clean Picture Upgrade) 1999 43 mins Ex D2289
Campbell, Glen Clay County Regional Events Center Spencer, IA (AUD Cam) 2012 72 mins Ex D6402
Campbell, Glen G.A.C. Master Series (Int & Videos) 2008 45 mins Ex D2862
Campbell, Glen The Rhinestone Cowboy (BBC Documentary, Available in PAL HD) 2013 60 mins Ex D7093
Campbell, Glen & Leon Russell In Session 1987 45 min Ex D855
Campbell, Isobel & Mark Lanegan Café de la Danse, Paris (AUD Cam, Available in PAL HD) 2010 96 mins Ex D6399
Campbell, John Ohne Filter 1992 59 mins Ex- D4385
Campbell, John Videomusic Presenta, In Concerto, Dallo "Shocking" Di Milano (Italian Tv) 1993 51 mins Ex- D4073
Campbell, John with Dr John New York Live: At the Abeline Cafe 1991 58 mins Ex D3674
Campbell, Larry & Teresa Williams Compile: Ardmore Music Hall 2016, Acoustic Guitar Sessions 2016, Radio Heartland 2015, Carter Vintage Guitars 2018, Studio H89 2016, Relix Studios 2016 + 2017, Music City Roots 2015, Paste Studios 2017, Cutting Room 2017, Americana Honors & Awards Nominees 2011, Fur Peace Ranch 2016, Sellersville Theatre 2014, One On One at the City Winery NY 2016, The Fireplaces In Villa (Available on Blu Ray) 2014 - 18 97 mins Ex D10,218
Campbell, Larry & Teresa Williams Fur Peace Ranch, Pomeroy, Ohio (4-13-2019 Available on Blu Ray) 2019 170 mins Ex D10,216
Can Rockpalast: From the Archives - Live in Soest, Germany (Digital Rebroadcast, Available on Blu Ray) 1970 84 mins Ex D8135
Canned Heat Compile:If I get Lucky Monterey Pop Festival, Beat Club, Etoiles Du Monde, Hit Scene, Upbeat, Playboy After Dark, Woodstock, Paris Underground Festival,Top Of The Pops, Arpegies, Montruex 70, RAI TV, Point Chaud, Atlantic City Pop Festival, Texas Pop Festival, On The Road Again (promo), Isle of Feharm (clip), Bath Festival (clip), Naked Zoo, Kralagen Pop Festival, Pop 2, GTK (Australia TV), Music Unlimited, Opoppa, Montreux 73, Old Grey Whistle Test, Hells Angels Day, Bains De Minuit (This compile features the original un-doctored video clips that are seen with psychedelic screen overlays at the beginning of each clip on the official Canned Heat DVD compile) 1968 - 75 370 mins 2 discs Ex/Ex- D9881
Canned Heat Blues Festival Bonn (WDR Digital Rebroadcast) 1998 60 mins Ex D8051
Canned Heat Musikfestival Wohlen, Switzerland (Soundarena-Gelaende) 2010 55 mins Ex D5683
Canned Heat Opopoppa (Swedish Tv) 1973 29 mins Ex- D3432
Canned Heat XIII Festival de Jazz de San Javier Auditorio del Parque Almansa, San Javier, Murcia 2010 75 mins Ex D4729
Cantrell, Laura England's Roses Bloom Again: Live at the Barbican, London (Way Beyond Nashville Festival, + bonus Dylan Tribute & Cambidge) 2003 44 mins Ex D6841
Capaldi, Jim + Hollies, Judy Collins, Roberta Flack, Third Ear Band French Tv Compile: Jim Capaldi (15 min.) 1979.07.01. CHORUS Hollies (12 min.) 1967.01.22. A TOUS VENTS 1968.10.12. A l'affiche du monde Judy Collins (12 min.) 1970.03.19. A l'affiche du monde 1982.03.06. Champs Elysées 1982.04.11. TRANSIT Roberta Flack (9 min.) 1973.02.16. GALA DU MIDEM Third Ear Band (22 min.) 1968.11.16. A l'affiche du monde 1969.10.10. A l'affiche du monde 1967 - 82 68 mins Ex D8408
Captain Beefheart Where the Action is (66), Cannes Beach (68), Beat Club Complete (72), Old Gery Whistle Test (74), Chorus (80), Saturday Night Live (80), Late Night with David Letterman (82), Ice Cream For Crow (video) 1966 - 82 98 mins Ex/ Ex-/ Vg+ D6764
Captain Beefheart Brussels 74 + Amouage Festival 69 1969 - 74 49 mins Ex D4583
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